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The Last of Us on Sale Now for $39.99, PS Vita $199.99 Sale Starts on Sunday in the US

As it stands, The Last of Us might just be the Game of the Year (and maybe Game of the Generation) so far, with equally impressive sales to back it up.
- PSLS (PS Vita, PS3, The Last Of Us)

TrendyGamers  +   381d ago
No reason to skip it now.
xHeavYx  +   381d ago
That picture is so funny
ajax17  +   380d ago
Unless you want to wait for the goty edition.
golding89  +   381d ago
Good news for those that want a vita.
ftwrthtx  +   381d ago
Now's the time if you already have your PS4 pre-ordered.
Boody-Bandit  +   381d ago
I have my PS4 pre ordered and paid for already but I'm still waiting to see if a PS4 / Vita bundle is offered at $499. If so I'm getting that bundle. 2 consoles for the price of ONE. No brainer for me. *fingers crossed*
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timl241  +   380d ago
To be honest, I am going to get an Xbox One. I do however have plans to get a PS4 at least a year after I get the Xbox. To be clear though, I am an avid MS supporter.

With that said, $200 for a Vita is a damn good price. Might just have to pick it up.
ssj27  +   381d ago
Mine! I'm going to ordered ..is a deal I was not in a hurry since I haven't even finish GOW A but at this price why not get it now :)

A questions! What do they mean via br? I don't mind going to frys but do I need a coupon to get it for $40?
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Williamson  +   381d ago
Great price for the vita! Nows a good time to grab one with all the great games already out and with Gamescom around the corner more games will be announced. Also the last of us for 39$....nothing more should be said.
Ripsta7th  +   381d ago
Did the simpsons make an episode TLOU style??? If so can anyone tell me da name of da episode
yoshiroaka  +   381d ago
Nah it was just fan art from a deviant art user.
I got excited for a minute there lol.

Ripsta7th  +   380d ago
Ohh alrite , thnx !! me too ;/
SilentNegotiator  +   380d ago
You can tell because Lisa's face isn't proportioned right. Seems to be a common mistake with the fanart.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   381d ago
hopefully sony announces a permanent price drop for vita. its a great device that needs to be in more peoples hands
MadMax  +   381d ago
That much of a price drop already? Usually that big of a price drop so soon, means a game is not very good. I know it got some great reviews, but ive noticed alot of people saying they were actually very bored with the game. I think Naughty Dog has alot of pull with some of these game review sites.

I really did not like TLOU. It was very slow, predictable and the gameplay was all the same and very repetitive to me. Glad i sold my copy when i did! Game was very overhyped. Great deal for a Vita though if you havent already picked one up!
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dcj0524  +   381d ago
No. It's been 2 months. Enough for a price drop. Naughty Dog games get reviewed by how good it is. No pull or pay-off shenanagins. Professional and unprofessional reviewers and gamers agree that the last of us is a great game.
MadMax  +   381d ago
Hmm, $20 price drop in 2 months? Theres plenty of games that barely drop $5 in that amount of time. Its a very repetitive and slow paced game to me, sorry. I spend a ton on games and have quite the collection.

This game was satisfactory at best to me. Graphics were outdated for one, so many jaggies and low res textures. Far from a perfect game. Very overrated and hyped is all.
Bhuahahaha  +   380d ago

well they already sold a lots of copy already
so putting the price down is really a good idea. people who doesnt buy yet well just go grab new instead of used copy.
Master-H  +   381d ago
"I think Naughty Dog has a lot of pull with some of these game review sites"

Are you F'ing kidding me ???????
MadMax  +   381d ago
Uh...NO!!! Are you kidding me? When youre as big of a company as Naughty Dog, you would be surprised! You wanna keep playing the same Uncharted game over and over? Be my guest! Haha
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Master-H  +   381d ago
What ? The Last of Us didn't feel like Uncharted , it was much slower paced, had survival and RPG and stealth elements.

And all Uncharted games felt unique to me and were awesome, especially the 2nd (a classic), i hate the nagging type of gamers like you, if they change the game you'd say it's nothing like it's predecessor and abandoned it's roots, if it sticks to what it does best and improves upon it with what lil ways possible its "the same game over and over again" , what do you wants them to do max ? add aliens like saints row ? lol if you don't enjoy uncharted don't buy it, i on the other hand love it.
However i still respect your opinion regarding the game quality but to your remarks about Naughty Dogs' integrity i say ...Max, you've clearly gone mad lol
BlaqMagiq24  +   380d ago
Wow what a stupid post. Cant even to explain how WRONG your comment is.
MadMax  +   379d ago
Duck, shoot, stealth kill, repeat this over and over again! Yea, real fun isnt it? Dont get me wrong, its not just TLOU. Games like this are a dime a dozen these days, and im getting sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over again with just a new coat of paint!

Game developers are running outta ideas, kinda like the movie industry these days! How is that stupid? Your reply is stupid. Let people have their opinion and mind your own business. Hopefully TLOU will be the last!!!
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BlaqMagiq24  +   379d ago
Last I checked you could do more than duck shoot and stealth kill. I dont know why youre comparing it to Uncharted when it doesnt even play like it. Oh and the story by the way is one of THE best ever told. So no I wont mind my business when I see ignorant posts such as yours.
MadMax  +   379d ago
So thats what makes a good game in your eyes, the story? Talk about ignorant! You sound like a real clueless kid. Get your head on right before you address someone next time.

It just kills you and probably makes you cry that someone is uninterested and finds a game boring, that you are drooling over! No one asked you, and you contribute nothing, so run along kid!
BlaqMagiq24  +   378d ago
Wow just wow. So now you're putting words in my mouth. When did I say JUST the story? If I recall I said you could do more than duck shoot and stealth kill. And I fail to see how this game is like Uncharted. The game takes strategy and patience which I'm guessing you lack if you find this game boring. Call of Duty is perfect for you in that case. Once again you make yet another idiotic post. Lucky that youre out of bubbles before you could make another one.
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GdaTyler  +   381d ago
I got mine for $169.99 with a 4GB memory card. You just have to look for these deals. Not disappointed with this purchase not to mention I'll be picking up Killzone later this year. :)
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kreate  +   381d ago
That's cuz ur a cag.
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   381d ago
he's commander of the air group?
GraveLord  +   381d ago
If you were on the edge with this game, its the perfect time to jump on it.
porkChop  +   380d ago
That's a great price for the Vita, if you're in the US and are interested you should pick it up right away.
level 360  +   380d ago
Would be great to see The Last of Us cartoon episode or even a game version take from the Simpsons.
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Shadow Man  +   380d ago
I'm glad I waited
thelaughingwiseman  +   380d ago
That's what I was waiting for... I'm cheap like the budgy
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