Microsoft Seems Unsettled With Xbox One

We are finally coming up to the next generation of consoles; we will have the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. When E3 came about and Microsoft leading up to it and during it was doing everything wrong. The problems seemed endless and on top of all of it they didn't seem to grasp the concept of what gamers wanted. Almost felt sorry for their ignorance. However, Microsoft just kept digging themselves deeper.

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PSVita1675d ago

Actually a fair and honest article.

Cmk01211675d ago

they had a clear vision, fans hated it they changed it to meet fans vision. Fanboys complain endless that changing to meet there wants is doing 180 thus here her are.

colonel1791675d ago

But that's the point. Just like the article said, what is Microsoft's vision for the Xbox One then? Right now they have a different product than what it was revealed. What people don't get is that Microsoft doesn't care about vision or the product or the consumers. They want the money. If the Wii U was selling like pancakes right now, they would have put a screen on the controller, or do something to counter that and do it too. Microsoft did all those 180 because they don't want Sony to have any advantage whatsoever with the PS4. Their product wasn't well received, so they preferred to make it as equal as possible to the competition.

abzdine1675d ago

worst console in history so far, shame that such a big corp makes so many mistakes in a very short time.

Rimeskeem1675d ago

im not sure if they changed policies because of fans or because of pre orders but either way they made the console better and I am thinking of buying it with my other consoles

creatchee1675d ago


"But that's the point. Just like the article said, what is Microsoft's vision for the Xbox One then?"

The vision has changed, albeit not the direction. What Microsoft originally going for was a uniform user base - everyone with a regular connection to the internet, everyone with Kinect, and everyone with their games installed onto their hard drives.

DRM/check-ins, always-connected Kinect, and an unclear trade-in system were the prices of these. These were the also the main complaints about the Xbox One after the reveal.

However, the vision of uniformity would have had many benefits. Developers could assume a near-constant internet connection and a 100% Kinect adoption rate and develop games accordingly, whether with cloud or persistent online aspects, and of course, Kinect functionality where appropriate. DRM/check-ins would have significantly cut down on piracy and "unauthorized" sharing, while allowing "authorized" sharing with the family plan, whatever it really was. The trade-in system would have allowed developers and publishers to be compensated for their intellectual property rather than JUST resellers.

The problem is that Microsoft's first 180 was not the DRM elimination - it was the Xbox One itself. The One in its original form, whether you loved it or hated it, was completely different than what every other console was before it. It wasnt just one big change or upgrade like most consoles are from their predecessors - it was a complete about face from what any of us were used to. And it scared a lot of us.

Game ownership, spying, connection issues, and a bunch of other things (whether justified as true problems or not) were right in the faces of people who had to decide whether they wanted it or not, or at least wanted to see what it was all about. Bottom line - the One was full of concepts dissident to what we as gamers had come to expect for a home gaming console. And we weren't ready to make such big changes or accept what Microsoft was telling us was their best presentation of the way a console works for the next generation.

As for now, I think that while they've made significant changes to their policies, they are still headed in the same direction as their original vision, albeit in a limited capacity. Kinect is still in every box (at the moment), but you don't have to hook it up. You have to connect to the internet at least once, which typically means that you do have internet available at least occasionally. The DRM is gone on disc-based games, but they've kept full game installs and have hinted at bringing back family sharing for digital games. So while there have been changes on requirements, you can still operate as the original Xbox One was intended to run for the most part.

Time will tell if they've made the right moves or not. However, they have given us no shortage of things to talk about, and we're now being informed at levels that some might consider overkill. All in all, we're back at where we began - we'll see how it turns out when it's released.

devwan1675d ago

@colonel197 "If the Wii U was selling like pancakes right now, they would have put a screen on the controller"

Had to laugh there, nicely put.

rainslacker1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


"The vision has changed, albeit not the direction. What Microsoft originally going for was a uniform user base - everyone with a regular connection to the internet, everyone with Kinect, and everyone with their games installed onto their hard drives."

Snipped the DRM stuff because we know the argument.

So the gist of this argument is that MS tried to be as non-inclusive as possible. They turned away users who didn't meet THEIR criteria. Isn't that kind of a ass-backwards way of releasing a gaming machine?

