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Why I Don’t Actually Want The Xbox One To Fail

So E3 is long over, and with it there is a new generation of consoles looming over us (sorry Wii U, you just don’t count). There is a lot of controversy in the world of gaming right now, and it’s all thanks to some rather ballsy decisions made by Microsoft for their new console, the Xbox One. (E3, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Bigpappy  +   466d ago
The title is saying that you kind of want it to fail. If you "don't actually want it to fail", that means that you kind of do.
Mario18  +   466d ago
That does not mean in anyway that he wants it to fail

I do not want it to fail because I can observe how many people make a uneducated decision in their lives by buying an Xbox One.

Overall PS4 is the better console of choice. OVERALL
Americans have trouble understanding that because they do not realize that whatever positive comment that comes out of Microsoft or any other media related to the XBox One, that it is a small positive as to compared to the PS4's overall positive information.

Sort of like when cigarettes are said to make you more social. They use that positive as their defense as to why they choose to smoke cigarettes
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darthv72  +   466d ago
in my case, i am making an educated decision to support both simply because there will be games you just cant play any other way.

I prefer to game without restrictions like being limited to the titles only available for one platform. I eliminate those restrictions by simply buying the platforms that are available.

It may not be the most economical way of doing it but it certainly is the most fun and the most rewarding.

I may sound like a broken record about being console agnostic but it really is better (IMO) to partake in gaming overall than limiting oneself to a single platform. I just dont have it in me to be that committed to just one system.
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Software_Lover  +   466d ago
Why is it always Americans this and Americans that? Like we are just full of a dumb population and everyone else has an IQ of 189?

That gets on my fracking nerves!!!!! (shamless plug)

Who are you people to tell people what to buy? If someone wants to play Forza, getting a ps4 is not gonna help them. If someone wants to play Killzone, Xbone and kinect will leave them in tears. Its as simple as that.
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Mario18  +   466d ago
In the case of restrictions, yet you eliminate all of them, but you are supporting a company that finds many ways to get more money out of you. So if you are rich and can afford to buy two easily then good for you.

If you are poor and can only afford one and choose the Xbox ONE then, I feel bad for you
Mario18  +   466d ago
Hey software lover, I am not implying that ALL Americans do make that decision. As an American, I can speak for myself based on the observations I make and you can argue that I am wrong. I do not believe that I am which is why I posted this.

And I am not telling people to buy anything, just what is an overall better piece of equipment
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theWB27  +   466d ago
That means he wants it to fail.

I want it to fail so that I can observe how many people make decisions I don't agree with, thus making my life feel a little better.

Overall, I think the PS4 is the better console. OVERALL Mario18 has trouble understanding people have different opinions because he indoctrinated by teh interwebz and believes Sony is any better a faceless company than Microsoft.

Sort of like how opinions are like aholes...everyone has one, but some stink more than others.

thetruthx1  +   466d ago
@Mario18 you do realize that everything you're saying is subjective and not fact right or are you that ignorant?

Both systems, I might even say both companies have their strengths an weaknesses.

The one game from the Scea side I'd want to have is Uncharted but I'll never see it come to my platform of choice. I may end up wanting The Order and Outlast as well

The Ps4 won't see the new games I want either: Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Black Tusk studios game, Forza, Project Spark, Crackdown 3, and Fable
Nocando  +   466d ago
You are a good example of the extreme among Sony's fan base.You honestly wish us to believe that you would purchase a MS console under any circumstances?
Bigpappy  +   466d ago
You seem to have your head way up in some dark hole. You think you are so smart that you are able to sway the less intelligent underlings what is best, because there is no way they could possibly want an Xbox over a PlayStation.

I find you complete offences as a person. Not only because you are willing to come on the internet and insult millions of people you know nothing about over F'ing toys, but also because your seem to genuinely believe the crap that come out of your mouth.
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JokesOnYou  +   466d ago
The headline is so ridiculous he immediately loses all creditability which invites only the most extreme like minded fanboys to dare read such BS.

