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A video and text based review of Overkill Studios' robbery game Payday 2, which seems to work better playing online.

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1794d ago
scoltar1794d ago

Why couldn't they have added system link to this game? I hate when a game that is based around multiplayer co-op is released and it doesn't even support system link. I have crappy internet, but I happen to have a couple tvs and xbox 360s laying around.

I applaud the Dead Island series, Halo series, and Gears of War series for keeping folks like me and my bud in mind. :)

Pintheshadows1794d ago

I agree. I'm also amazed it doesn't have split screen for couch co-op.

NukaCola1794d ago

It's really not that kind of online experience.

Pintheshadows1794d ago

Having played both of them i'd have to disagree.

NukaCola1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Sorry dude. Yeah I'm an idiot. Thought I was in a GTA thread. You're right.

3-4-51793d ago

This is the type of game, 4 player split screen gaming was made for, yet it doesn't seem to exist with this game.

* Would you rather play with you and 3 other friends you know, who are all " on the same page" about trying to have the same fun experience


* Take the chance that the 3 random's your playing with are actually intelligent and competent gamers who know what they are doing, but also they could be trolling just to ruin the fun for others.

* 4 player split screen makes sense now that everyone has 40,50,60 inch TV's.

The "split Screens" aren't being split 4 ways on a 24 inch anymore like back in the day, every person basically gets their own 24 in screen now and it's more than enough.

Stop being lazy dev's

Deadpoolio1793d ago

cause it's not 1999 and system link is dead and gone....It's generally always online co-op now that the internet is a real thing unlike 1999

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UnHoly_One1794d ago

This game is fantastic, but playing alone is definitely aggravating, to put it mildly.

If they would have made the AI partners do anything at all it would have made a huge difference.

Just give them the ability to at least pick up a bag of cash, or restart a drill, or anything. There is just no way to do everything yourself if it involves making 8 trips across the street with bags of jewels while being assaulted by FBI agents in heavy armor. lol

mic_cala1794d ago

Lol havent played it offline and dont know why u would bother theres so many players online and i have to sqy everyone iv played with have been good sports.

Definantly forget sp in this game multi is where its at.

WeAreLegion1794d ago

Love it offline and online. Same with the first game. Split screen would have been nice though. That was a requested feature.

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