PS4 Advantages Over PC Games

"PlayStation 4′s 8GB of GDDR5 RAM shared between GPU is an advantage, rather than not explains K^2."

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user74029311793d ago

ps4 holds a firm bleeding edge sci fi advantage.

NewMonday1793d ago

the PS4 advantage is value and convenience

PC advantage is power and being an open platform.

golding891793d ago

Games are ported from pc to ps4. Not the other around. This is a rather weird article. Only crazies think consoles have any sort of advantage over pcs.

user74029311793d ago

give me a C give me a O give me a N give me a S give me a O give me a L give me a E. what's that spell? im talking about consoles.

black0o1793d ago

@newmonday i agree power/cost ps4 is way compiling then a PC ..
planetside2 will run on ps4 at high lvl, which most avrg pc can't handle it on mid setting

also witcher 3 on high-end pc and x1/ps4 will be at same boot according to DEV

OT: this article has holes

TomShoe1793d ago

WATCH OUT! Here comes the glorious PC master race to wipe us all out!


NewMonday1793d ago

many PC gamers also play on consoles, but like any platform they have their own insular fanboys.

I'v been plying on PC's for about 18 years now

MasterCornholio1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Whenever i think of video game Nazis i think of PC elitists.


I completely agree that there is nothing wrong with playing games on a PC just like theres nothing wrong with playing games on consoles. Because in the end we play games to have fun and that is what all gamers have in common except for the extremists.

Majin-vegeta1793d ago


Corpser1793d ago

So why can't it max out cod ghost?

user74029311793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

a ps3 could max out cod ghost lol

HammadTheBeast1793d ago

Cause Infinity Ward are one of the laziest devs out there?

If SOE can Max Planetside 2 on PS4 there's no reason CoD couldn't be maxed out.

Well, that and catering to the lowest common denominator of XBO.

user74029311793d ago

you know, planetside 2 is actually my most anticipated game next gen, and i know one of the developers/owners of the ip said it would run it maxed out. now that game takes a very powerful pc to run it maxed (and its one of the hardest pc games to run it maxed out) let alone the obvious dated engine ghosts runs on.

Corpser1793d ago

Would a lazy developer bother using higher res textures on a more powerful platform? That's the opposite of lazy. SOE is the only that's lazy for not taking advantage of more powerful PCs

HammadTheBeast1792d ago

First off. If you're saying that CoD Ghosts is graphically better than PS2, I'm done here.

2, IW are lazy for not bothering to optimize the game better, or at the very least, get a new engine going.

TurboGamer1793d ago

Fanboy article, by a PS4 fanboy who doesn't know shit about hardware. Not even a geforce Titan can fully utilize a PCI-E x16 Gen 2.0 socket, not to mention there is a PCI-E Gen 3.0. The only reason the PS4 and Xbone has unified memory is because it was cheaper.
Next-Gen games are going to be awesome because the devs doesn't have to cater for different architectures. Everybody wins!

HammadTheBeast1793d ago

PS4 is equivalent to about a $700-$800 PC depending on how it's built.

For $400 and the exclusives and the convenience, it's pretty sweet.

blackmagic1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Actually, it can be built for $408

Intel Celeron G1610 - $42
7850 - $150
8GB RAM - $54
Biostar MB - $40
500GB HD - $50
Optical drive - $16
Case and Power Supply - $56

HammadTheBeast1793d ago

Equivalent to that? Nope.

