Microsoft: The Xbox One delays in some European markets are "simply a software issue"

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that a number of European countries would not be part of the company's Xbox One launch plans for November 2013. Specifically, the countries of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland won't sell the console locally until sometime in 2014.

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user74029311464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

yeah...ok i have a strong feeling there hardware isn't ready.

and ms a ''software'' company is having issues with software? lol.

sony a ''hardware'' company has no issues with software or hardware? lol

NeverEnding19891464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

These are small gaming markets, it wouldn't matter to their total sales anyway, especially in the first year. For example, Russia the largest of the delayed countries has over 1 million 360's sold and about 1 million PS3's sold, and that's 7 years into the life cycle.

NA+GB looks to be Microsoft's focus, which works for me!

EDIT - Like I said, the largest of the delayed countries represents just over 1% of the Xbox 360's total sales. Small.

user74029311464d ago

small being well over 700 million? thats not small.

Abash1464d ago

These "small gaming markets" still matter because of not only hardware sales but software sales, subscriptions to services like PS+, DLC, etc.

Its much more significant than you think

SuperLupe1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

DirtyPimp has never been to school. Pulled 700 million straight out his a$$.

Theres about 3 billion people when you put China and India together but they still count less than than the UK alone when it comes to market share though the UK is only about 60/70 million inhabitants. What makes the size of a market isnt just the n° of inhabitants.

On top of that, another proof you probabaly never went to school is that Russia is the biggest of the 8 delayed markets with 100 million inhabitants.
Finland, Sweden and Norway that make up Scandinavia makes up for almost exactly 20 million inhabitants. Add the Netherlands and Belgium for instance that make for around 20 million too and you have a total of approximately 140 million.

Where the hell do you get your 700 million from ???

And the worst part is that some people agreed with you. Goes to show the level of intelligence and culture of these fantrolls.

JokesOnYou1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

No Abash if in 7 yrs the largest of these small markets has only produced 1 million sales then its unfortunate for those fans but no it doesnt matter if you delay to 2014, sony may already have a 20k lead in those markets but the big picture is you can easily make up for that later and for worlwide totals 20k isn't significant it doesn't matter what the population is if they dont buy many consoles.

I basicly think this is PR though, my conspiracy button tells me they are just shifting stock allocations to bigger markets for more potential sales.

SillyYou1464d ago

small? 200 million people is small for you?

JoySticksFTW1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Respected insider on Gaf (CBOAT) told everyone these delays will happen but due to the ESRAM. Even told the mods to take "rumor" out of the thread title, that it was happening for sure. And here we are.

Now the delays are happening and people are trying to spin it as good news or a non-issue?

I don't expect MS to tell anyone that it's hardware related. Do any of you? Seriously guys.

Sony denied disk read error, just like MS first denied RROD. Why shouldn't we be leery at this point? The "coincidence" is too much.

Everything about X1 is screaming "unprepared"

GryestOfBluSkies1464d ago

lets just say these 'small gaming markets' sell 1 million units each. take away 8 of them and thats 8 million units not sold. 8 million potential xbox live subscriptions not paid for. no games bought.
sounds like a considerable amount of money lost to me

AceBlazer131464d ago

of course americans r the only ones that buy xbox

SuperLupe1464d ago


Still false logic. You are talking about lifetime sales. MS said the Xone is delayed for a couple of months ... not that it will never launch in those countries.

On top of that in an a country like Finland or Denmark where you have 5 million inhabitants each you do not sell 1 million consoles ...

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Seafort1464d ago

And that's a couple of months that Sony have to sell PS4s to those countries which MS aren't launching in.

This isn't 2005 scenario. Xbox and PS4 are launching at similar times not a year apart so every country matters for the uptake of each console.

MS don't have that luxury of a years head start this time and it will be interesting to see how both companies do with the pressure of competition.

Atm Microsoft seem to be in panic mode and Sony flying high but we'll see in November which company comes out on top.

SilentNegotiator1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

The Xbox 360 sales in the EMEA region in 2011 were ~6 million (minus UK sales). That's ~7.5% of TODAY's sales.

Granted that the delayed European countries aren't the biggest, I'd still be willing to bet that they represent closer to 5% than "just over 1%"

"For example, Russia the largest of the delayed countries has over 1 million 360's sold"
....a mere million would represent that "just over 1%" alone (one million is 1.25% of 80 million). What do you think happens when you add in all of the delayed European countries?