The reason Sony is so popular among so many different groups isn't just because they make some good's because they are extremely inclusive with their devices. Even with their $600 PS3, they put as many things as they could in there to include different markets and customers. Same with Nintendo. Their whole company line is centered around inclusion and they are liked by most gamers, even though they go through dry spells, there aren't many who hate Nintendo.

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Thatguy-3101675d ago

They should have just gone with the vision they saw. They sort of lost sight of what they want to go for. I mean hopefully at Gamescon they can explain their new vision.

Godmars2901675d ago

And by pre-orders that was shaping up to into a train wreck.

s8anicslayer1675d ago

Instead of backtracking they should've just fully explained the benefits of their visions instead of the "If you don't like it, we have the 360 for that" approach and marketed it better,or maybe just actually sold their policies like true salesmen! Everything just seemed like smoke and mirrors, the public saw that and they got the backlash that they deserved for being unprepared for the big show.

MWong1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Gotta agree with you. While their initial vision didn't sound great, they should've explained it. They should have told us what the benefits of this vision were. What they did as you mentioned was say,"oh you can't go online, we have a console for you called the XB360."

Now, M$ is explaining a little bit of what they're doing. However, they really have no vision, they just want to clean up the train wreck.

rainslacker1675d ago

I honestly wondered if people would have accepted anything MS said if they tried to explain it. But I will agree that they should have tried. When asked the serious questions, they talked down to the fan base, or pulled out lines like "Did you see the games!!!?".

It's car salesmanship, and MS should know better.

Transporter471675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Their Vision atm is non existent. They developed this console over so many years just to be changed months before release, honestly I as a customer I am weary of this and on a wait to see, not getting it launch day but maybe next year if I see something i like. Ps4 Day One for me though.

ShwankyShpanky1675d ago

Vision this, vision that... more like a hallucination born of unchained hubris.

jmac531675d ago

It's the 3rd console curse!

DivineAssault 1675d ago

they dont know what they wanna do.. I think theyre sweating & dont know what to do cuz PS4 pre orders are stomping them into the ground world wide.. Im not dismissing XB1 anymore cuz theyre making better decisions now but unless i see strong eastern support, i dont want it.. PS4 has everything i need/want in a nx gen system & have no use for xb1 at the moment.. Bring on some more 3rd party exclusives i want & maybe ill get it when they dont force kinect on u

ape0071675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

make a kinectless xbox one at 399$ or 350$ or sony gonna win easily

people don't care, they jumped from SNES to PS1 and from PS2 to Xbox 360

all they want is an affordable system that have games and ps4 is cheaper and at the same time is not weaker, not weak like PS1 compared to N64 or Ps2 compared to xbox

ps4 appears to be the ULTIMATE choice based on that model of thinking, cheap and not weak

kinect is not the next big thing, making something that is a side prephral as a mandatory purchase is wrong and will backfire at MS, no xbox gamer i know like kinect, not that it's bad or something, just make it OPTIONAL

AceofStaves1675d ago

Agreed. If nothing else, this current gen proved that a higher price can hinder a console's adoption. It didn't matter that the launch model PS3s were backwards-compatible and the cheapest Blu-Ray players on the market at that time. The price tag was too high for the average consumer.

Price is a stronger factor than some people realize.

shivvy241675d ago

true! i got a ps3 but didnt see its advantage over xbox until 2009 when games like killzone2 and uncharted2 showed what the console was capable of !

Cmk01211675d ago

while winning is the goal for them its not for the consumer, MS will put out a top notch console to match sonys and all will be ok. perspective is acknowleding the wii won last gen BUHHHH.....

hardcorehippiez1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

last gen is not done yet and when all is said and done the ps3 will outsell the wii putting it back into number one although not by a great margin this time . congrats to nintendo and micro though because all consoles did well this gen. next gen will be a different story though.

