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Boss Dungeon's Zack Furniss reviews Dragon's Crown, stating "If the art bothers you, I understand, and you can vote with your wallet. However, if you can get past it, you’ll find the best beat-’em-up I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing."

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Liqvid1621d ago

Great Game! I hope it is selling well. I'd love to see a sequel on the PS4!

Inception1621d ago

In japan, yes, it's sell very good (300k include digital ver). They sold out everywhere and only last week they can re-stock more retail copies. Even Vita (and PS3) version still in the top ten chart of media create / famitsu.

FrostyZipper1620d ago

Looks a fairly sweet brawler but I'd still be uncomfortable playing it in front of people I know... or anyone really.

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