Friday Night Rant: It's Finally Time To Stop Bashing Xbox One

OnlySP: If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation. In other industries we call this a rebranding effort. It’s time for Microsoft to take control of the narrative (“Xbox go home” wasn’t a good start) and re-reveal their upcoming console. I think we can expect something like that at Gamescom.

For it to be successful, and we all want a successful gaming industry, it’s time we recognize that the following issues are closed for discussion.

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zeal0us1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Sorry on N4G Xbox One bashing won't stop. The fanboys surely isn't helping it stop also. It seems like both sides are having a contest to see who throw out the best insults.

PockyKing1523d ago

Not like we haven't seen enough of that this generation...sigh, in a way it creates good business for competition, and I don't mind debating, but when people get personally offended by differing opinions, especially over a video game, you know there's an issue.

AngelicIceDiamond1523d ago

@pocky "in a way it creates good business for competition." Yeah in a way. But not at the moment the fanboys are doing everything to keep the Xbox in a negative light.

Which is fine because all they're doing is wasting there time. MS has a great product on there hands, at least now they do.

LordMaim1523d ago

I can't think of anything more insulting than "Xbox One fan".

Godmars2901523d ago

Actually, have gotten sick and tired about talking about it. People want to buy it buy it, but as it was it was bad for consumers. And some only defended it to defend it. Because they were on it's "team" and didn't want it's rival to "win".

Caleb_H1523d ago

It's never time to stop bashing the Xbox One.

gamertk4211523d ago

I pictured that video with the guy crying about Britney Spears, lol

T21523d ago

Chris crocker lol ... Only reason I remember is cuz that cinci Bengal dman has same name

Crazay1523d ago

I really don't get all the "My console is better than yours!" stupidity. Frankly, it's annoying as are the countless "Why...(insert system here) is better than (Insert other system here)" articles. I've got both systems ordered, and I'm well aware that not everyone can or wants to do that but I get to enjoy the exclusive offerings of both systems. Either way, I win.

meatysausage1523d ago

You better ease up on that logic there :)

dcj05241523d ago

"My console has more value and a better experience thsn yours!" Is that better?

Crazay1523d ago

Uhmmmm....Nope. That's really something that nobody here has any business stating without concrete first hand proof. without that, it's all heresay.

HammadTheBeast1523d ago

I get the "this system is better" thing because it's fun to compare/contrast, but it's just fanboyism when people start pulling in financial figures, and coany finances into the picture, when you care more about the company than you're purchase, it's just pure fanboyism.

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The story is too old to be commented.