Microsoft Corporation Makes Yet Another Xbox One Blunder

Is Microsoft trying to sabotage its own console? The announcement that the company is scrapping eight countries from the Xbox One launch date – along with its other Xbox missteps – might make you think it was.

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andreasx1740d ago

This is gonna loose MSFT a huge amount of customers, even devs are getting upset with them.

cleft51740d ago

It is, but I do feel sorry for the people in those countries that where eagerly anticipating the console. The Xbox One isn't for me, but I know a lot of folks liked the Microsoft exclusive games and I feel bad for them that they either will have to figure out some sort of import solution or wait a decent amount of time for the 2014 release.

tokugawa1740d ago

hold on, has mariahelfutura changed "its" name to nature of logice by chance?????

ginsunuva1740d ago

There are people out there eagerly anticipating this thing?

TekoIie1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

If you want one you can import from another country thanks to the removal of region locking.

So its a bit more inconvenient but not impossible to get your hands on one :)

JokesOnYou1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I think its still launching in more countries than 360 did.

If I were micro Id focus on bigger markets where they have more support too. Who cares if sony gets a "big" lead in a country that bought less than 1mil 360's last gen, its unfortunate for those fans but an early 2014 launch is hardly going to kill the hopes and dreams of all 5 people desperately waiting in Siberia.

btw how many countries are sony launching in?

Freedomland1739d ago


Here they are losing 75% of Europe and 100% Asia and you say it doesn't matter. Seriously mate.

JokesOnYou1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

lol, they are launching simultaneously in all the countries they did well in with the 360.

Those countries not part of the launch have not significantly contributed to total install base and even less to significant game sales.

Not 1 ps4 or X1 has been sold yet.

....but you say "Here they are losing 75% of Europe and 100% Asia"

-How do you know this? Doesnt that just means sony will have a headstart on install base basicly by diehards that are going to buy a ps4 over X1 anyway? with likely a few on the fence who can't wait?...diehards xbox fans will buy X1 whenever it launches. Longterm the vast majority of casuals are going decide later when both are avalilable. How can you lose a 100% in Asia before you launch? Wouldn't a significant portion of that same tiny percent actually bought a 360 buy an X1 whenever it launches= same tiny percent that you had, give or take a tinier percent.

lmfao, Please show me where you got your numbers???

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jackanderson19851740d ago

i doubt it'll cost them a huge amount of customers as currently over 52mil of their 78mil sales of the 360 come from North America and the UK.. i can see maybe at most 1 or 2 mil customers being affected if they were changing from 360 to x1 and even then i doubt all of them will go oh no slight delay screw this.

Sony also hasn't mentioned which countries it's launching in so these ones could also be skipped over by Sony

jimsas1740d ago

Finally Someone talking sense ....

gaffyh1740d ago

They shouldn't have announced it in the first place if they weren't going to be able to deliver. It shows that they were trying to cram any announcement they could into E3 as possible in order to undo the damage they did at their reveal. It is also very bad for the company's image, it's the equivalent of telling someone they're hired, only to call them the next day and say they didn't get a job.

devwan1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

@jackanderson1985 "Sony also hasn't mentioned which countries it's launching in so these ones could also be skipped over by Sony"

All you need to do is go to Sony Europe's version of their PS4 site in each of the regions and see if you can pre-order the machine for 2013, then you'll have some kind of picture of where it will be launched (I've done this). Of course it's no guarantee, but a good indicator I believe.

Countries like Portugal and Luxembourg that weren't even on microsoft's original 21-country list allow pre-orders for 2013.

Others such as Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia and Greece only have info and links to YouTube etc., so it's unlikely these countries will be 2013, but not impossible (maybe they just don't have a suitable infrastructure to offer it for these places or they are not seen as places where pre-orders are the done thing).