You PROBABLY shouldn't put stats that disprove your own lies into the SAME comment in which contains those lies.

BUT WAIT! I'm being much to generous! Xbox 360 sales in June 2011 were a mere 55 million! ( )

That puts the EMEA region sales at almost 11%! Hardly "small"

JokesOnYou1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

huh Silent Im not following you with the EMEA breakdown on numbers because they are still releasing in some of those countries in EMEA from my understanding. Looks like alot of guess work on your part. Anyway its irrevelant because its not that they are NEVER launching in those countries its just a delay but you speak as if ALL those sales are lost and since you don't know what effect that it will have on lifetime sales that again are already a small percent of total sales then it is impossible to say with any certainty that this will have any longterm impact.

kreate1463d ago


Although u are correct, china just surpassed the US being the largest market for smartphones in 2012.

Now they are taking over the automobile market.

And gaming has been pretty big in china. Consoles hasn't had a good footing yet, but gaming culture thrives in china.

The future is china and foreign lands. And US will steadily lose ground as its been for the last several years.

The wealth of the world is shifting.

Mounce1463d ago

'Small Gaming markets'....

NeverEnding, I'm assuming you to be a stereotypical American..."Everywhere outside of here are small gaming markets" kind of ignorant thinking...

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Mystogan1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

"Sony has no issues with software"

LOOOLLLL, Nobody remembers the 1 month PSN downtime?


seems like I hit a nerve on yall. :D

Ron_Danger1464d ago

It's adorable that you don't understand what you just typed.

LordMaim1464d ago

That was more a security issue than a software issue. An illegal act committed by an outside force upon Sony and its customers.

805Junior8051464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

That has to do with software? It had to do with their network not software. Microsoft has been hacked before also so stopped being so naive.

Majin-vegeta1464d ago

1 month??I could have sworn a month was 30 days.And not 23 days.Nice troll attempt but apparently you can't do simple mathematics.

pompombrum1464d ago

Wasn't it done using a SQL injection? I guess that could technically be seen as a software issue.

Cam9771464d ago

Wow... What a miserable troll attempt. If you want to play it then i'll join in.
Lol! Remember what MS tried to do with the Xbone?
Lol! Remember when XBL was hacked & personal info was leaked?
Lol! Remember the RROD?

I could go on and on... You don't know what "software" is.

Lovable1464d ago

Apply the alcohol in the burned area.

first1NFANTRY1464d ago

the meds go in your mouth not between the cheeks my dear friend.

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Saddam_hussein1464d ago

Really kicked the beehive on that one..

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DevilishSix1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Software issues from the biggest software provider in the world, ah thats a Fail excuse, besides software updates happen all the time and downloaded on the current platforms. I am not buying it and the excuse sounds stupid.

MS just does not want to look like they weren't ready for next gen even after all that has occurred since their reveal that says otherwise.

come_bom1464d ago

Like it or not, Microsoft is doing the smart thing (business perspective) in pointing their batteries to markets that sell the most. The money and most sales for the Xbox are from markets like: USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia. The only big market missing is Japan and the Xbox hardly sells over there.

joefrost001464d ago

Its more of an kinnect issue
If you read it
It takked about language and what not
Its a software issue to get recognition of the different languages on kinnect
I know it can function with kinnect but if you ship with it
It better have the same features as everybody else

redfirm1464d ago

Its not a Kinnect issue.

I live in the Netherlands, nobody here cared about xbox 360 being in english nor the kinnect games. xbox One is a connected device and they can update it later on. this is simply a unfortunate Yield issue. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anon19741464d ago

I've just having a hard time buying this. Microsoft knew what needed to be done in terms of localization back when they announced the 21 launch countries. It's not like they've never had to localize a product before. Hell, they could probably use a lot of what went into localization the 360 and Kinect for those countries. Now that list is 13. So what changed? It's not like someone said "Oh crap guys. We forgot we have to localize our products," at the last minute.

My gut just tells me there's more to it then simple localization issues given the other rumors that have been swirling. My guess is they're moving stock around because of supply issues but of course they would never say that.

ZodTheRipper1464d ago

This console simply seems rushed.

Saddam_hussein1464d ago

How do you know Sony isnt having a problem with either? Sony hasn't made a single peep since e3.