Call Of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Gameplay Strike Zone

A first look at Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer gameplay in action with the Strike Zone map.

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DDDGirlGamer851526d ago

WOw its exactly the same game, just new maps

The_Infected1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Yea same shit different name. 1999 updated lag engine with real time impossible lighting. Oh and fishies but we want go there:)

starchild1526d ago

Oh, and textures, lighting and post process effects are all much better than in past games in the series.

I don't even play or like Call of Duty. I'm just tired of all the mindless hate directed at it.

3-4-51526d ago

I see plenty of improvements in graphics and lighting and random little things.

It still looks nearly identical to the past few games though.

New guns is a +, new maps always helps, but the new maps I've seen thus far aren't too pleasing to me personally.

They aren't inspired designs, they aren't creative, they aren't something "more", than they could be.

It's just more of the same. I still like COD, but after playing BF3, I see why some people can hate on COD.

They can still be COD, while making some larger changes, but they refuse too.

There is too much FPS competition now and they won't be selling 15 million copies on each system anymore after this year.

This is COD's last big year unless they make some changes, because once people experience BF4,Destiny, TitanFall, Killzone..ect.. they are going to want more from their next COD game.

The_Infected1526d ago


"I see plenty of improvements in graphics and lighting and random little things"

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starchild1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

There are differences. In fact there are just as many differences as we see from sequel to sequel in most franchises. It's not like God of War Ascension was a radically different game than God of War 3, for example. And that goes for most game series.

The games that truly do radically change between entries in a series are few and far between, and most of the time fans bemoan those kinds of radical changes.

Shadonic1526d ago

True bur I it still waves on if they are good changes not switching from the based Arena shooter into an arcade class based shooter when there's about 12 other games that are already doing this.

I have to say this installment has really brought some new additions to the series this can legitimately be seen as a changed COD gameplay wise in my eyes though 99% of the new things have been done already in other games, its just when the fanboys praise COD as if its the first to do anything.

Either way im actually kind of looking forward to this COD even though im going battlefield 4 first and CODs the last thing I want ATM.

FunAndGun1526d ago

um....God of War Ascension added a whole MP mode that is different from almost every single MP game this generation.

Salooh1526d ago

From what i saw it's almost near Mw2 style then Mw3 with different maps and more stuff. It's kind of good in ps3/360 but it's suuuuuucks in next generation...

GarrusVakarian1526d ago

Looks exactly the same as the rest. Sad.

On a side note, that guy sucks.

jagiii1526d ago

COD is always the same.



jobboy1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

min. 2:52 is it the ps3 version?

bjmartynhak1526d ago

"press x to swap" weapon?

More likely Xbox

dazzrazz1526d ago

Its a pc footage with xbox controller

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