But then, even some smaller countries such as Croatia are reported to be allowing 2013 pre-orders in local currency through the usual official distributors, so a 2013 launch may be even more widespread than my searches have suggested, and then whether these are all due on the same day in October/November is doubtful, but some time pre-holidays more likely.

Also, India, South Africa and UAE versions of Sony ps4 site also only link to information, not a pre-order option.

ShwankyShpanky1740d ago

No, they'll lose a chunk of those US/UK sales because the PS4 is coming out first there as well. Might not be a big chunk, but a chunk nonetheless. (and yes, there are US/UK 360 buyers that were so put off my MS's actions over the past few months that they'll be going PS4 regardless)

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Mystogan1740d ago

I am curious to know how many countries the PS4 is going to launch in. People are already criticizing Microsoft for this yet we don't even know about the PS4 launch markets.

andreasx1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

The reason MSFT had to delay the xbone is because they were caught with their pants down by sony with the februar reveal and holiday launch. MSFT started developing the xbone in 2010, while sony started back in 2008. To put it simple, sony had the element of surprise and MSFT has to rush the xbone out of the gate to even compete with sony. They simply aren't ready to release this year.

n4rc1740d ago

There isn't really one fact supporting your statement..

Microsoft is using custom hardware while Sony is off the shelf parts.. It would be the other way around if ms was rushed into releasing it before they wanted

DevilishSix1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

n4rc you are WRONG and andreasx is RIGHT. It is well documented around web Sony had a couple year head start. Next time n4rc don't open your mouth when you don't know what your talking about.

PS4 development started in early 2008 per M. Cerny.

X1 started development in late 2010.

Mystogan1739d ago

Xbox one development started waay before 2010. I think just a few years after the 360.

The DESIGN started in 2010. get your facts straight.

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HAL_Kn0wZbest1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Folks should have worried why they had 8 more than 13 in the first place. That would have been the most so far compared to Xbox 360 and PS3's launched markets, 13 is still more than this Generation.

So if anything as long as those 13 consists of the strongest markets there isn't any worries. It's only a big deal for those who want to use this as an argument point, when it's a moot point either way.

Nocando1740d ago

It's "lose", not "loose". Tired of seeing that from others as well.

Psn8001740d ago

Not at all really all the major gaming countries are getting release dates in 2013 like N,America & the Uk .

BallsEye1739d ago

What are you talking about? Devs are now extremely happy, especially indie ones since MS give access to anyone to dev tools and every xbox one can be used as dev kit. About console not releasing in other countries OFFICIALLY devs couldn't care less. Why? I remember very well times when 360 was released only in few countries in europe but on release date you could get in ANYWHERE at basicly same price because shop owners import them before the release date (they can do that as re-sellers). Trust me you'll be able to get it anywhere.

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Belking1740d ago is that a blunder. xbox360 had the same type of launch. As a matter of fact xbox360 has the record of launching in 36 countries it's first year. No other console has done that. All these n4g troll articles are just hilarious. Stay classy now.

avengers19781740d ago

How does the 360 launch help the XB1... So they made it to 36 countries then, this time around its 13, pretty big drop off

1740d ago
GribbleGrunger1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

They released in 36 countries with the 360 and now 13 countries with the X1. Doesn't that tell you something?

1740d ago
GribbleGrunger1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Don't reply to me, reply to the person spreading false information. All I'm guilty of is believing him on those numbers. My questioning of his logic would still stands though because he believed the numbers himself but never considered the implications.

Bigpappy1740d ago

Gribble you did play that well. But the fact is M$ is doing the right thing. Why send thousands of consoles to Japan so people can just spray disinfectant on them. All the while they are sold out in North America and U.K, with demand still very high. Not only that, these are the places where most of the 360 games are sold and would benefit from the features they included.

devwan1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

@Bigpappy "Why send thousands of consoles to Japan"

Sending consoles to Japan was never in their plans. The issue is the reasoning behind reducing a 21-country launch to a 13-country launch.

