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What's next? - Is force-feedback the missing link in motion gaming?

GamesRadar - Let's pretend your idea of the perfect hands-free, motion-controlled game is made in the next few years. Maybe it's a shooter that uses Kinect 2.0 and has a miraculously intelligent control scheme that somehow functions well without a gamepad (work with us here, use your imagination). Maybe it's a fantasy game in which you can imitate the motion of swinging a sword to chop monsters in half. Or, maybe it's just another one of those goofy minigames where you swat at soccer balls as they launch toward the camera. Regardless of the type of game that comes to mind, the very nature of how you play it means it'll have one seemingly harmless but significant flaw: a lack of force feedback. (Culture, Tech)

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Finch  +   368d ago
Kind of cool, but I have to say it still needs a lot of work. Needs to be smaller and unnoticeable.
edonus  +   368d ago
You have to start somewhere.
This is a ways off though. I say for now we just need to get people use to interacting in a motion sensing environment. There needs to be light tasks to get people familiar and then build on it up to advanced tasks.

A universal menu would be nice. Having to learn navigation for every game was not bad but it doesnt help the less coordinated get comfortable. It should actually work the other way around have everything work similar almost the same then once people are comfortable with that add more variations.
Godz Kastro  +   368d ago
Wow... I dint think this was possible.
hazelamy  +   368d ago
looks interesting, but you can't really know what it will be like from just a video.

something like this, you'd have to feel for yourself to really know.
Conzul  +   368d ago
Why is all this stuff 3D-printed?

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