Gran Turismo / Nissan GT-R Interview

G4 wanted to know more about the 2009 Nissan GT-R's unique navigation system. Why?

Polyphony Digital, the makers of Gran Turismo actually helped design it. That's why. In return, Nissan helped Polyphony get the in-game GT-R running as close to real life as possible.

Check it out.

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sonarus3902d ago

This is why GT forever stays ahead of the competition. When you have car manufacturers coming in to refine your physics model its safe to say its as close to real life as you can get.

Blademask3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Same for a few other car manufacturers as well. You can see how deep the relationship is between Nissan and Polyphony from those GTTV vids. This game is a thing of pride for them.

I find it hilarious that people try to disparage GT's physics when you have the Manufacturers ENGINEERS solidifying the physics in the simulation on behalf of themselves.

Lord Anubis3902d ago

Subaru and their WRX series owes their gratitude to the Gran Turismo series. (gt2 to be precise)

Skerj3902d ago

Wow that's freaking unprecedented, and I want the GTR even more now even though I'm a Toyota man.

bootsielon3902d ago

lol... I guess you could say I'm a honda man too, and next Nissan. I don't like american cars... the last great american muscle car I think was the Trans Am. That one was awesome.

Skerj3902d ago

I think there's like a Saturn guy hating on us all or something. In any case Toyota has never failed me, the only American car I even thought about getting was a Dodge SRT4 and I once had my eye on an RX8 but decided against it.

Lord Anubis3902d ago

i'm a honda civic guy (coupe not hatchbacks)

tweaker3902d ago

Honda and Toyota as my top choice and Nissan as my secondary. But when it comes to trucks, I need a Chevy.

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cellypower3902d ago

Grab Turismo is the king of Sim Car games.

Shadow Man3902d ago

I love Gran Turismo on the ps2. Now I need a ps3 to enjoy the awesome graphics and the online maldision!

sonarus3902d ago

What the hell are you waiting for?

tweaker3902d ago

And haters complain about GT's physics...

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