Which PS3 or PS Vita Announcement at gamescom 2013 do You Want the Most?

Finishing up our Ask PSLS double feature that was started yesterday with the PS4, the PSLS staff was asked: Which PS3 or PS Vita Announcement at gamescom 2013 do You Want the Most?

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mafiahajeri1251d ago

Gta vita and getaway for the PS4 as well as shenmue ps4

bothebo1251d ago

GTA Vita will not happen anytime soon and your diluted to think so. Why would they make it for a system with an install base of 5.5 million when they will release another game with more features and content to a install base of over 150 million? Get realistic.

I would like to see some new IPs for the Vita as well as an inFamous or Last of Us spin off for it.

doctorstrange1251d ago

Hoe does one become diluted?

mafiahajeri1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

@doctorstrange Good catch. I was wondering also... umm like this? Just imagine Boethebo as storm and me as the guy that's diluted...

BitbyDeath1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

GTAV on PS4 will give you GTAV on Vita

1nsomniac1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

You forget that Rockstar still owe Sony a "Solid" as part of their contract, which was supposed to be Agent as that's why it was originally an exclusive.

Now that, that is multiplatform it opens it up to Rockstar owing Sony again & what sells a system more than a GTA game!?

Vita needs more sales, Rockstar owes Sony - Even porting GTAIV across would be an easy job & a win-win for both company's. I don't think it's as far fetched as you're making out.... But maybe i'm a little diluted...

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dcj05241251d ago

GRAVITY RUSH 2!!!!!!!!

CaptainSheep1251d ago

TLoU DLC news.
Any kind of new Persona game for Vita.
Gravity Rush 2.
Uncharted 4.

TrendyGamers1251d ago

I think The Last of Us DLC news is happening at PAX.

MizTv1251d ago

The last Guardian ps4???

capjacksparrow1251d ago

Nothing for PS3, maybe a price drop. I want Vita and PS4 info, I need to stop getting PS3 games because I have a huge backlog, they can't announce any damn more! I still need Puppeteer, Beyond, and Ratchet.

Wedge191251d ago

Games! I am a gamer, I want Vita games.

GreenRanger1251d ago

I want some western RPGs on the Vita. I don't expect any to be announced, though.

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