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Pokémon CGI Promo Trailer - New Title Teased?

A new Pokémom promo trailer was shown at the "Pokémon Game Show" event held in Tokyo; at the end of the clip, a mysterious battle footage was showcased.

It is not clear if this is for a new game, or if it is just a CGI scene created especially for this trailer. (3DS, Pokemon, Wii U)

Update Here's a clearer image: http://sadpanda.us/images/1...

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Endless_X  +   832d ago
"Should be News"

Sorry, I'm not sure what story type or channels should I use.
kennethchew  +   832d ago
Pokemon Z for Wii U !!!
falcon97  +   831d ago
Wow if thats a glimpse of a wiiu version then wow is all i will say...
_QQ_  +   831d ago
if that happened then WiiU would win current gen gen,nextgen,and the gen after.But i suggest not holding your breathe.
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falcon97  +   831d ago
I say it's a glimse of pokemon battle revolution for wiiu,not a cgi promo,if so then expect wiiu to slaughter the competition when that releases wow.....
R00bot  +   831d ago
That's if the game is good.

Remember, not many home console pokemon games are that good.
They still sell heaps, though, and if the game is on the same level as the handhelds then you're right, the Wii U has already won :)
awesomeabe1998  +   830d ago
I am not a huge fan of Pokemon, i only played like an hour of it i never played it again, but if it comes out for Wii U and go and buy that game with no hesitation. That final battle looked like 2 Pokemons battling each other in a type of Mortal Kombat/ Street Fighter way. Just imagine a true Pokemon game with the adventure and discovering new pokemon and then battle them in a fighting style like Mortal Kombat?! Wii U will win Next-Gen war without any doubt!!!
Misaka_x_Touma  +   831d ago
Use common logic here dude

Pokemon Main games are for handheld

Console will get nothing more than Stadium - Colosseum - Battle Revolution games alongside new generation
lizard81288  +   831d ago
That is what i'm thinking it is.
solboogie  +   831d ago
That would be sick!
Kran  +   832d ago
The part at the end make me think of a possible console game.

I know they've said they dont like making main series games on consoles, but there's money to be had in there, and with the problems Nintendo has been having with the Wii U, I honestly think it's time for them to actually bring out the big guns to increase sales.
kcuthbertson  +   831d ago
Yup..I'd buy a Wii U just for pokemon no doubt.
falcon97  +   831d ago
I agree,imagine this game with,Zelda,Metroid,X,MK8,Smash bros,all in 2014,now if that happens expect 30million consoles sold next year....
jcnba28  +   832d ago
New Pokemon stadium? Would be cool if they did a Pokemon MMO though.
TekoIie  +   832d ago
I would rather another Home console game like Colosseum or XD but closer to a traditional Pokemon game. Less of those shadow Pokemon and more wild ones to catch.
mii-gamer  +   831d ago
yeah it looks like a pokemon battle revolution for wii u
jakmckratos  +   831d ago
The marketing for Pokemon x and y has been phenomenal...first a new game IN 3D!!
A new Eevee Evolution and Mewtwo?
BOOM fairy types.
Benches!? Riding pokemon!!?? A realm based in Europe!
Then sky battles, horde mode, underwater battles.
Not one not two but FOUR companions.
And finally finding out there will be MEGA evolutions for pokemon we thought were previously fully evolved.

I just hope that the rest of this gen's total pokemon is over 100 and we get an electric cheetah, ice/ground wolf, fire/dark tiger, rock/dark gargoyle, water/psychic dolphin,electric/bug firefly, a metal type knight pokemon and maybe a dynamic duo type pokemon that represent Mario and Luigi(one could be fire/water while the other is fire/ghost?
TekoIie  +   831d ago
I check on Serebii.net everyday desperately hoping that they release images of the starter evolution's! I just cant wait.

3D Pokemon game on the go is pure awesome!!! :D
Scroticus  +   831d ago
There was an article on Serebii saying the Fennekin line gets Psybeam at some point. Fire/Psychic starter! And some "leaked" listing showed the same, but that the water one got dark added later. We'll see how true that is.
Realplaya  +   831d ago
It's the next game for the Wii U. Notice it goes in order of the games released it does pokemon rumble, X and Y and then the image. So I am calling it after they push X and Y we will here more about this game.
AWBrawler  +   831d ago
oh heck yea. that a battle revolution type Wii U game
MattyG  +   831d ago
1:38, what was on the 3DS to the right? WAS IT POKEMON SNAP?!?!?!?!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   831d ago
Not too sure on this one but it might have been a Pokemon Ranger game.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   831d ago
no that Pokemon Dream Radar
Williamson  +   831d ago
A pokemon main game on the Wii u that could have connectivity with x/y for the 3ds would be amazing....21 years old and I'm still pumped when it comes to pokemon.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   831d ago
Won't be a main game. Game Freak Director already said it won't put main installments on console.

Because it will defeat the purpose of it being personal.

This will just be another battling focus game.
betan21  +   831d ago
try 27 here lol
GusHasGas  +   831d ago
It has to be a Colliseum for Wii U or maybe even a Pokepark for Wii U...? Or like someone said earlier, Pokemon Z for Wii U...
a_adji  +   831d ago
How many games are you going to list of what it possibly will be? May as well just say its a Pokemon game for the Wii u, it's a lot easier.
GusHasGas  +   830d ago
I mentioned 3, not 15.
Jagsrock  +   831d ago
That was pretty amazing.
erikthegman  +   831d ago
A pokeMon mmo or even a main series game for wii u would save the console. Nintendo will only have themselves to blame if the wii u fails. Wish they would take more risks with software than with their hardware
R00bot  +   831d ago
Main series MMO? :O
TripC50  +   831d ago
Helping out the Wii U with a true Pokenon game (no Rumble) is obvious. I would be surprised if it isn't done. At least an arena type game would be cool. But I'm thinking the letter Z will come into play on the U.
Reeze  +   831d ago
Has anyone mentioned that Pokemon X/Y could be similar to Pearl/Diamond? In this set, Z could be the Platinum. Just saying that the game is 3D on the 3DS- and if X and Y relate to coordinates or the X and Y axes, then adding the Z axis makes it 3D...
jameson12345  +   831d ago
Thats definitely a teaser for a Wii U pokemon game. It might just be another Pokemon Battle Revolution, but I hope it is like a full on rpg like Colosseum or at least a Pokemon Stadium game with a lot of memorable mini games.
BOWZER35  +   831d ago
Who's your favorite Pokemon?
ZeekQuattro  +   831d ago
I'll take it you mean anyone can answer? I always favored Gen 1 Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Of course I had to name them Bruce and Jackie respectively.
pinzir  +   831d ago
OOOH nintendo your such a big tease...... I swear if this is what we been waiting for then I will shit my pants
truechainz  +   829d ago
Looks fantastic. I assume it is not a traditional game like pokemon z, but I would love it if it were!

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