Armor Perk WIll Slow You Down in Battlefield 4 MP

Gameranx: "Donning heavy armor will slow down your running speed in BF4's multiplayer."

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marloc_x1801d ago

This genre needs some good ole realism, good stuff!

Trunkz Jr1801d ago

It is perfect. If you remember in BC2 so many people used this and made the other pointless, at least now it has a downside to it.

MWong1801d ago

Oh now that sounds interesting. I wonder will all the perks come with little penalties like this? Like if you get the Ammo/Grenade Perk, will you also move slower. With the Sprint Perk you'll run faster but for short bursts, things like that.

BaronVonRhett1798d ago

actually it sprint is now sprint longer, not faster.

The_KELRaTH1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Some of my favourite BF features were in BF Special Forces and also BF 2142. Give me a Grappling hook,Zip line Perk, optical camouflage etc!!!

Indo1801d ago

Little things like that would make BF4 more realistic and balanced out.

FullMetalTech1801d ago

This sounds good. Its gonna make you think on when armor will be better used in a match.

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The story is too old to be commented.