Why GTA IV will be better on Xbox 360

Slice writes - "With the release of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4) only days away now, gamers may be wondering which console is getting the better end of the deal when it comes to the two titans. We believe that Microsoft's Xbox 360 will be the console that will enable the game to really show its full potential. Below we have listed 4 things that we think will make GTA best on 360."

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DevilsJoker3421d ago

I can guess 360 will be the better version because of more content. And i am getting it on the 360, but deep down i want the ps3 version to be better because thats where it SHOULD be without microsofts moneybags.

AlterEgo3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I was planning on doing this EXACT same post.

with the title: "without even reading the article"

i know what they'll list...

etc etc etc

but mine was gonna say:

Exclusive DLC :-|
Rumble :-|
Achievements :-|
Xbox LIVE :-|
zOMG 360 Versions Always PWN ALL!!1! :-|

and STILL without reading...i'm pretty sure they follow those lines more or less

so I won't read it. and if those are the bullsh!t points they bring up...then I haven't wasted my time reading rubbish

PS3 Version FTW

gamesR4fun3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

"Almost made the list The Xbox 360 systems Soundtrack - Anyone that owns an Xbox 360 will know that it sounds like you’re vacuming a vacum when you’re playing games. This excessive noise coutusy of the DVD drive will allow us to know when our younger siblings are trying to turn on our consoles in order to play the greatness that will be GTA IV. No more messed up game saves for us then.

RRoD - Keeps players on their toes when it comes to saving 100hours of gameplay. Creates an "on-the-edge" experience."

LOL nice to see them having fun with it :D
The only real advantage worth mentioning imo is the exclusive dlc. Psn onlines pretty solid and with home coming this month expect it to be on par with live for communication and psn's own unique achievements.

chaosatom3333421d ago

ONLINE was never even part of any GTA game before, so are ps2 or wii people going to care for it. Hell NO!

Cwalat3421d ago

xbox live on that list ?

yeah, pay 50 bucks for unlocking the online experience and what do you get ? idiotic children bragging about what popstikkle they like better.

well if u are stupid enough to choose the 360 just cause it has extra content is beyond my understanding... wait another 8 months while i'll be playing MGS4, KZ2, RE2, White Knight Story, MS2 and many more... so go ahead, get that 360 with GTAIV, hope u felt u deserved it...

The Killer3421d ago

its already proven that ps3 version is the better one!

consolewar3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

that actually is a better option....or the Killzone 2 wich I'm actually looking forward 2. 360version > ps3version
If people really dont care....this comment section should be empty.

Edit:yeah yeah yeah, keep posting how much you don't care....and give us your awesome excuses please....I actually enjoy those
Edit2: they sure are in full force...lmao.....look at them, what do you think... 9:1 ratio?

Genesis53421d ago

I just want the game to come out so I can play. I mean really, all these which version is better stories are getting kind of old. Then we're going to have to go through the same damn thing after it's released. But then at least we'll have a better idea.

CrazzyMan3421d ago

I wonder, will it effect many people or not. =))

The game for 60$ will be pretty same on both consoles. On both consoles you will have great time playing the Game. =)

The MONEY costing content, ANYONE know what exactly will be IN it? I guess NOONE. =)) It`s just some MYSTERIOUS BUBBLE. =]
I suggest you just buy a game on a console that you prefer and EJoY it! =] This is what Gaming about. =)

IntelligentAj3421d ago

These articles are getting really old. And your reasons are the online experience? Are you serious? In a game which will possibly have 100 hours of gameplay and has been traditionally a one player game, your gonna tell me that the online experience and custom soundtracks makes the game better? Be serious...

yesah3421d ago

"The Xbox 360 systems Soundtrack - Anyone that owns an Xbox 360 will know that it sounds like you’re vacuming a vacum when you’re playing games. This excessive noise coutusy of the DVD drive will allow us to know when our younger siblings are trying to turn on our consoles in order to play the greatness that will be GTA IV. No more messed up game saves for us then.

