Are You Bold Enough to Name Your Child BloodRayne?

In the latest trend in video games that has been sweeping the new generation of the parenting nation are babies named after video game characters.

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trywizardo1461d ago

ill name my chilled dante ... gosh i really like dante DMC (the old one not the new one)

Abriael1461d ago

That's actually my cousin's name, but i'm Italian, so there's no surprise there lol. It's a pretty common name here.

trywizardo1461d ago

niiiiiiiiiice ... i liked italy in AC2 and now i love it ^_^

TRU3_GAM3R1461d ago

One I will name kratos and the other one Kronos !!

Heisenburger1461d ago

I will name my child Deimos, and they shall be destined to fight.

trywizardo1461d ago

my kids dante and bayonetta will be ready for your kids :P

Tehjorge1461d ago

I'll call my kid #Hashtag

ajames3471461d ago

I actually really like the name Raine (or Rayne), Lara and Dante. Would definitely name my kids that ;)

whamlollypop71461d ago

My new born son is Final Fantasy Tactics AU Jenkins, we are so proud of him.

Capt-FuzzyPants1461d ago

That sounds like an awful name.

pr0t0typeknuckles1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Id name my child dastan or elika just because I like prince of persia,heck rayne is a cool name so id do it,korra because of legend of korra,jade, dante or vergil also,now if someome named their kid noob saibot that would be terrible.
EDIT: I wonder if someone would name their kid something threatening like death because of darksiders, or kratos because of GoW, I personally wouldnt