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Sony Still Has A Lot to Prove

Since the unveiling of the Playstation 4 in February Sony has been riding on a wave of positive consumer reaction that is in stark contrast to where they were just six years ago. E3 and the subsequent opening of the flood gates of preorders have bolstered that into something more tangible. Sony is poised to sell a lot of Playstation 4′s this holiday and it knows it. While their hard work and smart approach should be commended we should not put them on a pedestal just yet. Sony still has a lot to prove. (PS4, Sony)

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1lawrence  +   778d ago
Your website still has a lot to prove
MizTv  +   778d ago
I'm very happy with them
And have been for years
abzdine  +   778d ago
PS3 had a lot to prove and it ended doing that.. PS4 is no exception!! You want games, Sony studios will lead the way!
PositiveEmotions  +   778d ago
They already proofed allot with epic announcements but yes i agree it still has more to proof.
theWB27  +   778d ago
I'm not usually a stickler for grammar, but wholy lord that's terrible stuff.

"They already proved a lot with epic announcements, but yes I agree it still has more to prove." Lol....

OT- Microsoft always spends a ton on ads. Sony struck gold this gen with their Kevin Butler campaign. We will be seeing Xbox ads any and everywhere come launch. Movie theaters...game stores...promotions...viral and such.

I too wonder how much Sony will spend. They have the early adopters ear...what happens when the systems get into the wild and the casual market gets fed?
PositiveEmotions  +   778d ago
English isnt my first language.

OT: why does that matter if xbox has advertisements? Its not stopping sony from succeeding.
theWB27  +   778d ago
I didn't say it would stop Sony. The right ad can sway quite a few people to buy a product. Microsoft spends a lot of money on ads....that's all.
Xsilvermist  +   778d ago
I call bullshit no ad has given me the urge to buy something but i do like funny ads those make me watch it over and over with skipping.
theWB27  +   778d ago

I guess you have spoken. Despite ads being everywhere...they do nothing at all. What was I thinking this whole time. -_-
theWB27  +   778d ago
I guess you have spoken. Despite ads being everywhere...they do nothing at all. What was I thinking this whole time. -_-
christocolus  +   778d ago
Clarence  +   778d ago
The only company to have two consoles that have sold over a 100m. The third console is at 81m 7yrs in. Then the announcement of the PS4, which is more powerful yet it's cheaper. Great 1st party support as well as 3rd party support.

Hell Sony competitor now using bluray.

I don't think they have anything else to prove.
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Gman0173   778d ago | Spam
CGI-Quality  +   778d ago
Well put. But, anytime one competitor is down, articles like these still find their place. All Sony needs to do is balance Gamescom with a flood of PS4 info. Otherwise, they've proven that a lot has changed since 2006, for the better!
Williamson  +   778d ago
Maybe to some people but not to me, they showed me that they have a lot of talented studios that can put out amazing games. Also they haven't done anything with the ps4 to scare me away, in fact this will be the first console I buy at launch.
zombie-fun544  +   778d ago
we just need more games like the last of us
RememberThe357  +   778d ago
We just need more women like Jessica Biel.

Somestimes you just have to accept the rarity of greatnerss.
Rhinoceros  +   778d ago
Things can't be great just by comparison to a competitors early failed business model. More games, more innovation, and a richer UI plz
rainslacker  +   778d ago
Sony was riding pretty high after their reveal, before anyone knew anything concrete on the X1. They've been able to ride higher with all of MS missteps, but people are giving Sony their props based on how well they've done for 3 generations now. Each generation delivering more than the last.

Sony has nothing to prove to me. The last time I was skeptical of them was early PS3 days, but they didn't disappoint in the end. I think it's fair to be excited based on my prior three experiences with their consoles, and 1 more on the PSP.
Rhinoceros  +   778d ago
What about Vita and Move?
rainslacker  +   777d ago
I have a Vita, and I love it. From most accounts I've seen everyone that has one loves it. Sony supports it, and it has plenty of games and nifty features that I use almost daily. I am far from disappointed in the Vita. Quite the opposite really.