McScroggz1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I just don't see "winning" as a binary thing. Sure, the Wii sold the most units and copies of games while making by a good margin the most money. From any financial standpoint the Wii did "win." However, it was a short term success that quickly died down and now Nintendo's next console is struggling mightily and a part of the reason is because Nintendo further cemented their reputation as a maker of weak consoles without third party support, and only a few new IP's. Because of the Wii and now Wii U, Nintendo seems to have a growing divide between what modern gamers want and Nintendo's philosophy.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 developed a bad reputation the second half of this generation that it clearly hurting the Xbox One. Sure, 80 million units sold is good (and Xbox Live makes a ton of money) but with or without the 180's the Xbox One was always going to have a negative perception starting this generation.

Then there is Sony, who I'm willing to bet made the least amount of money this generation. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are basically tied for hardware sales and the PS3 is behind overall software sales, but the PS3 looks to still have a decent few years to go. But, more importantly, even though there have been some issues with the PS3 - namely PSN getting hacked - Sony developed a reputation for offering the best and most diverse gaming library between the three consoles while also earning a lot of respect and love for PS+ and the feeling that Sony is very generous (really its just smart business, but we are talking perception).

It's easy to see why people disregard the Wii. For most people it was, or became, a secondary console or just a machine for casual gamers that don't play many games at all. Between the PS3 and Xbox 360 I THINK the PS3 is slightly ahead in hardware sales (after launching a year later) but the Xbox 360 is ahead in software sales. So what does it all mean? Who really won this gen?

I think it's silly to say anybody "wins." There are only losers, like the Dreamcast.

Rimeskeem1675d ago

Problem is that the kinect is something they need or else the kinect itself wont be useful at all

iHEARTboobs1675d ago

I'm willing to bet that they will eventually start to sell them without kinect. Moreso now that it doesn't have to be plugged in. My guess is they'll wait and see how it sells and come next year if it's not selling as well as the PS4, you'll most likely see the kinect-less xbone.

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theWB271675d ago

These kind of articles make no sense what so ever.

They showed a product...people weren't happy.

They reverse everything people didn't like...and now they don't seem to know what they're doing. WTF kind of logic is that?

People must not know what they really want then. Cause that's what every reversal has been about...appeasing the customer.

fossilfern1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Your right. Their vision was screwing over customers and people weren't happy and they saw the statistics and done something about it, simple.

negative1675d ago Show
MasterCornholio1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

"With any logic and intelligence you'd see that they were moving with the times - everything is going digital at some point. "


""We're shifting our platform more and more to the digital side - PS4 will be similar to PS Vita in that every game will be available as a digital download, and some will also be available as a disc...."

Whats stopping you from buying only digital copies?

"If you're an ignorant ....... then yes it would seem their vision was "screwing over customers"."

Also this was how the XBOX One was going to "screw consumers"."

"“With Xbox One you can game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console accessing your library. Offline gaming is not possible after these prescribed times until you re-establish a connection, but you can still watch live TV and enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies.""

"“We designed Xbox One so game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers...."

And what about those without an internet connection?

""We have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity - it's called Xbox 360," Don Mattrick told Geoff Keighley on GameTrailers."

Many of their policies have changed but that doesnt change the fact that they tried to be unfair to consumers in the past with the XBOX One.

GryestOfBluSkies1675d ago

its pretty sound logic actually.
a lot of people take brand loyalty pretty seriously. MS breached their loyal customers trust, and now people are unhappy with them and dont trust them.
in this case, 'my bad, heres what you want' is too little too late

theWB271675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

There's a distinct difference between not choosing to buy a product and complaining about it, getting the things you want and still complaining, saying they don't know what their vision is.

They had a vision, people didn't like it. Their new vision is giving people what they're asking for.

You can do that...brand loyalty is fickle. I'm a pretty decent guy, got some layers to me and care about alot of things. When it comes to electronics I'm pretty shallow, give me what I want and I'll be there, especially enjoyment.

I'm not a Playstation guy at all. But I bought a PS3 cause I wanted to game beyond my 360. Brand loyalty would've prevented me from experiencing what it had to offer this gen..and I would be stupid to voluntarily miss out. Same this coming gen. Don't care for the PS4 as a console...X1 fills my need. But I'd be stupid to miss on the games to come out on the PS4 cause of misplaced loyalty.

rainslacker1675d ago

MS "Vision" started with the first Xbox. Their "Vision" was to be the center of everyone's living room. Even the most ardent fan boy should know this fact. MS said it themselves before the consoles release...with great pride I might add.

