Listen to Nihon Falcom’s Band Performing Ys and Legend of Heroes Music

Nihon Falcom has a long history of creating some of the most relevant JRPGs in the industry, but what not many know is that they are the first company to have formed a professional band dedicated to performing video game music. That band’s name is Falcom Sound Team JDK.

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leahcim1584d ago

YS games are so kick ass!!

cannot wait Celceta for VITA.

Canary1584d ago

I cannot possibly agree with you more.

Celceta looks fantastic.

And isn't Falcom still working to get more of their games on Steam? I really hope they bring over Napishtim.

...And let's not forget the veritable horde of Legend of Heroes games we haven't gotten in the West yet, either.

rainslacker1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I used to love getting these guys CD's back in the TG-CD days. Darm Tower theme is probably my most favorite video game tracks of all time. One of the first CD games I ever played was Ys 1&2, and that song just blew me away coming from the Midi that was standard at the time.:)

I love how falcom releases these Ys remakes with both original and remixed tracks.

jujubee881584d ago

YS Celceta will be great! ^___^

jc485731584d ago

Falcom is one of those companies gamers need to pay more attention to.

3-4-51584d ago

This is actually really good. That Keytar player is awesome.