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Buy or Sell: Purchasing an Xbox One

GotGame: Many of the staffers have been mulling around the idea of whether or not an Xbox One at launch is in their future. Have the changes in policies changed your mind? Is $499 still too much? (Xbox One)

NeverEnding1989  +   559d ago
More than a handful of N4G users have been cancelling their PS4 preorders and switching to the X1 because of recent announcements from Microsoft.

Personally, the price is still too steep so I'll wait and see what other revisions are made by Microsoft. I swore to not buy a console in the first year of release, but Ryse is looking AMAZING! So maybe not.
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golding89  +   559d ago

Some of them possibly but not many i guess
killcole  +   559d ago
Well this is Sony 4 Gamers.
NatureOfLogic   559d ago | Trolling | show
Lovable  +   559d ago
Huh? Delusion can only take you so far.
stage88  +   559d ago
Yes a handful have changed from PS4 to X1 but hundreds have switched from X1 to PS4.
BG11579  +   559d ago
NeverEnding, you're so funny! ^^
kreate  +   559d ago
ive got so many backlog of games to play from the current gen.. im gonna hold off on the next gen til next year.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   559d ago
People are cancelling ps4 pre-oders for X1? Why, when, what?
andreasx  +   559d ago
I'd much rather say people cancelling x1 preorders due to recent announcements from MSFT(delay in a large amount of europe). MSFT couldn't keep their promise they gave back at E3, so now it is backfiring right in their faces.
rainslacker  +   559d ago
Now that's some real news right there! /s
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Ramon3MR  +   559d ago
I'm kind of on the fence. I pre-ordered both so I can make a last-minute decision. $399 for the PS4 sounds much nicer than $499, and most of the games I'd play at launch are multi-platform. That being said, I just like the Xbox One interface more but not sure I want to pay an extra $100 right off the bat. Still deciding...
Lord Maim  +   559d ago
You'll see some more of the PS4 interface next week at Gamescom. Then you can decide.
Ramon3MR  +   559d ago
Yeah definitely.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   559d ago
The interface? Well, I guess an interface is the winning factor for some.
HugoDrax  +   559d ago
I pre ordered both day one consoles as well. I'm keeping both, but if someone offers me triple the price to take the PS4/XB1 off my hands, I'll be happy to oblige.

I only have one friend who canceled his PS4 day one pre order in preference for the XB1. I advised him to wait till after GamesCom/TGS but he said he's already made his decision. Oh well.....Happy Gaming gamers.
sckipt  +   559d ago
if it helps you will also see more exclusives for ps4 at gamescon
niaboc  +   559d ago
Im in the EXACT same situation. I have both preordered. 100 on the ps4 and 400 on the x1. Was gonna wait till gamescom to see which one i wanna actually stick with. I like the hardware advantage and support of the ps4 but i love the x1s interface and features and 300,000 xbl servers and i like the kinect but the gpu being 30-50% better in the ps4 kinda sucks. Only thing that sucks about ps4 is i bet since so many people will have psn at launch, thier online servers will be bogged down if they dont add many many more psn servers by launch. X1s online will be far superior with 300k dedicated servers. No more p2p gaming, like they will be doing on ps4.
gaelic_laoch  +   559d ago
RYSE on Xbone is only thing that has my attention but for an invested in my gaming future its the PS4 then maybe an Xbone when a slim version comes out..........if it comes out!
Jessica_VazquezGR  +   559d ago
I have been an Xbox only gamer for years now but I am going to be buying a PS4 at launch. when i do finally get a Xbox One, because I do need one for my freelance work, I will be buying it pre-owned or at some black friday deal. There was documentation uncovered revealing that they could have sold the Xbox One for $100 less even with the Kinect bundled in but they decided to up the price anyway.
Convas  +   559d ago
Oh no you don't. You can't just waltz in talking about secret documents and not have facts to back up those claims.
Jessica_VazquezGR  +   559d ago
Here's the article. They stated specifically - "If we sell 10 million consoles at $100 more that's a billion dollars"

jackanderson1985  +   559d ago
they could have given away the xbox one for free if they wanted but they settled on a price point that they felt offered value for money and netted them a nice return... you know like how all corporations work
No_Limit  +   559d ago
I am selling........

.....some of my old games to fund for the new games on XB1.

sckipt  +   559d ago
im keeping my games because the systems arent backwards compatible but then when sony gives us mroe game streaming ill start selling them
n4rc  +   559d ago
I bail on old hardware once I upgrade.. Ps3 sold last week to a buddy.. 360 will be given to a friends kid..

I'd rather give my games away to kids then get ripped off by GameStop.. Although some cash would be nice to offset the initial purchase.. Gonna be an expensive November.. Lol.. Well worth it tho
NukaCola  +   559d ago
But GTA and Beyond Two Souls....
GryestOfBluSkies  +   559d ago
no xbox for me. im not interested at all in its exclusives. and im certainly not interested in its tv features
True_Samurai  +   559d ago
If I had both and had to give up one
Keep: X1
Sell: Ps4
ricochetmg  +   559d ago
Logic please ?
jackanderson1985  +   559d ago
personal preference i'd assume... s/he likes their exclusives better, prefers the xbox live experience over the PSN experience etc etc
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No_Limit  +   559d ago
Personal preference and he is a xbox fan. Simple logic.
ricochetmg  +   559d ago
As a gamer ps 4 is the best option.
n4rc  +   559d ago
Lol.. OK kid..

Maybe once you get older you will begin to understand that people have preferences that won't always line up with yours.
ricochetmg   558d ago | Bad language | show
SillyYou  +   559d ago
The ps4 is better in everything. It has awesome launch exclusives too, like Ryse, Killzone mercienarya, Infamous, Knack, Driveclub, Deep Down, Gran Turismo 6.

Xbox one has only COD Ghost as exclusive (which is timed) and Forza 7.

And Titanfall comes as a Ps3 exclusive in 2014, so no reason for Xbox one.
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jackanderson1985  +   559d ago
isn't Ryse an xbox exclusive? infamous isn't out at launch, GT6 is PS3, Deep Down hasn't even got a release date

Ghosts is on all 4 consoles

and titanfall can never be a PS3 exclusive..

if you're gonna troll at least get the information correct and not blatantly wrong
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RytGear  +   559d ago
You are right on nearly all of that but the developers for Titanfall have said that it is "isn't impossible" that it will come to playstation.
SillyYou  +   559d ago
I am a troll and this information is correct.
LoveOfTheGame  +   559d ago
Why? Why was the nonsense so funny to me.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   558d ago
AceofStaves  +   559d ago
I think for some gamers, it may come down to which console their friends intend to buy. If I'd been an XBox gamer for years, and built up a Gamerscore, Achievements, and Friends List over that time, I'd be more inclined to purchase XB1, just because of the time I'd already invested with previous MS consoles. Vice-versa for PS3 gamers.

I wonder how many people decide to buy a console based solely on the console they had the previous gen?
Ketzicorn  +   559d ago
Console wars are so simple yet people have to constantly regurgitate their opinions as facts such as which console has better exclusives(that will always be a matter of preference as people like different types of games so you can't definitively say one is better than the other) .Simple answer if you don't want to get both you will most likely be happier on the console that contains the exclusives you prefer.

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