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Considering that the 2013 Wii U Virtual Console release of NES Galaga is a 28 year old port of a 32 year old arcade game, it is quite possible that many gamers will already own a version of this shoot-‘em-up. However, there is a compelling amount of single-screen bug repellent replay value if you approach Galaga with a target high score in mind, and allow it to wangle its insect-like hooks in you. Once you learn alien flight patterns, uncover the extra life scoring system, maximise challenging stage bonus points, and balance the dual fighter risk of granting a Boss Galaga to capture your ship, it rockets beyond the template of Space Invaders. As an addictive relic descending from gaming’s primeval wave of shooters, there is a historical context to Galaga that adds to the temptation of tackling the most retro of retro games.

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