Never cared about move. But Sony didn't go around touting it as the next huge evolution in video gaming, nor requiring it to be included to turn on the system.

Despite what most people on here may think, Move has quite a bit of support for it's target market. Even Kinect has a lot of stuff for that same market. Difference is, MS dropped support for the market that we reside in to focus on that market. That market is family or casuals who want an inclusive way to play games. No different than the Wii.

So, because of this, Sony still has nothing to prove. For the stuff I care about from them, they have delivered time and again.
Kakashi Hatake  +   778d ago
PS1 and 2 dominated its competition by outselling it by at least 4 times. PS3 had every disadvantage you could think of coming out of the gate,basically handed the generation to 360 on a silver platter. $600, difficult architecture,slow drive speed, bare bones online (starting out), no rumble, bad press, bad ports, etc. Despite that, PS3 still tied its closest competitor and made PS3 the best console to own this gen pumping out great exclusive after great exclusive. Yet, Sony has something to prove? Someone must live in a alternative universe where 360 sold 120 mil and PS3 sold 40 mil. Xbots need to understand that the PlayStation brand is bigger than the Xbox worldwide. The only reason 360 was so successful was becasue Sony dropped the ball on a lot of things regarding PS3 early on. Sony has a bigger variety of exclusives and takes more risks, thats why they will always be above Microsoft.
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buynit  +   778d ago
To be fair xbox had to get through dropping all support, the rrod came a lont too. Ms didnt have it so easy either then they had to compete against the momentum the ps2 left...

I agree that in the end sony won technicaly, but in reality ms took a huge chunk of market share in 1 console generation. Imo ms had next gen set up nicely but fvcked up royaly! I have no idea wth ms was thinking with all that drm talk...

However im over it and ready to buy one cause to be honest i had no problem with kinect, all ms had to do was reveal it with the way it is today and announce killer instinct and they had me sold even at the price it is..

I was ps4 all the way but now i will own both and the wiiu..
Kingthrash360  +   778d ago
lol if sony still has a lot to prove...I wonder how much ms has to prove...it has yet to beat sony in (gaming console) total worldwide sales...on a ps4 perspective yeah it does xb1 much more and the wiiu even more than x1....article should've said the GENERATION still has much to prove.....also the article is a year or two young it should come out after the consoles, you cant really see what stands or whos successful or what works and whats coming up until we actually have the consoles...smh
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xKugo  +   778d ago
This guy makes some great points but I honestly don't think KH3 was going to be exclusive from the start(FFXV was but it switched). The developers making them aren't owned by Sony, so I think they made a wise decision by choosing to go multi-plat which would undoubtedly bring in more money for them.

However, closing down those 3 studios is rather odd and the speculation as to why could very well be true. And advertising budget...completely forgot about this one. This is a MAJOR factor between the two companies and to be quiet honest, Sony can't afford to go head-to-head with Microsoft in a marketing campaign if Xbox really decides to put out mass money. So yea...very good article. Well worth the read.
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christrules0041  +   778d ago
Sony's TV/audio division lost 897 million USD last year, the PS went about even but there music studios/columbia pictures made 1.5 billion. They sold those studios so that they could get back into the TV market. Those 4k tvs aren't cheap to make and they had to research how to make them and that takes a lot of money.

