Just Cause 3 to Feature Asynchronous Multiplayer, Mobile Compatibility

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"Before the next-gen consoles were officially announced, we saw only a few flashes of what might be happening with our favourite franchises. Job postings and vague teases that meant nothing twelve months ago now contain a wealth of information that hint at the games we'll be playing in 2014 and beyond."

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Gamesgbkiller1615d ago

I hope its next gen only.

I want JC3 to be true so bad :)

Murad1615d ago

I just want to parachute down from somewhere that's larger than mount Everest and tackle someone while doing so.

Rimeskeem1615d ago

Let this game be true and on next gen plats

Heisenburger1615d ago

I want Just Cause 3 inside me.

I still can't get over how close I was to missing out of Just Cause 2.

I put over one hundred hours into it. I had such a blast with it.

MidnytRain1615d ago

"I want Just Cause 3 inside me."

I'm... hoping I'm misunderstanding this...

Heisenburger1615d ago

There ain't a thing to misunderstand, son.

I want it inside me, like a lover.


2v11615d ago

how does he want it to get inside him is the question

Axecution1615d ago

This article is basically just a prediction. Barely even a rumour let alone a fact...

BiggCMan1615d ago

But a man makes it HAPPEN!!

matgrowcott1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

How do you figure? I'd say a job posting from the studio we now know is working on Just Cause 3 is about as specific a source as you can get.

They may change their minds, but.nothing we know about next-gen suggests they would.

BongSmack1614d ago

Keep in mind, no specific mention of JC3 was ever made by Square Enix, a company who has produced other open world franchises. It could be one of those, Deus Ex, Dead Island, maybe another.
I for one suspect it's Just Cause 3 though, I sure hope so.

matgrowcott1613d ago


Not by Square Enix, but Avalanche - specifically certain people within Avalanche - have said multiple times that they're working on JC3.

USA0071615d ago

Just Cause 2 multiplayer has been awesome so I can't wait to see if they put it in JC3!

BongSmack1614d ago

I really doubt it's a matter of "if".

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The story is too old to be commented.