Gorgeous New Screens of Candle for PC and Wii U

Playeressence - Got a fresh batch of screens for CANDLE, the indie kickstarter game from Teku Studious. Check them out past the link. CANDLE will be released on PC and Wii U this year. Get the new screens below.

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mattdillahunty1800d ago

i'm loving the art style; it kinda reminds me of Machinarium, which i also loved. i might have to check this out when it's released.

falcon971800d ago

wiiu is getting so much indie love it's going to make it flourish,i think Nintendo should do adverts with like 15 indie games just to show how amazing eshop is...

CaptainN1800d ago

Game looks very good indeed !

Realplaya1800d ago

The crazy thing is the game runs direct X.

falcon971799d ago

If your game runs dx then wiiu says hello with opengl 4.1...