Does Microsoft Deserves Kudos For Addressing Many of The Concerns About the Xbox One?

Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece that suggests that Microsoft should be given kudos for the way they have handled the Xbox One after their early stumbles with the system.
The article praises their willingness to listen to consumers an change several features of the system pre-launch such as the DRM and Kinect requirement.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1465d ago

No they don't deserve kudos. They owe the gamers a reasonable consumer friendly system without speed bumps as such as they have had. The consumers is what makes sure that Microsoft has a market for consoles and they should be treated in such a way to continue having a successful console market.

If anything they owe consumers an apology for the way they presented the Xbox to consumers basically tell then they were SOL if they didnt agree with the policies.

golding891465d ago

Spin it any way you want but MS could have easily go with the mandatory kinect sell the system that way. Overtime those people who wants to play xbox games would have had to deal with it. but the fact that they did address them says they are listening.

Some will say it's pre-order sales but bottom line is everyone company wants to make money.

Godmars2901465d ago

"Spin it any way you want but MS could have easily go with the mandatory kinect sell the system that way."

If they had, if they had kept with most of their original plans, they would have been looking at a lot of negative backlash. That there were - are - some people who would have bought the console regardless is besides the point.

Just as it is that some will continue to denounce or refuse to forgive MS for their mistakes. Just like some still don't forgive Sony for an offhanded comment made years ago.

Ashlen1465d ago

Would have had to deal with it by buying a PS4 you mean. Which is pretty much what happened, and why PS4 is basically outselling Xbox by 40% in North America.

Listening would have been making the change around the time they were firing Adam Orth.

NukaCola1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

MS should of admitted they messed up but they just spin PR and inadvertently dig deeper holes. Even though the PS3 was successful Sony still came out this generation excited yet humble. MS was arrogant and open about how little they cared for games. Now they are clearly are caving into whatever anyone says because they were looking at drowning in their own mess with the crap they pulled out the gate. If they acted the least bit apologetic I would of been more open to giving them a second shot at my wallet, but it's MS and they came into this gen using their American gaming lead to push their non gaming agenda.

Deadpoolio1464d ago

No it doesn't say that they are listening it actually sounds pretty pathetic in a way.....They knew they were and still are getting crushed by PS4 preorders, so rather than have a moderate launch they felt the need to show NO faith and NO conviction about their original "vision" of their product.

Granted they are plenty of Microsoft defenders like you I am assuming who will continue to eat up everything they do even though none of you can even begin to explain just what their vision is anymore....

Anyone with half a brain would actually be a bit turned off by their blatant pandering, and constant need to play catchup with Sony. Which is literally all they are doing...The last biggest sign of weakness they could show would be to remove the Kinect....

Like it or not fanboys Microsoft got caught with their pants down in February, they assumed Sony wouldn't release until 2014 considering they didn't even start looking at their next machine until 2010..You can't even make sense in your comment, you say they are listening and then cancel yourself out with the preorder comment which is EXACTLY why they've done more 180s than a Russian Ballerina....

They are a crackhead looking for a fix, eventually they are going to start offering hand jobs and head for a sale all just to avoid having a successful but smaller launch.

IF they had an actual vision for the XBO which I seriously doubt they ever really had, they would have stuck to the plan not lied or been shady and actually explained it, went out of their way to make sure people knew what they vision was.....But they didn't really have one they just wanted to see what they could do and how far they could go to take away control from the consumer.....

Funny that they claimed all those restrictions and DRM were needed for a "digital" future, considering that Sony has been pushing a digital future for the last 3 years constantly having 90% of games on PS3 available Day 1 digitally....I'm sitting on at least 65 full retail PS3 games right now and it doesn't require that I be hammered with DRM and restrictions

TomShoe1464d ago

You don't get kudos for solving problems if you caused them in the first place.

That's all that needs to be said.

stage881464d ago

Not at all.

Why thank them for things they should of done in the first place?
They should be apologising to us.

andreasx1464d ago

they didn't have the guts to go through with their vision of the future of consoles. I don't want to buy a console from a company that doesn't have a spine and don't stand for their actions.

MysticStrummer1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

"Spin it any way you want but MS could have easily go with the mandatory kinect sell the system that way."

