Want to meet Lightning, from Final Fantasy XIII? You can

To all you Final Fantasy fans out there! You can actually meet Lightning in person! Ali Hillis will be available to say ‘hi’ and perhaps get an autograph and/or picture. Though, you have to go to Vegas if you want to meet her.

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Bimkoblerutso1285d ago

I will say hi, but I can't imagine what we will talk certainly won't be the upcoming game.....

diepdiep1285d ago

What if she asks you "Are you looking forward to Lightning Returns?" How would you respond?

Kydawg1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I'd say "Yes i am, now lets do it while you talk dirty to me"

AznGaara1285d ago

Lightning? Nah. To me her most memorable role would be Liara T'soni :)

DarkBlood1285d ago

so shes the voice actor for my sexy Liara T'Soni? then just who the hell was i looking at on google lol

Oneirous1285d ago

Enough Lightning. The world awaits for... NOCTIS!

sharkraiden01285d ago

The World is wait for a entire new final fantasy with new world where sciene and magic coexist and old style battle system.not like FF15 and FF15-5 (later) or LR bullshit. i hate Square Enix.

Godmars2901285d ago

Really hope the more unstable gamers out there don't try to use this as an excuse to do something stupid.

I've got nothing against the actress, just wished that square had moved past that game and character. Gave Lightning a chance to develop an actual following among the fandom rather than shoving her down people's throats.

Putting more effort into that than giving her a personality!

fsfsxii1285d ago

I'm pretty sure she has her body guards.

Stsonic1285d ago

You are correct there my friend, she will be accompanied by this lot -

Kydawg1285d ago

I'll be her booby guard

Chrono1285d ago

She's a very good voice actress. Hope they ask her to do some voice over in FFXV.

Murad1285d ago

I personally think she did a terrible job in 13. She was very monotone and her script writing very much did not help her achieve a likable Lightning.

KonsoruMasuta1285d ago

She had to force that monotone. That's how they wanted Lightning to sound.

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