RRoD - Keeps players on their toes when it comes to saving 100hours of gameplay. Creates an "on-the-edge" experience."

......roflmao, its actually there look.

MADGameR3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

But if the ps3 version sells more, or if the PS3 still outsells the 360, MS has NO EXCUSE!!

wow4u3421d ago

Ha, look at the 19 agree v 21 disagree. Only on N4G does PS3's less equal better.

Even if the two were *exactly* the same in content -- they arent, because Xbox 360 is getting the Exclusive Expansions -- the Xbox 360 would be better because of LIVE.

Official General3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I agree with you. Xbox Live, Custom Sountracks, Achievements - I really dont give a sh*t about all that stuff. Well we PS3 owners now have the DualShock control-pads for rumble anyway. As for episodic DLC, well thats only advantage I'd say the 360 version has over the PS3 version of GTA 4, but who is to say that the PS3 won't be getting any exclusive DLC of it's own at some later stage? What if this DLC is not what all it's cracked up to be? I'd like DLC no doubt, but I'm not so excited about it nor would I be too bothered if it dont come to the PS3. Either way I'm getting the PS3 version because thats the console I own, I'm not bothered by all the points that guy brought up in this article, they are simply not spectacular enough reasons to sway me to go out and buy a 360 for GTA 4, not even for the exclusive DLC.

EDIT: @ ng4user and Glad to be a gamer - Ahhhh I'm so sorry your feelings are hurt because of the constant, merciless 360-bashing on here by PS3 militants. It's such a shame is'nt it? How dare they harm your poor souls. Man the two of you need to grow up - we are only talking about consoles here, you acting like politicians that have just unfairly lost an important election and protesting about it LOL damn!

sonarus3421d ago

Microsoft paid 50million for DLC and embraced GTA4 pretty darn tight to create an illusion that it was exclusive to their platform but at the end of the day it didn't work out

If you have a 360 only, you will buy this game for your 360 assuming you are interested in it.
If you have a ps3 only you will buy this game for your ps3 assuming you are interested in it

Vast majority of GTA4 purchases are going to come from this category so all these arguments are relatively irrelevant.

As it stands new console owners ARE better off choosing a ps3 over a 360 for GTA4 whether or not DLC is available for 360, PS3 has blu ray and is a more reliable console. The features you get from the ps3 just outweigh the 360 features right now.

Assuming you have both consoles, then there are a lot of factors that you consider when choosing which to buy for. However at the end of the day all these factors such as achievements, customs soundtracks, xbox live e.t.c. are irrelevant because you WILL simply buy it for your preferred console. Whether or not those 360 features such as custom soundtracks, xbox live e.t.c. is a different story.

Hercules3421d ago

everything in that article, i can counter

1) Xbox Live - the ps3 has PSN, and according to many gaming sites (mainly, ign) both versions are the same, there is no difference in online play

2) GamerScores and Achievements - they did mention Home, but that doesnt make it any better, GTA has never been a game for bragging rights (unlike Halo), im just saying, PS3 will get this feature

3) Custom Soundtracks - the article says, the they R* custom soundtrack program is available, so they are contradicting their sevles..

4) Epic downloadable content - this has been one of the major "which console should i get?" topics, the be honest, no one knows what the content could be, it could be Niko going back to Russian for all we know, hell, it could be released one year later , my point is, by the time you finish the game (and i mean 100% completion, plus MP mode) you will not even want the DLC

now as you can see, there is really no BEST console for GTA4, both consoles offers the best of the best (and i really dont like the 360) so stop having things like this, either way the money is going to R* so the can make be happy, pick up the game at the midnight release and play!!!

Fallen_Angel3421d ago

Wow its amazing how many idioit ps3 fanboys are posting rants without even reading it.

Anyways what makes gta4 better for me is being able to play with my friends

littletad3421d ago

If that's the case, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, should be on Nintendo. Get over yourself fanboy.