As long as you have to buy it, it's still mandatory.

OT - I don't know if kudos is the right word, but the number of changes they've made in such a short time is amazing, especially when they said some of those changes were impossible. They've flipped more than one unflippable switch since the reveal.

Sitdown1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

So if you cause a problem, and decide to right your wrong instead of just letting your error don't get any kudos. So in your mind, anybody who turns their life around for the better should never get praised. I can applaud somebody for trying to change, so needless to say I disagree....on another note. The xbox one has not even been released, so technically there is not an error at this point......just abstract ideas that could have led to an error.

Kryptix1464d ago

Before the Xbox One reveal, I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt against all the leaks and rumors. That they were changing their console for the majority of their fans which were against DRM for months beforehand. And even the month of the reveal MS didn't admit to their mistake and made it a "scenario" which would stick if pre order numbers were high.

Microsoft deserves no kudos for ignoring their fans in the beginning.

ABizzel11464d ago

No, Yes, No.

No, because they shouldn't have pulled what they did to begin with and we wouldn't be here discussing it now.

Yes, because they did change most of the things gamers were against, regardless of if it was for gamers, or because they feared being outsold.

No, because with each change came the loss of a feature that gamers wanted and were looking forward, and at the end of the day all this is still up to M$ so if they want to implement all these things back in when they get a decent install base they can or on a positive note they could bring the few good things back.

redwin1464d ago

All of u think that MS is not a customer friendly company but you all forget that lots of people did preorder the Xbox One, me included. Lots of people were going to buy it anyway. All my friends are getting it, we have not preordered games because we will download all the games. Us true MS players, are not happy with the shell they are going to sell us now because all the retroverted customers. Many people did not want a next gen machine, they just wanted to upgrade their hardware. And I wish MS stops listening to them.

slivery1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Exactly they want their money and they saw they were going to lose a great deal of it if they didn't start buckling down.

I don't believe the whole they care about listening to consumers bit at all. The consumers were there complaining about these policies long before the system was even released, they didn't care or listen then did they. They only started changing their policies when they realized holy shit.. People actually hate the system in the true sense of the word hate.

No one in their life let alone in gaming history has seen the public have such a strong distaste for any product. Microsoft knew since that hate was not fading at all, they had to actually change. It wasn't for the consumer but only to secure their profits in the future and appear to care about the consumer.

Like I said they had plenty of time to listen and see peoples concerns before the Xbox One was even announced.

If they truly cared about what the consumer thought they would have made the Xbox One what it is now right out of the gate, listening and seeing those concerns before hand. f course they didn't and did everything backwards because they simply don't care what the consumers thinks unless it starts to deal with their money.

If they knew they could have kept it the way it was without all that back lashing they would have. Plain and simple but I am glad for once people finally stood their ground and showed the company it isn't right.

Sadly people don't do that enough and I can't necessarily say we as a group of thinking individuals finally stood ground a console gaming issue is the greatest thing in the world but I guess we have to start with baby steps. Cause there are a lot more companies and people in the world screwing us over other than Microsoft but I'll give it more time for people to care more about that instead of a small issue like a gaming system.

Magicite1464d ago

Stop defending MS like You work for them.

JokesOnYou1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Stop trolling MS news like You work for sony.

-Anyway the only kudos micro is getting from me is for Ryse, DR3, Killer Instinct, and Forza5 because these are the games I can't wait to play first on my X1.

X1 would have been better off longterm with some of the old policies so I think its taken a small step back, but OK they had to appease more folks which I believe more and more everyday were actually many vocal fanboys that were never ever going to buy an X1 and were just jealous micro were actually taking the lead to bring us closer to DD console model which is where the industry is headed anyway. Always on, game sharing, kinect all have some unique benefits, even some that constantly hate know its true but they won't admit it, they will just follow the pack and pretend it was all bad. Oh but just wait, when sony does it then it will be great for the industry and gamers.

Good time to be a gamer, we got Gamescom then a tough long wait 'til Nov, and then all the talking won't matter.

indysurfn1464d ago

There was once this theif that got caught trying to steal a HDTV and some video games. This was no ordinary thief, once this thief stole from you, you would never own a HDTV, video game again. You could only rent it, and most likely you could never own a cell phone, or computer again. Only rent it.