If I were a unbiased gamer Mario18's ideology would do nothing to convince me that ps is the way to go. If anything I would want nothing to do with even more people like him. Fortunately if I were that unbiased gamer I'd realize that the whole ps community does not have a disgusting "I'm better than you, smaryer than you, if you disagree then its only because you are uninformed" type attitude, unbiased gamers also understand there are extremists like him on both sides. Although Id say the ps community is much, much more rampant with this kind of thinking....but hey that might be my bias talking.

Ironicly he pretends that somehow his job is to provide a public service by "educating" us. However the end result is talking down to people is the worst way to "sell" someone on an idea or product.
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abzdine  +   466d ago
may the best one win, that's all i have to say!
But when a Sony console gets so much praise and everyone sees it winning it's very hard for the competition to stand in front of it.
Spoons  +   466d ago
You're so caught up in semantics you completely missed the whole point.
Blacksand1  +   466d ago
I'm a PS4 guy, but i didn't want the X1 to fail i just wanted the DRM to fail.
Martywren  +   466d ago
Blacksand1  +   466d ago
If the DRM was a success it would've been bad for all gamer's on Sony and MS.
Picnic  +   464d ago
You're using some assumption to choose your logic there.

If I'm due to get married and I say 'I don't actually want to get married' that on its own does not necessarily imply that I protest too much and that I do actually want to get married. I might really have had a total change of heart after coming to my senses.
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memots  +   466d ago
No one wants anyone to fail apart from Rabbit fanboy.
I want ms to do well for competition sake.

I want that controller for my PC and want more forza :)
NatureOfLogic  +   466d ago
I would like to see them replaced by another competitor. MS has done nothing for gaming but introduce online and DLC.
kenmid  +   466d ago
online gaming is a bad thing.. SMH..
Belking  +   466d ago
There you go. Now right here is a hater. You may not like MS but it's really ridiculous to say what you said. It really makes no sense....lol Like online isn't a big deal.
golding89  +   466d ago
lol dude.. and you call me a troll?

xActionBasturdx  +   466d ago
What are you talking about? MS revolutionized console gaming. Sure ps2 had it but it was atrocious. If it wasnt for MS setting the bar for online gaming and introducing dlc imagine where we would be right now. I'm almost positive games like Call of Duty or battlefield would have been as successful as they are right now. So to make a comment like that is just plain ignorant.
No_Limit  +   466d ago
Don Mattrick avatar? What is up with you Sony fanboys cosplaying with MS execs? First, it was MariaHelFutura with Julie Larson-Green and now you.

EDIT: I see you had changed back to your normal avatar once again. LOL
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BattleReach  +   466d ago
I dont care or it succeeds or fails.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   466d ago
Well you are in luck then.. because it won't fail.
Mario18  +   466d ago
My name is GiantEnemyCrab, I can see the future. I know consoles more than nearly every other person.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   466d ago
Thanks! But no prediction needed. I think with the fan base MS has established with its last 2 consoles they will be just fine. With the cash flow MS has they've been able to weather some disastrous issues like RROD and the bad PR for the Xbox One.

As long as they support the system with great games they won't fail.
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GreenRanger  +   466d ago
I don't want any console to fail.
XboxFun  +   466d ago
It won't fail, in fact it will succeed much further than the Xbox 360 did.
Insomnia_84  +   466d ago
I think nobody wants the Xbox One to fail, what some of us want is the company behind it to do things right and give us actual benefits instead of spinning things to make them look good to then screw us later.

Hell! I wanna play Killer Instinct so bad that it makes me mad that they don't release an sku without Kinect for a lesser price. I don't give two ducks about kinect and I don't see why I should be charged for it now that it's not even mandatory for the console to work. This is now the ONLY thing keeping me away from getting one.
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Software_Lover  +   466d ago
I get your point with Kinect. Why dont you sell it on ebay or something? Someone will always buy it and try to hack it or use it for un-intended purposes, lol.
vivid83  +   466d ago
I'm getting a ps4 but I don't want Microsoft to fail at all the competition is needed for all of us as gamers to get the best experiences and to stop complacency that's what happened in early stages of the ps3 when they didn't want to acknowledge the 360 as a contender
GraveLord  +   466d ago
It won't fail, no matter what anyone thinks.

