Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Now Truly Open, Registration Site is Up for Everyone

Yesterday the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn started for those that tested the game during the closed beta or preordered. Today the beta has just become truly open, as everyone is now allowed to try the game out.

Here's how to register and download the beta.

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Lovable1799d ago

Been playing the game since I got home from work...It's soooo good..Playing as a pugilist right now and love doing some combos. Can't wait to unlock higher tier skills.

Abriael1799d ago

Haha pugilist at high level is insane. You'll love it. I still prefer my paladin though :D

Lovable1799d ago

Yah sucks though since I don't have any AOE until much later. Love the random Fate event. 25 or so players got obliterated by this huge frog boss friggin hilarious

Abriael1799d ago

@Lovable: wait til you see the higher level ones :D The one in high bridge is histerical.

NegativeCreepWA1798d ago

I can't wait to take on the Behemoth and Odin Fates!

1798d ago
sobekflakmonkey1798d ago

In my personal opinion, this game really sucks :s there are way to many filler quests, they could remove 90% of the quests in this, and there would still be too many...the quests in this game need to be changed, its all quantity and no quality (when it comes to quests), I found myself extremely annoyed when playing this game as well, there's no voice acting, so that's bullshit, especially when there's a ridiculous amount of text you have to go through when talking to people, it's just crazy fuckn monotonous...I wouldn't say "buy it" or "subscribe to it" at all...if you can, play it, then decide...because it's pretty boring..

Skate-AK1799d ago

Awesome. Just signed up and got my code 30 seconds later.

maximus19851798d ago

can anyone get a code? and for ps3?

Skate-AK1798d ago

If you are in North America or Europe. You can get one for either PS3 or PC.

maximus19851798d ago

i got the code JUST NOW! yes! how long will the beta be open for?

KrisButtar1799d ago

I recently moved to an area that offers internet and this game is my 1st experience into the MMO world.

That being said I find this an awesome game so far and addicting and can't wait for the final release.

Abriael1798d ago

hehe welcome to the world of MMORPG, say goodbye to your life :D

KrisButtar1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Thanks and for my 1st online experiences its pretty good, people are friendly as I have tried a few other online multiplayer games now and the gamers are just douche bags and have really thrown me off on trying anymore. Maybe because its going to be subscription based it filters out the weeds.

You playing on PC or PS3?

KrisButtar1798d ago

It is are you playing on PC or PS3

Magicite1797d ago

I am playing on PC and have already pre-ordered.

KittyEmperor1798d ago

I was having fun with the beta until it stopped letting me log on.

Mykky1798d ago

Had the same problem yesterday, luckily it started working 4 hours later.

KittyEmperor1798d ago

Yeah my problem started at around 7 last night.

ProjectSeoul1798d ago

What's the preferred system to play it on: Ps3 or PC, but I'm going to assume you guys say PC.

Mykky1798d ago

Yes PC. Though it is totally fine to play it on PS3 too!

PersonaCat1798d ago

I play on ps3 but plan to move to PS4 once it releases. The controls are a little strange at first, but once you get use to them the game is incredibly fun. You can't go wrong with either.

If you do plan on playing on PS3, make sure you have a keyboard. You pretty much cant communicate without it lol.

thejigisup1798d ago

Voice chat a no go is pretty lame this late in the ps3 life cycle

Biggest1798d ago

It's not the PS3's fault.

NegativeCreepWA1798d ago

I've played both, I would go with the PC version. While its possible to play with a controller, it's much easier with KB/M. Not to mention the PC version looks amazing!

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