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Grand Theft Auto V Achievement List

GTA V achievement list has been revealed. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Outsider-G  +   245d ago
This won't be an easy one. Rank 100 and Earn 30 platinum awards seem time consuming. Challenge accepted.
Black-Helghast  +   245d ago
Neither was GTA IV's platinum due to the online trophies -.- And this one also has online trophies... great.
Outsider-G  +   245d ago
Yeah, but Rockstar always did online trophies for previous games (Max Payne 3, RDR). GTA IV multiplayer was boring as there wasn't much to do and the community died.

GTA Online has more activities to keep players busy. This will always be an active community I assume.
Ripsta7th  +   245d ago
@Outsider- Gt4 was ALWAYS packed , even last year the game still had a good amount of ppl active
minimur12  +   245d ago
' Out of your depth '

So if youre in a dingy boat and you go too far out..... Sharks confimed :D
Snookies12  +   245d ago
@minimur12 - Lol, but sharks were already confirmed. :p
DOMination-  +   245d ago
Rockstar always do crap achievements and this is no different.
princejb134  +   244d ago
nothing more frustrating than online achievements
HammadTheBeast  +   245d ago
"Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist cult"

KwietStorm  +   245d ago
GTA: Abduction
joecanada  +   245d ago
Reminds me of skyrim
SIRHC13  +   245d ago
Aliens Confirmed
FlameHawk  +   245d ago
Woah I did not expect that, omg I have never been more excited for any game. Why must college have to start :'(.
Campy da Camper  +   245d ago
And on top of it your degree won't get you squat AND you will be paying back student loans into your 40s! I only have 3 years left til they are paid Woot! (I'm 40)
joecanada  +   245d ago
@ campy - god you are sooo right thanx for reminding me ... Shoulda just been an electrician lol
SmokeyMcBear  +   245d ago
well depends on the degree, engineering baby, wooooo
Feralkitsune  +   244d ago
Well, my loans won't be that much since I research and don't fail any of my classes. I'll be out of school on time, and didn't go to an insanely expensive one.
SchwoererBear  +   243d ago
@campy, I just finished school and my loans start in a couple of months! $60,000 in loans will probably put a dent in my future gaming :(
AnimeAvenger  +   245d ago
"You're gonna need a bigger boat..." nice Jaws reference.
MrBeatdown  +   245d ago
I know most don't like them, but I'm happy there's a good chunk of time consuming online trophies.

I plan on putting a ton of time into multiplayer, so I like having a few trophies to chase.
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   245d ago
Haha Stick Up Kid. Hold up all 20 stores. Kill the mugger who robbed you. lol my kind of game.
benzopil  +   245d ago
Looks like it will be my last platinum on PS3 and I will achieve it in 2016 lol.
hankmoody  +   245d ago
And most of them are on GTA Online. Really, REALLY hoping that the online portion finds its audience. For reasons I will never understand, GTA IV online never seemed to fully catch on and is pretty dead these days. I saw more crazy things happen playing that game online than in any other game I can think of. Crossing my fingers.
FlyingFoxy  +   245d ago
GTA IV's online is extremely boring if you have ever played San Andreas's MP mod on PC, the best servers (like Cops N Robbers mode) have 100+ players most times of the day and you can do a lot of things in it along with saved stats.

GTA V has a similar map to SA so i am hoping when it comes to PC, it has the full freedom of the SA-MP mod plus 64+ players.. i hear the console version only has 16 players, that's nowhere near enough for a map that big.
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minimur12  +   245d ago
i think gta online loks pretty cool, along with normal mp games it lso looks like an MMO which seems awesome, in the video it showed peiple driving around but you KNOW itll be full of trolls, with people smashing their planes into the ground ontop of you and shooting you for no reason. Ahh, the world of GTA.
MrBeatdown  +   245d ago
I think GTA4 had a ton of players, but I swear there was something wrong with the matchmaking. I rarely got a full, 16 player game.
SchwoererBear  +   243d ago
@hankmoody, I like your choice in username. Maybe GTav will have some californication references!
hankmoody  +   242d ago
Heh heh. Hank Moody forever!
BattleTorn  +   245d ago
I'm sure there'll some brand new details that come out of this achievement list!!

Can't wait !
bub16  +   245d ago
i will get all of them before next-gen!
matrixman92  +   245d ago
oh sweet online achievements...said no one ever
Dark_Overlord  +   244d ago
And for that reason I will not buy this game, I'm getting sick to death of being forced to play crappy MP just to earn a platinum trophy.
nunley33  +   244d ago
that is really silly or you wasn't going to buy it anyways before you saw this. no one is gonna buy it for trophies, rent maybe. well buy when it's cheap.if you played and enjoyed any past gta games,you'll get this eventually. im not a fan of online trophies or even alot of multi but i will get like most will, for the gameplay.
Dark_Overlord  +   244d ago
"if you played and enjoyed any past gta games,you'll get this eventually."

No I won't :) I skipped GTA4 due to the online crap, and I've skipped a lot of other games. I detest online trophies and as such will not support any games that stick online trophies with stupidly time absorbing trophies in them. You may think it's silly, but I don't.
NukaCola  +   244d ago
I wouldn't call the online crap multiplayer... it's more of a second game in the GTA V universe that's built on the growing community more than just deathmatchs and points. You're not grinding levels online. You're playing in a massive world with friends and enemies.
Tornadobounce  +   245d ago
Mustn't..........look..... ......Aaaaaaargh.
NRGuitarist  +   245d ago
I'm glad you can buy businesses and things again! Always remember the ice cream one from Vice City xD
Seems like a blend of the old and the new :D
S'gonna rock balls.
RedSoakedSponge  +   245d ago
Red Mist - Complete all rampages

Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   244d ago
Holy crap, this, is going to be the best game of this generation...
nunley33  +   244d ago
possibly but not a sure thing, but a strong goty contender.
DARK WITNESS  +   244d ago
lets be real, there is prob only one or two games that have any standing close to it. Last of us being one of them.
nunley33  +   244d ago
i agree, the last of us is more likely to get it rather than GTAV. as amazing as this,GTASA,GTA3 are,these game just won't get the votes but i may be wrong and this one breaks through.there is some movies/games that get all the awards and not many sales and vise versa.
shadowmist13  +   244d ago
collect all spaceship parts,hell yeah that sounds like this game isnt going to take itself to seriously,cant wait for pc release.
Jagsrock  +   244d ago
I thought they would be a bit more creative, oh well.
Steezo  +   244d ago
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   244d ago
This game will be epic can't wait
_FantasmA_  +   244d ago
They are called trophies, achievements are lame because you don't get a Platinum.
ChipdiddyChip  +   244d ago
You're a retard!
nunley33  +   244d ago
Agreed, i have both and i would 99 out of 100 times i would buy the ps3 version for the trophies and because psn is better. but i have plus on my ps3 and no gold so there's a big reason not to buy it for 360. any 360 version i would get will be gimped and less enjoyable to play it there. this is my oppinion and the 360 did some good things,too bad ms didn't build on that and carry the success over.
ArtificiallyYours  +   244d ago


For serious, I'm gonna flip my shit all over this lol
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