That could be manufacturing issues leading to less stock than anticipated, or it could be a decision to try to flood markets where they know they have a better chance to sell units, or it could be a combination of these and /or something else entirely.

JokesOnYou1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

"They released in 36 countries with the 360 and now 13 countries with the X1. Doesn't that tell you something?"

"Don't reply to me, reply to the person spreading false information. All I'm guilty of is believing him on those numbers." 

-lol, So you help spread false info but you are not part of the problem? I'm no moral police, we all make mistakes but your reaction is so convenient and comical considering how quick you were to join the negativity. You're responsible for your own comments, I get it you listened to his BS but when its proven false and you immediately point the finger instead flat out admitting YOU made a mistake and then maybe explaining why... so to use your line -Doesn't that tell us something about you?

GribbleGrunger1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Clearly you have a problem following logical thinking so I'll put it in a way you may understand:

Tom has 4 marbles in his left pocket and 4 marbles in his right pocket. How many marbles does he have?

If you answered 8 you are spreading false information because he lied, he had 2 marbles in his left pocket and 2 in his right pocket.

Who is in the wrong? The person who provided the false numbers or the person who answered based on the false numbers?

I'm sure even you will be able to understand that. I've always apologised when I've made a mistake and I've even bubbled people up when they put forward a good counter argument, regardless of which company they supported. This is not one of those situation.

JokesOnYou1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Problem with your analogy is nobody ASKED you how many countries they released in unlike a clear math QUESTION, lol nobody put you on the spot, asked you anything, NO you jumped into the conversation as if you knew his unsourced info was fact and then you went further by implying a negative impact on sales based on false information.

So the correct analogy is if I "heard" that your mom&pop local store was going out of business and you are filing for bankruptcy, and I without confirmation I spread this false info to everyone in town only to learn later its was not true. Given that I am just a local citizen and have no burden of responsibility its not illegal but it would certainly be unhelpful and unappreciated by you. What makes it worst is when you knock on my door and tell me to stop spreading false info about your business I just say "hey buddy its not my fault I just told people what I heard." *Notice I failed to say "I heard" to the people I pased the info to. *Also notice I point the finger again instead of saying, "my bad".

Now again I will say I've made similar mistakes, we all do, doesn't make us bad folks, just imo you handled it wrong after the fact but hey its the internet and I'm being a bit too serious. I prefer jokes.

GribbleGrunger1739d ago

Oh bloody hell. Ok, so I'll concede perhaps I did jump in too quickly and I definitely should have checked the facts. For making me feel humbled, I'll give you a reluctant bubble. And I'm sorry for patronising you.

Bubble (well said)

JokesOnYou1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Thankyou, I wasn't looking for any bubbles, but I appreciate it none the less, what's cool to me is that you simply acknowledge your mistake. No matter how much we may disagree on different gaming topics at the end of the day, as a guy who has been humbled plenty I really do respect that.

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HammadTheBeast1740d ago

Here's the thing.

Playstation is a much bigger brand than Xbox.

Xbox 360 was a great stroke of luck for MS. They had a whole year to themselves to get the majority of sales, and launch buyers. The had a much lower price throughout the Gen, and could afford to do price drops much more frequently.

Sony screwed up massively, and they payed for it.

But this time around, the tables have turned, and if you look at the signs, MS is doing the EXACT same things that Sega did to lose them market share.

Sure, MS has deeper pockets. But how much can they afford to spend on one division? Windows 8 isn't doing great, their mobile market has pretty much flopped, and Apple is kicking them hard.

