Cable TV Doesn't Matter To Gamers

Hardcore Gamer: Point blank, Sony and Microsoft need to get out of T.V. realm and into what they are rather knowledgeable of—good ol’ fashioned video games. They should recognize that although some many use the service, it doesn’t mean that the majority wants it.

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NYC_Gamer1522d ago

There's nothing wrong with having the option of being able to watch live tv on game consoles with social features

NeverEnding19891522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Nope nothing wrong at all. It just needs to be seperate from the gaming aspect.

Microsoft has been moving away from TV oriented since the flak they got after the X1 announcement, but SONY has been aggressively pursuing TV deals for the PS4 and that has me worried.

After Viamcom today, I have a feeling SONY's Gamescon may simply be for announcing more TV deals...

xHeavYx1522d ago

@ NeverEnding
Keep trying, Sony already confirmed it will be about games.
OT: I don't need my GAMING console to help me watch TV, I would rather use the remote control instead of paying $500 for a cable box that, in the long run, will focus on apps and Kinect instead of the hardcore (no,I don't have a magic ball to see the future, just past history)

nades_all_night1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I keep reading comments from users who are "concerned" about Sony talking TV or "Sony is copying MS" all of a sudden it seems people forget that Sony has had streaming services/apps available since PS3 and have "connected/smart products" such as BRD players, televisions and in car head units. Why all of a sudden is everyone "concerned" about this for PS4? There focus is games, CLEARLY. Adding more apps/media to the system isn't a bad thing and isn't a mad dash to have similar services to XB1. This is SONY, why not leverage all of their deals with media companies to make the PS4 that much better and bring it in line with there TVs and BRD players? It's not like you have to have an existing cable box to use these features anyway.

EDIT: Spelling/Grammar

golding891522d ago


You are trying to hard man..

Just because you don't want that, does not mean others don't. Some people actually loves kinect, I am just saying.

Eldyraen1522d ago

Mostly because both companies are more similar than we want to admit. Most of what they do is only different in how they reveal and/or use it. There will be some differences but both are headed the same general direction but following a different path.

Sony could very well announce more media uses during Gamecom (Xbox too with more European focus) but think both are smart enough to realize how big of a risk it is to focus too much on it especially now. Games should take up at least 3/4 of the show unless its at something like CES.

HAL_Kn0wZbest1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Of course TV doesn't matter to gamers, it's TV that'll attract more console sales and bring in new generation of gamers, and from either company it's who will have the better features. Obviously one is better prepared.

The point here is as long as it doesn't effect gaming, gamers shouldn't worry.

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360ICE1522d ago

But it sure matters to Cable TV'ers

No_Limit1522d ago

More option the better. It is like going to McDonald and seeing a salad menu there.

RobbyGrob1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

And why on earth would a health-aware person go into a McDonald's in the first place? If i want a salad i go somewhere where they have way better ones than a fast-food chain. If i actually enjoyed TV i'd definitely not buy a gaming console to get it. Consoles will never be as good for TV as other solutions, and other solutions will never be as good for gaming as consoles. It's a pretty simple concept. The article is exactly right. If people want to settle with getting a machine that does one thing great and many other things in a mediocre fashion, that's their problem. But people who care about the money they spend go a smarter route.

Eldyraen1522d ago

... that's the point. People DON'T go to McD for salad but sometimes when you're there it is what looks best. OR the health nut goes there with a friend and its better than the alternative. Its an option.

Its the same way as I wouldn't buy a console to access cable but if its an option at least I might use it now and again. Most though likely won't more than once or twice (or admit to it anyways).

Naturally there are better alternatives but they are catering to a huge and diverse audience otherwise we would only see the same thing over and over too (insert "CoD" here).

Gamers are not all made from the same mold and generalizing them is part of why gaming is still looked down upon by mainstream media/population at times. Gaming is probably one of my favorite hobbies but far from my only one and still watch "tv" at times (mostly on console through apps like Netflix as 99% of shows don't interest me). If you don't want to that's fine as its not forced on you.

360ICE1522d ago

McDonald's salads aren't healthy. Read the nutrition facts! They're hardly even vegetarian...
Damn fast food chains and their hate for the environment and everything that is nutricious and delicious.

_QQ_1522d ago

It matters to my grandparents and thats about it.

AceBlazer131522d ago

does it matter to anyone ?

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