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Resident Evil 6 drops to $10 on Amazon, $20 on GameStop

Resident Evil 6 drops to $10 on Amazon, $20 on GameStop (PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

TheEnigma313  +   589d ago
I may actually try this game at that price.
daggertoes83  +   589d ago
Ill pay you 10 dollars to take the game from me
TheEnigma313  +   589d ago
Good god, it's that bad?
hadouken007  +   589d ago
Lol good one.bubble sir.
adorie  +   589d ago
It's pretty bad. Especially after playing The Last of Us.

I'd give you my copy, but I want to finish it, Persona 4 took my attention away from this shadow of RE, plus it's a Steam game, so, yeah. :P
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daggertoes83  +   589d ago
leons story was great. loved it. didnt know what all the bad fuss was about. then i played chris and jakes story, very bad. when you beat the game i think you play adas story as well and ive heard its the best one in the game. very scary. but never got to it so i cant tell you.
J@D  +   589d ago
It only apply to xbox360 version.
diehllane  +   589d ago
It's also down to $10 at Best Buy for both PS3 and Xbox360
Minute Man 721  +   589d ago
Their 2 day only sale :( picked up the navigator controller but they had no Sharpshooter in stock
likeaboss302  +   589d ago
That's about all it's worth. Time for a reboot of the RE franchise Capcom!
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   589d ago
Nice avatar!! Do you really have that? I have a 2013 SS Camaro, love my car! :D
Minute Man 721  +   589d ago
I had a Mustang CS until someone ran a red light and totalled my whip. Be careful out there people don't pay attention when they drive
cell989  +   589d ago
Mopar guy here, 2012 Challenger SRT
likeaboss302  +   588d ago
Yup that's my Boss.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   587d ago
That sucks Minute man :(

NICE! Great car! Challengers are awesome too
TheHierarchy  +   589d ago
"That's about all it's worth. Time for a reboot of the RE franchise Capcom! "

Sure, who from? ninja theory, cliff bleszinski or the dreaded capcom. : )
Yodagamer  +   589d ago
Give it to the guys who made revelations that is by far the best resident evil this gen and it was on a portable that has the power of the gamecube.
hankmoody  +   589d ago
Ok guys and gals, to all of you who have played this game, is it that bad that I should avoid at all costs or is $10 a reasonable price?
guitarded77  +   589d ago
Watch some gameplay vids on YouTube... if you like them, then get it. I have it (downloaded for $10 off PSN a long while back when they had a sale), but haven't played very much because it has been boring to me. I think with a co-op partner it could be fun. The visuals are pretty good, but the gameplay and controls are lacking IMO.
hankmoody  +   589d ago
I played the demo and it felt kinda meh to me. For $10 though, it sounds like a steal but for such a high profile game to go down in price so soon after its release makes one raise their eyebrows.
MizTv  +   589d ago
For $10 I would get it
It's ok
Nothing to write home about
FlameHawk  +   589d ago
I still wouldn't buy RE6, played RE5 and worst controls I had ever seen. Nothing like RE3. God do I miss RE3.
Martywren  +   589d ago
RE 7 i hope they bring back billy coen, rebecca chambers, barry, and claire.
guitarded77  +   589d ago
Speed reading... I thought your comment said "bring back Billy Ocean". How awesome would it be to have Billy Ocean as a playable character?

Martywren  +   589d ago
Lol it look like i think spell his name wrong.
MizTv  +   589d ago
I love billy and Rebecca!
Yes please bring them back!!!!!
Deadpoolio  +   589d ago
Ewww no RE Zero was god awful, especially Billy and that beyond terrible item management....
hemmo1986  +   589d ago
Seriously wouldn't even buy it for $10. Sounds like a bargain but seriously its a waste of time.
hankmoody  +   589d ago
Is it REALLY that bad? I'm seriously debating it but the fact that it has actually gone down that low in price really makes you wonder about how bad it is.
fsfsxii  +   589d ago
If you loved the old RE games.
Don't buy this game. It really broke my heart.
Not even the Co-op made it at least worthy of my time
theEx1Le  +   589d ago
The Leon campaign tries to be like older Resi games and does a decent job. Never could get rid of the feeling that it was trying to be an homage to the older games though, instead of actually being like them.
Darth Gamer  +   589d ago
buying this game even at this price is still supporting this piece of SH!T. I'll get it if someone gives it to me free. Other wise, the Resi franchise is dead to me!!!!!
AbortMission  +   589d ago
If you like action and killing *zombies* (yes, I know they aren't zombies) plus some cool action sequences, then you'll like the game.

I personally don't see why everyone is having a b^tchfest over this game, it seems like everyone is either joining the hate bandwagon or are simply butthurt RE 1-3 fanboys.

I liked the game enough that I spent the time and grinding to plat it. Co op is usually better and the Merc. mode is okay.
Auron  +   589d ago
The game is really bad I couldn't finish playing as Chris and I love Chris! I think the game looks worse than RE5.
cell989  +   589d ago
so youre telling me I have to drive all the way to GameStop, deal with their employees and their reservation speeches, and pay $10.00 more?
Deadpoolio  +   589d ago
Yes cause they so love giving douches like you the reservation or subscription speech...OH wait NO they don't they do it because they want to continue to have a place that pays them to show up...Cause lord knows it's so hard to just politely say no thank you and move along, instead of feeling the need to be a total cockmaster about it
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   589d ago
i actually defended this game when it came out lolz i played the first lil bit of leon's story and was wondering why everyone was bashing it... but after actually attempting to pass this, i realized it really isn't very good... it has a major identity crisis going on and needs a reboot.
Minute Man 721  +   589d ago
The real problem with the RE series is that it went from a survival horror to a action/shooter. RE 1 thru 3 and Code Veronica were the best
Darth Gamer  +   589d ago
Amen to that!!! The REMAKE is my all time Favorite RESI Title. Oh and don't for get RE0. Not the best but still had the flavor for the originals. RE4 even though a very good game, I have hate for because it spawned the other Pieces of SH!T that came after it. It was the start of the decline for the series.
MizTv  +   589d ago
Re0 and remake are my favs
Minute Man 721  +   588d ago
Well I had RE0 and loaned it to my little brother and one of his friends stole it
ssj27  +   589d ago
Is a good action game with RE theme.. I had fun playing it . The visuals are poor (like a ps2hd remake game) and is not a horror game but the history in it was good, I guess after you play with all the characters.

$10 is a good deal for it. Those who say is not even worthy are full of hate lol.
Buy it!
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dcj0524  +   589d ago
Traded it in tuesday. Got $9 for it.
NeloAnjelo  +   589d ago
Still not worth it. I preordered and was so disappointed! A quick time fest! No horror and the story is ridiculous like the voice acting!
Deadpoolio  +   589d ago
Cause Resident Evil was just totally known for it's amazing voice acting...It's just always been top notch....I must have got the 1 copy of the game that wasn't a quick time fest...Oh yeah that's right I just went out of my way to not let everything grab me
DerekFlint007  +   589d ago
I smashed my controller to smithereens of my living room wall playing this turd and i am one of the most placid and patient chaps you could ever wish to meet, that's how much this broken game p!$$ed me off with its quick time event bull$h!t.
franwex  +   589d ago
I was considering getting it. But I suppose after all the comments that there are better games for $10. I'll pass then. Thanks doods!

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