35+ Games Like Pokemon

Pokemon has always led the monster capture genre with most modern day gamers growing up on a healthy dose of the popular RPG series. Pokemon isn't alone though there are plenty of games with similar gameplay for fans.

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arbitor3651796d ago

im glad that lost magic gets a mention. that is one of my favorite DS games.

its odd that they dont mention outernauts though

jakmckratos1796d ago

Love Insomniac's designs and love the concept of Outernauts but Im not playing a F2P that is only playable on Facebook. If they made a full fledge title on Vita THEN we'll talk

3-4-51796d ago

I bought Lost Magic for $2 last year but haven't played it yet.

schlanz1795d ago

I loved Lost Magic; it was one of the best early DS games as a proof of concept. It definitely lacked a bit of polish but it was fun as hell to play regardless.

FlameHawk1796d ago

Try Ni no Kuni, I'm in love with the game, it is somewhat like Pokemon where you catch "Familiars" and train level them up, but with more RPG features than Pokemon, awesome game.

ZodTheRipper1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

And much better combat than Pokemon!
Pokemon's combat was outdated in 2005 and it still hasn't changed a bit.

Murad1794d ago

That's why I stopped buying Pokemon games after Emerald.

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ExCest1796d ago

Games like pokemon

>adds pokemon based games.

YoungKingDoran1796d ago

They could add Folklore to the list. Great game.