Right now Sonys big competition is Panasonic and Samsung and that is what those studios where closed down for. Microsoft is a competitor but when you have huge losses like the TV/audio did last year they will be looking to turn that around.
stuna1  +   778d ago
The only thing Sony need to prove to me is that the PS4 will look as good in my hands, as it looks in my mind!
Ketzicorn  +   778d ago
Don't both consoles still have a lot to prove considering they haven't came out yet?
CEOSteveBallmer  +   778d ago
sony has a lot to prove? with 18 years in the gaming business and a lot of established games you still question that? if that's the case then MS will have "tons" to prove why their system is a must buy.
RyanShutup  +   778d ago
*If (as the article states) there was a possibility that the Kinect 2 was going to do anything to bolster gaming experiences or change the face of gameplay as we know it we would have seen at least ONE example from Microsoft by now. So far... nothing. I wouldn't hold my breath.
Belking  +   778d ago
Another worthless article posted. Classy.
StinKyNuGz  +   778d ago
Ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 proof enough great games and they don't ever drop support on old systems like other guys
corvusmd  +   778d ago
Fanboys are gonna hate me, but Sony has EVERYTHING to prove. All they have proven so far is that by sitting in the shadows they are winning the PR campaign. At E3 MS set up a t-ball stand for them, and all Sony had to do is say that they AREN't doing that. Since then, Sony has done little to nothing....MS has worked feverishly to fix it's issues, and is actually there now (but more customer pay back would be awesome).

Sony claimed to have the most and best exclusives, yet most exclusives so far are either indie games like octadad, kid games like knack, or rehashed 1st party games that have been stale for the last 5 years. The ONE breath of fresh air in the AAA title exclusive is the Order, however now that it's been announced its a linear game and not an open-world RPG...it looks less and less impressive.

Sony claims on paper to be a more powerful system...something that PS fanboys love to throw around all day. Yet, when they say that, they pick and choose which parts to mention, and conveniently forget the parts where they lose (I.e. dedicated sound card that uses NO RAM, no esram, no use of Direct X 11.1/2 to greatly improve the efficiency of graphical rendering...hence why DICE said BF4 will look better on systems using DX 11.1 like XB1 and windows). Fanboys want to focus ONLY on the GPU/RAM and forget to mention that because of the PS4 architecture it HAS to be faster to compete, and that XB1 does NOT need the same stats. The biggest proof is when you actually see games ON CONSOLE playing. SO far XB1 looks just as good if not better, and more consistently runs at 60fps. Even if you don't want to believe that...PS4 does NOT look 30-40% better, like most fanboys want to claim. Both systems max out our TVs, so this point is mute anyway. Once again Sony paper specs do not translate to screen. Fanboys also seem to forget that for ANY of those stats to matter on screen so that you notice a difference, the PS4 would have to continually run at MAX capacity on the RAM and GPU 100% of the time.

Sony claims to have upgraded their net to be the fastest in the world, yet it's so utterly crushed by the new XBL that comparing side by side is laughable (comparing current XBL to Gaikai is actually laughable).

Sony claims to be the "gamer" console because it did less in the way of outside entertainment...now they are playing catch up and claiming victories with the viacom signing....which only puts them slightly behind current XBL that already does the exact same thing with Xfinity,Verizon Vios, MTV, ESPN, Disney, etc etc...

The bottom line is Sony really hasn't PROVEN anything, they have just decided to sit back and let fanboys do all their PR work for them so they can sit back and deny anything that's false...but they never come out and address these things, and they don't come out and admit when they are wrong. PR-wise it's smart...limit the bad news, and let others push good news even if it's not true (remember when PS4 only used 1gb for the OS?). The difference is MS is actually being honest and upfront, and getting hit for it. If Sony doesn't come out swinging next week, I'd say they have nothing...now that MS is gaining more momentum, they need to crush their spine if they can....if they don't then they really have nothing left.
Vitalogy  +   778d ago
@corvusmd "Since then, Sony has done little to nothing....MS has worked feverishly to fix it's issues" I stopped reading your comment right there.

MS didn't had to fix anything if they haven't fucked up in the first place, and have they fixed really? Because you know, the same way they can take stuff back with a patch, they can also put it back in, just saying.

And you blame Sony for not wanting to screw their gamers saying "and all Sony had to do is say that they AREN't doing that." Umm... duh! Why would they do shitty things like ms did?

