New Trailer of an Xbox One Game Will Be Shown on IGN this Coming Monday

Ryan McCaffrey of IGN posted this on his Twitter: "I just watched one of the best trailers I've seen in a long, long time. I LOL'd (in a good way) multiple times"

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sobotz1680d ago

My money's on Dead Rising 3

minimur121680d ago

Let's analyse the tweet, he said 'multiple times' which means at least 3.

trailer is about 1.5 mins long if not more.

that's all i got...

damn you twitter and your short lengths of text.....

1680d ago
B-radical1680d ago

Id prefer quantum break or ryse

sobotz1680d ago

those aren't a funny games

Rhinoceros1680d ago

My money is on Conker's Bad Fur Day

1680d ago
CoLD FiRE1680d ago

I hope it's a new Conker game and not just a remake.

lastofgen1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

If he laughed, then well, could be dead rising 3 like sobotz said.

iamnsuperman1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Like others have said it could be sunset overdrive. We haven't seen much from that game but the style (from what we have seen so far) of that game, I think, would go very well with a humour driven game

minimur121680d ago

insomniac are known for their humor in games like the classic R&C games, although the writer at insom has now left.... bummer :(

No_Limit1680d ago

I think it is Dead Rising myself but man what if it is a new Conker game by Rare! O_o

M-M1680d ago

As much as I want Rare to make an actual game, they probably won't.

Mr1Y1680d ago

I will go crazy if its a new Conker game :D . Besides wasn't there like some developer saying that we would see more of Conker very soon ?

CRAIG6671680d ago

Yup a couple of months back one of the Rare devs teased that Conker had not gone away, I will be over the moon if it's true, also providing it's not a 100% kinect game,I don't mind certain game assets being controllable with kinect but I don't want it to be the main input method...

Commandar_Shepard1680d ago



Oh that's cool I guess. :D

CYCLEGAMER1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE for it to be Conker!

Easily one of the funniest games I have ever played!!

nooneknows1680d ago

I love Rare but MS has lost faith in Rare by giving Killer Instinct to Double Helix. Rare looks like it won't be doing anything but Kinect ;(

2cents1680d ago

I miss Rare,

Original perfect dark
Old skool banjo
Diddy Kong racing

They were one of my favourite devs.

I remember staring at their spinning logo when 007 was loading on the N64.
It used to send chills down my spine for some reason. Oh the days and nights spent playing that Awsome game.

I do hope MS give rare a chance to do something special without the necessary hoops that they have had to jump through this generation. I do feel that they lost their magic. I'm sure everyone who was an old skool supporter of rare remembers how original and creative they were.

I have enjoyed viva piñata, there is a lot of rare charm to be found in there but it's not enough. They were one of the few devs that could cater for nearly every audience. It's sad to see them relegated to being MS's mission statement. And ofcourse not letting them do killer instinct is just complete blasphemy.

Let's see if there is anything special that will come from them this gen as if the trend continues they should really just call them Microsoft studios.

Call a spade a spade

DoubleM701680d ago

Did you ever thing they were working on Multiple projects. Maybe they didn't have time to put into KI. They did get the original designer to head up the project for Double Hellix.

2cents1680d ago


I know, but when someone (like me) has been waiting for killer instinct for what seems an eternity it just stings a little knowing that it's not the same Dev.

It's exactly as if the next uncharted was made by someone else but the lead project designer was overseeing it.
Yes there is some goodness in the knowledge that the brainchild is overseeing it but it's still not the same. I wouldn't expect anyone who wasn't a massive fan of the arcade and N64 version of Ki to totally understand the sentiment of many but there is a lot of nostalgia involved.

The positive though is that it does look like fun so far, so I shall patiently wait and see.

2cents1680d ago

i am the great mighty poo
and im going to throw my shit at you
a huge suply of thish
come from my chcolate star fish
how about some scat you little twat

The funniest song in a video game EVER!!!
I remember almost wetting myself with laughter when I first saw the great mighty poo.

Please be this!

PFFT1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Here is hoping its Conker. And this might be one of the reason why MS gave the K.I project to Double Helix. So that Rare could focus on a new Conkers games. BUT we will see come this Monday.
BUT and actual Sunset overdrive in game trailer would be great as well.

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ABeastNamedTariq1680d ago

I have a gut feeling that it is Sunset Overdrive. Insomniac is pretty good with humor.

shivvy241680d ago

Im getting ps4 but im really interested in this game !

ElementX1680d ago

I want another Viva Pinata game

JokesOnYou1680d ago

No not that, well its not my cup of tea but I guess with everything else they've shown that I want, no need to be selfish why not something else for all kinds of gamers.

CaptainPunch1680d ago

Why? I loved the first Viva piñata

JokesOnYou1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Yeah I tried it at a friends house just dont like the gameplay, seems like its really meant for small children. I think some mis understand my above comment what I was trying to say is even though announcing another viva piñata wouldn't excite me, its cool if they do because I've got plenty of other things to be excited about, thats all.

Eldyraen1680d ago

Actually as a sim game it evolved a lot and was likely a bit too complicated for small children alone.

It was however probably pushed for families as style was very 'innocent' and perfect for children yet the game's 'late game' (actually getting things done to advance) was way too difficult for a young child without some help ("young" being the ages the cartoon targeted). It was very niche but for sim fans was actually pretty great (I still want a new "real" Sim Farm--that isn't some watered down stupid Facebook game).

Plenty of adults/young adults bought it though as was about 25 at time of release and I don't have any kids--just an open mind and was a great laid back game to play between Gears of War with my friends. Great palette cleanser ;)

However still wish more people were like you (JokesOnYou) as some people can't stand seeing games made that don't interest them or accept some of us like wide range of games (VP vs GoW... huge difference but enjoyed both).

JokesOnYou1680d ago

Well said Eldyraen. Yeah I'm a bit impatient type gamer so sometimes games that don't wow me upfront I tend to miss out on....maybe thats the case with viva piñata at any rate I love to hear others describe what they like about different types of games I don't play, sometimes I learn something new.

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CRAIG6671680d ago

My son LOVED that game, I enjoyed it through him but not so much playing it myself...