GribbleGrunger1740d ago

Yep, MS have deep pockets but share holders have a firm grip of their wrist.

jackanderson19851740d ago

you're spot on about the PS being a bigger brand then the Xbox but i honestly believe MS have given up hope with Japan and Asia... they had abysmal sales there and it's pretty evident they're primping up the US market above all else (they made 45 of their 78mil sales their so understandable)

only thing i think you missed was their mobile market is oddly expanding ha they increased by .7% to leap over blackberry (not great but making headway in a market dominated by apple and android) although that Surface tablet was a bad move

Sitdown1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Ummm, I thought Sega's lost of market share was due to the 32x debacle, leading to the failed Sega Saturn with the quick release of the dreamcast that lacked 3rd party support especially from EA sports while Sony got everyone to drool over the ps2 (dvd drive included) . Did I miss something?

s8anicslayer1740d ago

They just should've waited to release the console until everything was ready to go. All the BS Microsoft was getting prior to the 180 forced them to change everything on the One. Microsoft is scrambling trying to get everything ready for the 13 launch markets by November and it shows that they're frantic, and I'm sure Steve Balmer is lighting fire under their asses and the whole Xbox camp is uneasy because of the stress and pressure. I don't know what the future holds for the Xbox one but it will be interesting to see how this upcoming generation plays itself out.

HiddenMission1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

You do realize that last gen is very different than the next gen.

1. Wii U is expected to sell an additional 5 to 6 million units this year with a lot of good software...this was not an issue last gen for the XBOX360.

2. The XBOXONE is not getting a year head start.

3. The XBOXONE is the most expensive console that will be on the market where as the XBOX360 was cheaper than the PS3.

4. The XBOXONE is launching at roughly the same time as the PS4.

5. Pre-Order numbers show that XBOXONE is between 3 and 8 times the number of units behind the PS4.

6. Consumers are still confused about what really is being offered with the XBOXONE but have a better idea of what they are getting with the PS4.

7. There will be more PS4's on shelves during the holidays than XBOXONE's and at a $100 cheaper price will get bought before the XBOXONE.

There are just some of the reasons that the XBOXONE and the XBOX360's launches are radically different. Launching in a lot less regions does matter because if you don't remember a lot of gamers picked up 360's because there was nothing new on the market for year...

Edit: Reply to jimsas
I'm sorry you can go to Amazon, Gamestop or any other site and look at the TOTAL pre-orders and figure the math for yourself. I won't be doing it for you lol.

Really you need a document to show you that consumers are confused about what the XBOXONE's called the web have you been on it lately...

I mean really you don't have to look far to see pre-orders are radically in PS4's favor and you go on an site with regular consumers or hell walk up to a parent who has kids and ask them what is the you $50 bucks they will say kinect and games...

jimsas1740d ago

Show me the stats that show the Xbox One is 3-8 times behind in Pre orders , is it 3 or is it 8 or is it a made up number in between.
Show me a document that states consumers are confused by what is being offered by Xbox one or is that one made up too...

Sitdown1740d ago

Show me proof of #6....with 4 months to go, a lot of people are clueless about both systems and what they are offering.

HiddenMission1740d ago


Here is an easy example Jessica Chobot who works in the press industry and even she is still confused about the may not like her but she is better educated than the casual consumer and that is what I'm talking about right here...

Watch the vid and you'll see the part...I'm not going to rewatch it just for you...or to prove a point.

Saddam_hussein1740d ago

Ya need a different hobby kid.

devwan1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

@jimsas Look at the chart at the bottom of my blog, figures are 2 weeks old but they're about the only pre-order stats anyone has to work with:

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gaelic_laoch1740d ago

Get outta here.......Really!!!!! LMAO

FlameHawk1740d ago

So they delayed the Xbox One in other markets so the 13 countries could get more Xbox One's while the other 8 get none until 2014? Awesome.

avengers19781740d ago

For America and the uk could get more, I don't think there giving more to any other country

1740d ago
JoySticksFTW1740d ago

I think MS' choice was to either downclock for better yield (that's if you believe it's really hardware issues as rumored), but couldn't due to ps4 specs. Or to put up with lower yield and the delays.

Can't say MS made the wrong choice here. It sucks but if they can avoid a RROD scenario, they'd better. It does give Sony an advantage though, and brings X1 hardware reliabity into question.