Silence is gold, you would be rich.
corvusmd  +   778d ago
Why do Sony fanboys ALWAYS say this? "I stopped reading right there" is THIS the reason that you all seem so uninformed, and only make decisions based on what you make up in your head instead of facts? How about you step back, take a look at the bigger picture and make a decision based on actual facts. It does seriously seem like the lower the IQ the more teraflops you need.
corvusmd  +   778d ago
haha look at all the fanboys getting mad at me for telling it like it is...truth hurts huh? Don't worry, I'm taking off, I'm out of bubbles now so I won't come back to this convo...I have video games to play.
christrules0041  +   778d ago
I almost sh!t myself when you put, "yet most exclusives so far are either indie games like octadad".

There is 1 issue with this statement. It may be a console exclusive but when Shu Yoshida said, "Sony Worldwide Studios has 30 games in development and 20 to drop in the first year". The Sony Worldwide Studios means first party developers or a developer that is in collaboration. (IE: Ready at Dawns - The Order: 1886)

The reason why Ready at Dawn is in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica is because they have when they were on there PSP GOW titles so they decided that they are going to continue to. Indie developers are already used to the X86 with PCs so it wouldn't make any sense for them to collaborate to get there game running on the PS4.

There is also the fact that Indie developers can self publish. To get someone else to publish for you you have to pay them so it cuts into there profits. It literally makes no sense for them to just throw money at Sony like that. Why do you think Indie developers were mad at Microsoft when Sony announced self publishing and Microsoft didn't?

At E3 non of those 8 Indie games that were being played on stage were in collaboration with Sony's studios.
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Belking  +   778d ago
Sony is gonna have their hands full dealing with MS this gen too. It doesn't help that they have vita out there weighing them down too. Next gen will be just like this one. It's gonna come down to the games and services. MS already had the edge in services and now they have strengthen their games. Plus they have the advantage of cloud computing to go with that. They already have a strong lineup coming out the gate. The only thing sony has over them is a price advantage but MS can easily drop the price but they really don't have to right now until they feel the need to. Sony does have a tough road ahead of them to win back the market share they lost, plus they are continuing to lose ground to nintendo in the hand held market.

They will do better than they did with PS3 but it's gonna be tough. Their console has no advantages like they had last time. MS has BR now and xb1 seems to be plenty powerful as their games arguably are looking better right now. It's gonna be a great gen.
Good_news_every1   778d ago | Spam
Xsilvermist  +   778d ago
Sony has proved themselves for years now it has something to prove please they still made the best selling console ever, made some of the most amazing and groundbreaking games to date now i think this company has proved itself and with PS4 they are sure to leave a mark once again.
memots  +   778d ago

Ps1 is a homerun , console becomes mainstream.

Ps2 is best selling console ever , push dvd format.

Ps3 in 7 year is at about 80m console sold and is still getting better. push Blu-ray format. ( could potentially beat ps2 sales in a couple more years )

Ps4 is coming out as the more powerful console, cheaper, easy to develop and only positive press and developer praise.

What are they supposed to be proving again... ?
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hemmo1986  +   778d ago
Ah piss off. Sony has been around since the 32bit era.

They dont have to prove themselves they already have.
Sadist3  +   778d ago
PS3 really had potential, but collected dust on my tv stand. Literally collected dust. The main reason, the controller sucked. The operating system sucked. The online was horrible. That's why every multi platform game was for my Xbox 360. I could easily chat with friends, the controller felt comfortable, and for all the power the PS3 boasted about having superior specs, it really didn't show. In fact, a lot of the 360 games looked better. So am I to believe this process won't repeat itself? The only thing that is a fact is the controller is different. Supposedly better. But the operating system still hasn't been seen. And the supposed superior specs, please I'm not concerned what's on paper. What's on paper usually never translated into real life features. And that's a fact. That's something I'll have to wait and see, but from the look of the games on both systems from E3, it sure doesnt seem like the PS4 is too graphically superior. And despite all these excuses people are using like "wait 3 years down the line to see the difference" and "look at how The Last of Us looks" I'm sorry but The Last of Us was one of the last games to be released before the PS4. So basically people are saying I should wait until before the PS5 is released to see the full power of the PS4? Sorry, where I come from facts are from what we can see, not speculation. And so far I haven't seen how superior the PS4 is to the X1. So until I start seeing actual games looking superior on the PS4 than on the X1, I'm going to purchase both and treat them the same. Just my multiplats will be on the X1 because I like the controller and online capabilities.
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rainslacker  +   778d ago
Picture two scenarios in your head.