Thank God the Police caught the thief red handed! So instead of praising the thief for putting down the hdtv and video games while at gun point. Lets praise the police!

It's kinda silly to say the thief addressed our concerns. Maybe the thief was 'concerned about their own existence'.

rainslacker1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )


I wouldn't praise a career criminal who decided to turn their life around to get back in people's good graces if they felt no remorse over their initial criminal activities. Far from it. I would hold them to their actions until they proved they that they actually knew what they did wrong, and could admit it without trying to justify it all at the same time, and again, seem remorseful about it. If said criminal was turning himself around in the interest of money...say for a reality TV show, I would still see them as the swindling criminal they are.

MS aren't criminals in my least not in regards to the X1, but if you're going to use that analogy, work it through to the end.

When MS can come out and say, "We were wrong" or a simple, "We're sorry for being condescending pricks"(paraphrasing), then maybe people will be willing to forgive and forget.


Perhaps you can tell us what a "True MS player" is.

CuddlyREDRUM1464d ago

They could have gone with it, and nobody would have bought it.

Saying things like "every company wants to make money" only goes so far, and is a motto that sets all consumers up for getting ripped off.

If they were listening they wouldn't have it set up like that in May and at E3. I wouldn't trust them with anything at this point, especially new hardware.

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n4rc1465d ago

Ummm... What?

They don't owe anyone anything.. This is business.. Not recess at the playground

If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.. But they don't owe anyone a certain product or an apology for offering said product

avengers19781464d ago

Just like nobody owes MS anything.

scott1821464d ago

Companies go out of business being bull headed and greedy.... No they don't owe anyone anything, but they may want to try to not come off as such in the future.

HammadTheBeast1464d ago

It's business, you put on a happy mask and take the hits, otherwise you los out on sales.

n4rc1464d ago

I'm not going to argue the ethics of it all.. Not enough bubbles for that.. Lol

But Microsoft has always done its own thing.. And alot of times, it pays off for consumers.. Sometimes things don't pan out ( me..coughcough).. Even the surface isn't doing very well.. But look at their earnings reports.. They aren't going out of business anytime soon..

Millions of people use Microsoft's services daily.. Just because they don't take to the internet to defend themselves doesn't mean they don't exist..

greenlantern28141464d ago

Incorrect just like all businesses they owe their customers everything. Since without people who pay them for their products they wouldn't have a company at all, companies need their customers support more than the customer needs them.

Sitdown1464d ago

You are wrong, a business does not owe you anything, unless they have promised you something....Now is it in the best interest of the business to do what is best for their consumers? Most likely.

CuddlyREDRUM1464d ago

"Hurray for huge corporations"

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SDS Gamerfiend1465d ago

No because they shouldn't have tried that bull in the first place!

TomShoe1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

@Golding Quit lurking the pending section. It's annoying to hear your fanboy self every time I open an X1 article.

cannon88001464d ago

They don't deserve any kind of "pat on the back" They're not suppose to hide anything from the consumers. And I find it extremely sad that they didn't want to address all the features that needed you to pay to use. Just to show that they already knew that we weren't gonna like it. When you know something is bad and you still do it you know there's no place to hide your face afterwards.

KarrBOMB1464d ago


I agree with you, MS does not deserve kudos for their changes. They made those changes because the pre-orders were suffering and the fact that long time consumers were abandoning their ship. Not because it was what gamers preferred. I understand that companies need to be profitable, but the changes they were going to implement was out of greed, nothing more. The extreme back lash was just an early insight of what they would face had changes not been made.

None the less, I'm glad the changes were made. Not just because I play MS games as well as PS, but because the competition is good for gamers. So either company failing would have impacts on the remaining gaming community.

Legion211464d ago

How is this suppose to happen if they don't correct their mistakes? No company is without flaws and every company is it to make money. I don't think they should be faulted for changing what everyone had complained about.

ovnipc1464d ago

REDMPTIONX Fuk off TROLL. M$ fixed everything people complain about, exept Kinect and kinect should be standard.