The Last of Us on Sale Now for $39.99, PS Vita $199.99 Sale Starts on Sunday in the US

As it stands, The Last of Us might just be the Game of the Year (and maybe Game of the Generation) so far, with equally impressive sales to back it up.

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xHeavYx1796d ago

That picture is so funny

ajax171796d ago

Unless you want to wait for the goty edition.

golding891797d ago

Good news for those that want a vita.

ftwrthtx1797d ago

Now's the time if you already have your PS4 pre-ordered.

Boody-Bandit1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I have my PS4 pre ordered and paid for already but I'm still waiting to see if a PS4 / Vita bundle is offered at $499. If so I'm getting that bundle. 2 consoles for the price of ONE. No brainer for me. *fingers crossed*

timl2411796d ago

To be honest, I am going to get an Xbox One. I do however have plans to get a PS4 at least a year after I get the Xbox. To be clear though, I am an avid MS supporter.

With that said, $200 for a Vita is a damn good price. Might just have to pick it up.

ssj271797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Mine! I'm going to ordered a deal I was not in a hurry since I haven't even finish GOW A but at this price why not get it now :)

A questions! What do they mean via br? I don't mind going to frys but do I need a coupon to get it for $40?

Williamson1797d ago

Great price for the vita! Nows a good time to grab one with all the great games already out and with Gamescom around the corner more games will be announced. Also the last of us for 39$....nothing more should be said.

Ripsta7th1797d ago

Did the simpsons make an episode TLOU style??? If so can anyone tell me da name of da episode

yoshiroaka1797d ago

Nah it was just fan art from a deviant art user.
I got excited for a minute there lol.

Ripsta7th1796d ago

Ohh alrite , thnx !! me too ;/

SilentNegotiator1796d ago

You can tell because Lisa's face isn't proportioned right. Seems to be a common mistake with the fanart.

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The story is too old to be commented.