Refining Tactics – The Combat Of Dragon Age: Inquisition

GI:BioWare listens to their fans. When we visited the studio for the latest cover story, the development team made it clear that a lot of their audience enjoyed the more tactical approach to combat from Dragon Age: Origins. While BioWare wouldn't confirm the return of the tactical view from that game, creative director Mike Laidlaw and executive produce Mark Darrah are pushing for more strategic encounters in Inqusition. We spoke with Laidlaw and Darrah about their vision for the next iteration of combat in the series, and senior gameplay designer Josh Stiksma showed off some pre-alpha footage.

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cleft51713d ago

They really are being very careful not to over promise with this game, I am getting really excited for this and I hope more solid footage is shown at Gamescon. Would love to see some Witcher 3 gameplay as well shown there.

Doctoglethorpe1713d ago

I like how that guy they interview, an EA employee, has Steam pinned to his taskbar but not Origin. I agree.