Sony Still Has A Lot to Prove

Since the unveiling of the Playstation 4 in February Sony has been riding on a wave of positive consumer reaction that is in stark contrast to where they were just six years ago. E3 and the subsequent opening of the flood gates of preorders have bolstered that into something more tangible. Sony is poised to sell a lot of Playstation 4′s this holiday and it knows it. While their hard work and smart approach should be commended we should not put them on a pedestal just yet. Sony still has a lot to prove.

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1lawrence1618d ago

Your website still has a lot to prove

MizTv1618d ago

I'm very happy with them
And have been for years

abzdine1618d ago

PS3 had a lot to prove and it ended doing that.. PS4 is no exception!! You want games, Sony studios will lead the way!

PositiveEmotions1618d ago

They already proofed allot with epic announcements but yes i agree it still has more to proof.

theWB271618d ago

I'm not usually a stickler for grammar, but wholy lord that's terrible stuff.

"They already proved a lot with epic announcements, but yes I agree it still has more to prove." Lol....

OT- Microsoft always spends a ton on ads. Sony struck gold this gen with their Kevin Butler campaign. We will be seeing Xbox ads any and everywhere come launch. Movie stores...promotions...viral and such.

I too wonder how much Sony will spend. They have the early adopters ear...what happens when the systems get into the wild and the casual market gets fed?

PositiveEmotions1618d ago

English isnt my first language.

OT: why does that matter if xbox has advertisements? Its not stopping sony from succeeding.

theWB271618d ago

I didn't say it would stop Sony. The right ad can sway quite a few people to buy a product. Microsoft spends a lot of money on ads....that's all.

Xsilvermist1618d ago

I call bullshit no ad has given me the urge to buy something but i do like funny ads those make me watch it over and over with skipping.

theWB271618d ago


I guess you have spoken. Despite ads being everywhere...they do nothing at all. What was I thinking this whole time. -_-

theWB271618d ago

I guess you have spoken. Despite ads being everywhere...they do nothing at all. What was I thinking this whole time. -_-

Clarence1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

The only company to have two consoles that have sold over a 100m. The third console is at 81m 7yrs in. Then the announcement of the PS4, which is more powerful yet it's cheaper. Great 1st party support as well as 3rd party support.

Hell Sony competitor now using bluray.

I don't think they have anything else to prove.

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CGI-Quality1618d ago

Well put. But, anytime one competitor is down, articles like these still find their place. All Sony needs to do is balance Gamescom with a flood of PS4 info. Otherwise, they've proven that a lot has changed since 2006, for the better!

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