Mark Rubin on why Call of Duty finally recognized female players

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Mark Rubin, executive producer of Call of Duty:Ghosts at Infinity Ward, about design decisions such as adding women and changing perks.

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p0tat0stix1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

2 sentences in the entire article applied to the subject matter.

Let me sum it up: "to be inclusive as possible"

Seriously though, there's nothing else.

ShinMaster1799d ago

The answer is simple. They just didn't bother.

DeadlyFire1798d ago

The answer is simple. Battlefield shown one female in their debut trailer for BF4. I guarantee women were not even thought about for the game in this role until they saw that.

HammadTheBeast1799d ago

Really? Lol.

This is sexist, there's no transgender characters. Why isn't CoD recognizing this?

LordDhampire1799d ago

!!! this is serious business, lets all complain until they add it in

Hell why can't you play elephants this is animalist!!!

So many ists about this game!!!

we have to appease everybody!

Fireseed1799d ago

You enjoy Kha'Zix. You're opinion is invalid.

HammadTheBeast1799d ago

Actually I've been using Quinn a lot recently and Lux. Brand OP

Fireseed1799d ago

Yeah I've noticed a small influx of Top Quinn players mildly annoying even with a gap closer >_> but personally I've been going with Nautilus mid or Nami Support as of late.

-Foxtrot1799d ago

Maybe it's because they knew the light was slowly dimming on COD and they added females to give the franchise more attention so it still relevant for next gen

Rivitur1799d ago

Gimmick for sales it make the women who play feel like they play a deeper role so they feel the need to purchase the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.