Resident Evil 6 drops to $10 on Amazon, $20 on GameStop

Resident Evil 6 drops to $10 on Amazon, $20 on GameStop

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TheEnigma3131707d ago

I may actually try this game at that price.

daggertoes831707d ago

Ill pay you 10 dollars to take the game from me

adorie1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

It's pretty bad. Especially after playing The Last of Us.

I'd give you my copy, but I want to finish it, Persona 4 took my attention away from this shadow of RE, plus it's a Steam game, so, yeah. :P

daggertoes831707d ago

leons story was great. loved it. didnt know what all the bad fuss was about. then i played chris and jakes story, very bad. when you beat the game i think you play adas story as well and ive heard its the best one in the game. very scary. but never got to it so i cant tell you.

[email protected]1707d ago

It only apply to xbox360 version.

diehllane1707d ago

It's also down to $10 at Best Buy for both PS3 and Xbox360

Minute Man 7211707d ago

Their 2 day only sale :( picked up the navigator controller but they had no Sharpshooter in stock

likeaboss3021707d ago

That's about all it's worth. Time for a reboot of the RE franchise Capcom!

Ipunchbabiesforfun1707d ago

Nice avatar!! Do you really have that? I have a 2013 SS Camaro, love my car! :D

Minute Man 7211707d ago

I had a Mustang CS until someone ran a red light and totalled my whip. Be careful out there people don't pay attention when they drive

cell9891707d ago

Mopar guy here, 2012 Challenger SRT

Ipunchbabiesforfun1705d ago

That sucks Minute man :(

NICE! Great car! Challengers are awesome too

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TheHierarchy1707d ago

"That's about all it's worth. Time for a reboot of the RE franchise Capcom! "

Sure, who from? ninja theory, cliff bleszinski or the dreaded capcom. : )

Yodagamer1707d ago

Give it to the guys who made revelations that is by far the best resident evil this gen and it was on a portable that has the power of the gamecube.

hankmoody1707d ago

Ok guys and gals, to all of you who have played this game, is it that bad that I should avoid at all costs or is $10 a reasonable price?

guitarded771707d ago

Watch some gameplay vids on YouTube... if you like them, then get it. I have it (downloaded for $10 off PSN a long while back when they had a sale), but haven't played very much because it has been boring to me. I think with a co-op partner it could be fun. The visuals are pretty good, but the gameplay and controls are lacking IMO.

hankmoody1707d ago

I played the demo and it felt kinda meh to me. For $10 though, it sounds like a steal but for such a high profile game to go down in price so soon after its release makes one raise their eyebrows.

MizTv1707d ago

For $10 I would get it
It's ok
Nothing to write home about

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