Castle of Illusions Release Date, Price, and New Screens Revealed

The HD reboot of the Sega Genesis classic Castle of Illusions Starring Mickey Mouse video game now has an official release date, price, and pre-order bonus.

Sega has also released a batch of new screenshots showing off the game's HD visuals compared to the Genesis original.

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topgun331766d ago

That is awesome. I never played the original one.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1766d ago

It's definitely considered one of the classics from the Genesis era, so it'll be interesting to see how the HD version plays out.

darthv721766d ago

Sega and Disney collaborated on several good games. Quackshot, World of illusion, Aladdin even Sony made the great Mickey Mania back in the day.

This looks to be a great update to the classic formula. I really hope they consider a remake of Quackshot.

guitar_nerd_231766d ago

Mickey Mania was also on the Megadrive a couple of years earlier

memots1766d ago

I think its great they are remaking all those old classic but ...
How come back then they could come up with so many new games all the time? Now all we get is HD remake and sequel... I am not liking were this is heading.

guitar_nerd_231766d ago

I prefer the originals art style, they should have gone hand-drawn 2d like Rayman Origins in my opinion. Also World of Illusion was better purely for the great co-op.