Twitch integration on PS4? Streaming service and Sony weigh in

When Microsoft revealed at E3 2013 that the ridiculously popular game broadcasting service Twitch will be integrated directly into the Xbox One, our first question was whether the PlayStation 4 might host the service as well at some point.

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FlameHawk1651d ago

So basically if Sony really wanted Twitch on PS4, all they would have to do is ask them?

theWB271651d ago

That's usually how business company approaches another and they go from there.

abzdine1651d ago

it's crazy how every PS4 news is very good news for future owners!

HAL_Kn0wZbest1651d ago

@ abzdine

Crazy and sad...but when it's other news they hop on it in a instance to prove anything otherwise against Sony's flaws.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1650d ago

Twitch announced for the X1... "who cares!"

Twitch announced possible for PS4... "ahhhh ya! can't wait!"

Godmars2901650d ago

Except when its MS, a "don't work with those guys, either forever or 'X' amount of time" seems to apply.

Not that Sony does the same, just that when they do it its not specific.

a_squirrel1650d ago

You serious? Look at the comments, like, so if sony just asked them they could get it, that's how business works, blah blah, good news for ps4 owners blah blah.

Don't be so blind.

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Christopher1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

I don't get what the "big" need for Twitch is if there's UStream already. The fact that at least one service from each is being used and will be available to the public online, isn't that good enough and giving options is just that, optional? Why is the article making this a big deal?

PlayStation_41650d ago

Twitch is primarily used for gaming while UStream isn't.

wishingW3L1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

because Twitch has way better community. Another thing is that Twitch it's so much easier to navigate because you can find streams based on the game you want to watch and stuff. UStream is simply a mess to navigate and to look for a good stream. On top of it for some reason most of the streamers are Japanese, so you can't even enjoy the chat nor understand what they are streaming.

JsonHenry1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Twitch has much better name recognition and is synonymous with game streaming. If both Ustream and Twitch were offered to the average gamer then I would be willing to bet the bank Twitch would win in a landslide.

However Ustream is a decent service and I don't think the PS4 will be hurt, nor the gamers, if the only option is Ustream.

KwietStorm1650d ago

Ustream is everything. Twitch is specifically gaming. YouTube is freaking YouTube. But for whatever reason, they went with ustream. As you said, options are great, and I'd like to have them. I would much sooner use YouTube or Twitch before Ustream.

-Alpha1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Ustream has been going on a steady decline, while has been rising in popularity.

I'm not sure if PS4 can turn that around for Ustream. As a gaming console, seems much more appropriate for Sony.

MS getting twitch is going to be a big deal to those who stream, so I hope Sony announces twitch support pretty soon. I was actually pretty shocked that they went with Ustream to begin with.

At least based on this site's comparisons:

Christopher1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

All I'm seeing here is people brainwashed into the way that wants people to be brainwashed.

Obviously because Twitch is geared towards gamers, UStream can't be with the PS4 implementation. And, obviously because UStream isn't geared towards gamers now, mean it never will be.

Forgo the whole subjective elements.

***Ustream has been going on a steady decline, while has been rising in popularity. ***

Everything I've heard has seen a steady status for UStream, not a decline.

2011: 60m viewers a month
2012: 75m viewers a month
2013: No signs of it being reduced, especially with major events always being more covered and watched on UStream than cable news.


I'm not saying UStream is the bee's knees, but there is nothing here that says it can't work as well for both considering the majority of twitch/ustream integration will be on the Xbox One and PS4, respectively. Considering videos on both will be tied to the game being played, I'm not sure either will see an issue with finding videos, subscribing to users, or anything of the like.

All I see is that is more focused on games only, whereas UStream is focused more broadly. To me, that doesn't justify a reason why one is better than another when it comes to console integration and quality of feeds.

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nosferatuzodd1650d ago

sony the fans say give us twitch

1651d ago
Ketzicorn1651d ago

I hope they announce at Gamescom what kind of support for Game Capture cards they will have.

Muerte24941651d ago

It would be the same way of trying to capture videos on the ps3. There are HDMI workarounds for it. I also believe that there's something about ps4 capture being unlimited. You Will have plenty of options for the PlayStation 4

stage881651d ago

The Twitch.TV owner already said he would like Twitch on all machines that can run it. It'll no doubt show up on PS4.

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