A PS4 will undoubtedly produce better visuals than a PC with comparative specs.

black0o1793d ago

can that run planetside 2 ? ....
what was that? NO
so what are saying?

blackmagic1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

PS4's CPU is made of two 1.6Ghz-4 core Jaguar Kabini processors with 2mb cache each, stitched together (8 cores, 4mb cache total)

The A4-5000 processor @1.5 Ghz is also a 4 core Jaguar Kabini processor with 2MB of cache - passmark score - 1139

Calibrate the score for a 100Mhz clock increase (not actually a linear performance increase but for arguments sake) - passmark score comes to - 1215

Double it to represent two processors (actual performance wouldn't double but for arguments sake) - passmark score - 2430

G1610 - passmark score - 2586

PS4's GPU - 1.84 TFLOPS
7850 clocked at 900Mhz - 1.84 TFLOPS
p.s. linked the wrong 7850 above, intended link below

PS4's RAM - 8Gb GDDR5 @176GB/s shared between GPU and CPU
PC's RAM - 10 GB total, 2GB GDDR5 @ 153.6GB/s and 8GB DDR3 @ 37.5GB/s

PS4's HD - 500GB (typical laptop drive) 4-8mb cache @5400rpm
PC's HD - 500GB with 16mb cache @7200rpm

Seems the computer is actually MORE powerful to me. And YES, it will run planetside 2 and with a single G1610 core being significantly more powerful than a single PS4 cpu core, it'll likely run it better because the team is definitely having trouble breaking up that primary gameplay thread.

"The PS4 is a much more consistent, stable platform for us to be able to develop for. The big challenge with the PS4 is its AMD chip, and it really, heavily relies on multi-threading. We have the exact same kind of Achilles heel on the PC too. People who have AMD chips have a disadvantage, because a single core on an AMD chip doesn't really have as much horsepower and they really require you to kind of spread the load out across multiple cores to be able to take full advantage of the AMD processors.

"Our engine sucks at that right now. We are multi-threaded, but the primary gameplay thread is very expensive. The biggest piece of engineering work that they're doing right now, and it's an enormous effort, is to go back through the engine and re-optimise it to be really, truly multi-threaded and break the gameplay thread up. That's a very challenging thing to do because we're doing a lot of stuff - tracking all these different players, all of their movements, all the projectiles, all the physics they're doing.

MasterCornholio1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Dont forget the operating system which elevates the price of the system to 500€.

And the heavy operating system will decrease the gaming performance of that PC plus the lack of optimization on the hardware wont help matters at all.

Just admit it.

400€ PC < 400€ PS4

dcj05241792d ago

Ok but take out windows. Add in a custom os and optimize the foshizzls out of you're games. Oh and make sure it can run planetside 2 on max.

Gridloc1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

OS? Free?

blackmagic1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Windows will happily run using only a gig of system resources. ps4? 2.5 gigs. Sweet.

Windows - $65
PS4 - $50 To get online for each and every year of ownership, $100 for 2 years, $150 for 3, hey, that already pays for some upgrades!!!

Games? ps4 +$10 per game. Yes!

planetside 2 RECOMMENDED requirements.
CPU - Intel i5 or better
Celeron G1610 - passmark score 2589
i5 s 750 - 1139
i5 u 470 - 1292
i5 u 430 - 1323
i5 u 540 - 1532
i5 u 560 - 1568
i5 520 - 2244
so... check
GPU 6870 with 1 gig or better - passmark G3D - 2565
7850 with 2 gigs - passmark G3D - 3706
so... check
8Gb RAM... check

All we hear as an argument over and over is "optimizaton" like that will turn a 1.84 TFLOP GPU into a 5 TFLOP monster. It doesn't. Any advantage of optimaization for the PS4 is overcome with a simple overclock on a PC, and these days all you have to do is drag a slider over to do it. And you talk about a shared memory pool like that is an actual advantage yet no where other than consoles, where low hardware price outweighs performance, do you see this technique being taken. Not even in the most extreme setups where price is no object do you see this approach.

ZBlacktt1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

LOL, trolling, where's your $60 value PS4 controller? That does all the PS4 features? The tower case price?

addictgamer1792d ago

Blackmagic is educating not trolling.
Why would you ever use a gamepad when M+K is so much better? That's a big part of why people game on PCs in the first place!

And look again, he has a link for a Coolermaster case and power supply.

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