Let's take any particular issue you have above and apply it like it's relevant to the next gen.

For the next part of this scenario, we're going to have a major Neilson moment and ask the company a serious question that is burning on the minds of the gamer.

Scenario 1:

Interviewer to Sony: What is your stance on this topic that everyone hates.

Sony: "Have you seen the games"

In the minds of it's users. They think to Uncharted, LoU, GOW, GT5, or any number of amazing Sony exclusives over the last two decades.(Side note: Sony then goes on to answer the question in a respectful way that doesn't belittle it's fans).

Scenario 2:

Interview to MS: What is your stance on this topic that everyone hates?

MS: "Have you seen the games?"

In everyone's mind(that is at least rational): What games? I haven't seen many games that interest me from your 1st party studios in the last few years. You pretty much abandoned this gen for next. What have you done for me lately MS?

That's the difference between Sony and MS. Sony fans sit there knowing what Sony delivers. MS fans sit there wondering what MS has to deliver, and if they'll keep delivering it.
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KwietStorm  +   778d ago
Yup. Gotta prove to me why I should keep my monies in my wallet.
Indo  +   778d ago
5 hours from now... -Microsoft Still Has a lot to Prove-
hemmo1986  +   778d ago
Jeewiz write an essay kid.

People who slag the playstation brand are either young kids who never got to experience ps1 era or old disgruntled nintendo fans who switched to xbox when nintendo started going to shit after the 32bit era and couldnt bring themselves to like playstation
rainslacker  +   778d ago
I doubt it's those disgruntled Nintendo fans. They're all grown up now and likely have more important things in their lives than to hold a grudge against a game machine.
hemmo1986  +   778d ago
Sure the ps3 has been sonys weakest entry but its still a kickass system or has been.
JunioRS101  +   778d ago
So this article basically says that Sony hasn't supported the Vita... *yawn*

If you're at home, and own a PS4, then you'll have PLENTY of games to play on your vita, along with the vita games you'll be able to play on the go as well.

People are really underestimating the Remote Play feature.
christrules0041  +   778d ago
And if you get PS+ you get free games for the PS4 and the Vita. I'm going to buy PS4 games mainly and if there is a free Vita game I'm interested in I'll download it. Having PS4 games and free Vita games on the go. Can't beat that.
rainslacker  +   778d ago
What's funny is that Sony actually does support the Vita. They just aren't really marketing it that well. The Vita is 18 months released now, and there are quite a few great 1st party games on it, among other exclusive support from 3rd party. People disregard the Vita, so they don't really know what's on it.

I understand if none of those games appeal to a person, but that is a far cry from there being no games on the system. Lots of misinformation going around with that line.
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JunioRS101  +   778d ago
I have to agree with you!

I was in Best Buy the other day, looking at the Vita and playing around with it for the first time ever, and I remember thinking as I looked around the games:

"Wow, I'd like to play that! And that, and that..."
Evil_Ryu  +   778d ago
playstation proved themselves in 94 when they launched the playstation one...and this is coming from a xbox guy
ghostrider32  +   778d ago
Gaming journalists need to stop popping those mollies.
thetruthx1  +   778d ago
Now that Microsoft is ironing out their wrinkles Sony should be very afraid. Microsoft is spending tons on exclusives and expanding their 1st party studios

The supposed greater power isn't showing and once the systems are out people will forget about reversals and the focus shifts to games Microsoft has the advantage so far

Now that most of the wreckage is gone Ms can just focus on showing the new projects their teams have been working on
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