Game Buzz | Episode 43 - The Trouble With Kinect

Dealspwn writes: This week on Game Buzz we take a look at Microsoft's most risky U-turn yet -- abandoning mandatory Kinect -- and ask what it might mean for the Xbox One going forward. We discuss the GTA Online reveal and chat about the potential of Rockstar's persistent online world. And we look forward to next week and Gamescom 2013, pinpointing the anticipatory highlights of this year's biggest gamer convention.

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DeathofSouls1676d ago

An unplugged kinect is not another 180. It's an answer to the "security" issues people had with the system. Microsoft also pretty much said "you don't wanna operate the new console without kinect", they said it isn't designed that way and will actually be harder with the controler. There are tons of features that will not be available without the kinect. So does it need to be plugged in, no....are you gonna plug it in anyway, yes.

denawayne1676d ago

It's gonna be the way with the other features they 180ed on. Being online and downloading digitally. The experience will just be better if you use them.