How to make A Successful Star Wars Game

The Star Wars franchise has generated a lot of games over the years. From “Jedi Arena” on the Atari 2600 to the games of the “Lego Star Wars” series. Some of these games have been incredibly successful – but some have been complete failures. But what separates the good from the bad? What do game developers need to include to make a good Star Wars game?

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InMyOpinion1707d ago

Take Move or Wiimote.
Add light saber simulation.
Add first person view.
Add Darth Vader as opponent.

JBaby3431707d ago

I'd like one that offers character customization like SWTOR and the deep story lines and character/power progression you can get with an RPG but with the simulation-based gameplay of the TFUs games. Make it open world for exploration and put actual DMM or some other form of destruction that actually allows you to destroy nearly everything (not just a few choice set-pieces) and feel truly powerful. Then add the ability to use vehicles if you choose like the Battlefront series.

Games have had these aspects to varying degrees but nothing has had them all in a single package with expansive worlds to explore and subdue. Make this game please. It will sell like crazy to fans of the series and people who just enjoy fun games.