They saw the way PC was going long before the Xbox ever came out, and they wanted to be ready for it. I think what they didn't expect was the smart device/tablet revolution, which they were totally unprepared for, even years after it started.

MS is still holding true to their vision. It is more than apparent that all the changes they made are being made because it's the only way that they can become the center of everyone's living room.

There is nothing wrong with having this vision. To achieve it it means you have to give the customers what they want, in a package they're willing to pay for.

MS vision is unchanged. There was no new vision with the Xbox One. The entire product is geared to be the biggest step they've ever made in becoming the center of the living room. Every feature showcased at the event made it blindingly obvious that they were finally making the big step to achieve their goals. It's their initial policies that screwed everything up.

I doubt MS is lamenting the loss of control over it's distribution methods, given how much they would have lost on achieving their true goal. The initial policies were to make an extra buck, but served no purpose to what they want to achieve in the long run.

Too many fan comments on here either have very short memories, or simply weren't around when the fist Xbox was released. I highly encourage anyone who blindly follows MS to go and look into the history of the console. It is quite interesting. It has it's ups and downs, but you would learn a lot about where MS started in the game industry, how they got to where they are today, and how far they've come to get to where they want to be.

MS was doing great taking the long road to get to the prize. One little pothole derailed them, and now they have to fix the wheel to get back on track. I wish them the best of luck.

TrollCraftTales1675d ago

People are mad because they didn't want certain things, but some things looked cool, but then they took out everything to basically make a more expensive PS4 with slightly different games... Also some people don't trust MS after them trying to put those restrictions on us in the first place...

Christopher1675d ago

@theWB27: My only contention here is that they had to backpedal on so much already and it wasn't because of "what" customers said but because of poor pre-order numbers.

Remember, these guys were the ones who said, absolutely, that they weren't changing their plans and knew what was best for the customer. They derided a few who questioned them on how easy it would be to change these concepts. They derided those who wouldn't be able to utilize their product by saying to stick with older products.

Then, with all that derision, they literally flip the switches that they said couldn't be flipped to appease the people they derided.

So, for me, it's not about them changing to make us happy, it's how it all went down all together and knowing that this would never have been done if pre-order numbers were going as planned.

If Microsoft comes out with a non-Kinect version of the Xbox One and keeps going "in the right direction" I will likely get an Xbox One. But, much like how I can't forgive Sony for their lackluster networking/online infrastructure, i can't forgive Microsoft for their fairly anti-consumer concepts.

McScroggz1675d ago

What kind of reductive logic are you using? Microsoft had a vision for the Xbox One; what they wanted it to be and the policies to help shape that vision. By changing these policies, they are actively acknowledging that they had a poor vision and not the conviction to stick with it. Without vision, products end up being safe and not progressive. This is a problem.

Here's an example. Sony, after being burned by Nintendo on its CD expansion, decided to develop a console that only used CD's. Nintendo stuck with cartridges, but the low cost and ease of use for CD's helped lead to the PS1's incredible library and very strong first party support. It also made others use a disc based delivery system going forward. Without Sony's vision to use CD's the cost of development, thus the cost of games, would have been higher in the late 90's and who knows where we would be now.

Or, the original Xbox. Microsoft put an Ethernet port with no support for dial-up connections because they wanted to create a robust online community and dial-up connections were too slow and inconsistent for quality online interactions. Many people starting upgrading their internet to play the Xbox online, not only helping the country's online infrastructure but really popularizing online features. What would online play be like today if Microsoft wasn't so aggressive with their vision for online play? Well, Nintendo is still struggling.

So yeah, vision is very important for a company. And clearly Microsoft had a poor vision and wasn't confident in it.

jmac531675d ago

The problem is the execs at MS. When the first Xbox and the 360 came out they had people who really cared about gaming and wanted to take the PC experience to consoles. Now, mostly because of the Wii, you have people in charge that are chasing after the casual and TV watching market. Most of the people who had vision with the 360 are now long gone.

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