The Appeal of Sports Games to Simulation and RPG Gamers

UM writes: Some people think that sports games are for frat boy gamers, but that is a wrong assumption. If you like simulation, role-playing or tycoon games, then there’s a chance sports games can be enjoyable for you. While others might like to role-play as a legendary athlete, I prefer to embody the types of Mark Cuban and Bob Arum when it comes to their business acumen.

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MiasmaDodo1680d ago

I play RPGs FPS platformers etc...

sports games are truly some of the most fun you can have with a console. Youd be surprised how deep a sports game can be.

slimeybrainboy1680d ago

Yeah exactly. Yet the gaming community that doesn't play sports games always say sports games are the same every year.

Just because sports game haven't added a new gun that looks fancy, or add a snow level people act like they have no no added depth. Sports games can't make a new rule or add a limb to the athletes, but despite that you can find more year on year added depth and genre defining innovations than in nearly all other genres.

MiasmaDodo1680d ago

Yeah it seems like its cool to hate sports games or something.

NCAA footballs are so damn deep I sink easily 100 hrs into them.

same for my FIFA.

kalkano1680d ago

I've been doing stuff like this since Baseball Stars, on the NES. I like to add to it, by watching a few games (always watch championship games, if I make it), to see the product I'm putting on the field.

Most people look at me like I'm crazy, and say it sounds incredibly boring. They say stuff like, "why would you buy a game, if you're not going to play it?" Well, I AM PLAYING IT. I'm just playing it differently than most...and having a hell of a lot of fun.