If by fail you mean it will lose marketshare to the PS4...then yeah it will fail though.
No_Limit  +   466d ago
It will not fail. The money from Bill Gates will be plenty to support massive advertisement, securing games, price it competitively for the long haul.

It is not like they need to sell of something like office buildings just to make ends meet or anything like that. XB1 will be fine.
Supermax  +   466d ago
I would not worry a lot of people will be playing great games on both systems.
Dlacy13g  +   466d ago
Gamers shouldn't want ANY console to fail. Competition is key to making sure we gamers are getting offerings from all of these companies that are competative, innovative and of value. Sony pushes MS, MS pushes Sony, Nintendo pushes Sony & MS, Valve pushes Sony & MS, MS & Sony push Nintendo...etc...you get it. IF companies fail and drop out of making hardware or online services like Steam you will eventually lose out.
CerebralAssassin  +   466d ago
If xbox fails there will be no reason for sony to try as hard as they are. Thats why we see games like madden and call of duty not break the mold. No competition. For those of you that watch or watched wwf/wwe know competition with wcw was when the company shined. Now its a shell of its former self. Lets hope the same thing doesnt happen here. Regardless of the team you play for.
Martywren  +   466d ago
I dont want X1 too fail. It has contribute too the game industry.
NatureOfLogic  +   466d ago
Let's not be too quick to forget MS trying to screw you over. I know most want to forget and forgive, but this is nothing new to me, this is typical MS to me. The reason I've never owned an Xbox. MS just reassured me of what I already suspected. I don't think Xbox One will fail, but I also don't think it'll be more successful than WiiU or Xbox 360. This is just my opinion though.
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gamertk421  +   466d ago
Most? Not on the interwebs.
thetruthx1  +   466d ago
@NatureofLogic You don't think the Xbox One will do better than the WiiU??

Come on maaan that isn't very Logical seeing that the Wii U isn't even considered to be next gen by most
BLAKHOODe  +   466d ago
Competition is good. Playstation Plus and it's Instant Game Collection only exist, because of Xbox Live Gold. Kinect and PS Move only exist, because of the Nintendo Wii. Trophies only exist, because of Achievements. Xbox One changed all it's policies, because of the PS4.

You can hate on the "other console" all you want, but your console of choice is as good as it is, BECAUSE of the "other console".

I'm pro-PS4 right now, but I hope Xbox One gives it's absolute best in trying to beat the PS4, because that will make the PS4 even better.
JediDiah  +   466d ago
If Xbox 1 was to fail do you really think Sony would be so benevolent? Competition keeps them in check! That said if it wasn't for Sony .....Microhard would be the Next Gen bully.
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dmonee  +   466d ago
Good article. I agree. I am primarily a playstation 3 gamer but used to own an xbox. I miss forza, gears of wAr and the online community that xbox established. I havent purchased another xbox because up to tjis point the PS3 has given me enough titles on a consistent basis that I havent had a reason too. I, a PS 3 gamer, want the xbox 1 to succeed.
Jiggins99  +   466d ago
i feel sorry for the people buying this console. i just want to facepalm when my friends call me disloyal to xbox by preordering the ps4. How can you be loyal to a console? its creators only want your money!
Halochampian  +   466d ago
I feel sorry for anyone who dismisses a console based on who it's made by.

If you can have a great experience on it and enjoy it, who cares who which name is on it?

But don't feel sorry for me or anyone else wanting to buy a entertainment device that brings them entertainment. It's theirs not yours.
xkevmandc  +   465d ago
X1 is a better system that's the TRUTH. YOU GET MORE!!!,look at Sony now. If Sony hew about X1 HDMI-IN they would have done the same thing. Lol. PS4 is becoming like XBOX1, they copying/live/now TV, PS4 LOOKS LIKE XBOX1. I'm sorry. Microsoft SHOWD X1 FIRST, Sony did NOT!!! and that's the TRUTH. so why get a PS4? unless you a fan-boy......

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