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Spike473421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )


Custom soundtracks do not make a difference in which version is better, neither do achievements since most of us will be busy trying to beat the game and explore.

xbox Live? It's all about preference, want a good online service for free? PSN

Want to pay 50 dollars a year for service with lots of lag but nice features? Xbox Live.

I really don't think that th online service matters much, as long as it's good.

Exclusive content that comes out months after GTA4 and that you have to pay for does not make one version better than the other. Because some people don't want to buy exclusive content.

**As a Ps3 owner, I have to save up for MGs4 right after Gta4, xbox360 oners can't say the same, :P **

crck3421d ago

Like if you aren't a Gold Live subscriber you only get half a game for $60 and the fact that the dlc will cost $. They make it sound like its a free bonus. lol

consolewar3421d ago

"As a Ps3 owner" yeah like you have an option. Like it or not the 360 one is superior. Nice try tho....

tgh machines3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

good point

wow4u3421d ago


Having the option of getting the Exclusive Expansions is better than NO OPTIONS.

Having the option of custom soundtracks is better than than NO OPTIONS.

What colour is the sky in your world N4G?

Adamalicious3421d ago

I agree. All 4 of these reasons = Fail.

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fenderputty3421d ago

besides the content has to do with the network. What's going to happen when Home gets released?

Granted ... we have no freaking clue when that will be but, 3 of those 4 reasons it will be better are banking on Home never coming to fruition.

INehalemEXI3421d ago

Well that leaked spreadsheet said Home would be in july. Since its been reliable on dates of other things that are on the list. I would think of that as a clue.

wow4u3421d ago

What happens when home gets released?

Will you be able to send messages across all games?
Will you be able to send game invites across all games?
Will you be able to send messages from *inside* your game to a PC?

Home is not the answer to the lack of in-game features that the Guide provides.

Home != Guide. Home == Second Life.

fenderputty3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

it does not equal Second Life. There's a lot more functionality to Home then you give credit. I can't decide if it's that you haven't done any research or if it's that you're blinded by your own Bias. I have a feeling it's a combination of both.

Ingame messaging is coming. We know this as Sony has stated it. It will work with Home.

You'll be able to launch into games from Home. Certain games will have features in Home that LIVE doesn't offer. Warhawk is going to have a war-room where your clan can meet and plan attacks using a scale map and figurines. RFOM and other games are creating their own creative ways to use Home as well. There's more but I'm not going to do everything for you.

SeanScythe3421d ago

1. The only thing better is the DLC and that is for only the really hardcore players.

2. No one knows if the PS3 will have in-game messaging yet. Many new games have this feture already, I find it hard to belive R* isn't adding this aswell.

3. The PS controller is much better for this game just like all the past GTA games.

4. PS3 online is free and we don't know if the game has entitlements for PS3 yet.

gamesR4fun3421d ago

actually RS already confirmed tons of entitlements for gta4 on home pretty solid chance sony will b releasing home this month just to tap some of that good stuff.

wow4u3421d ago

You're out too lunch man.

1. The only thing better is the DLC.
There, I fixed it for you.

2. No one knows if the PS3 will have in-game messaging yet.
Messaging, Game Invites and Friends managment on Xbox 360 is GAME AGNOSTIC. You can send all those things across all titles.

3. The PS controller is much better for this game.
What? The Xbox 360 controller is built for 3D games like this. The PS3 controller is not. That's the purpose of off-setting the thumb-sticks. The Xbox 360 controller permits your hands to remain in a natural position, and reduce movement to play (look and move) 3D games.

4. PS3 online is free and we don't know if the game has entitlements for PS3 yet.
The Xbox 360 *will* have Achievements. Big deal, half ass service for free isnt worth saving $50 a year, thanks.

You == epic fail.

Daishi3421d ago

N4user1, you have to realize that 14cents a day for Live can break the piggy bank for some people...

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