Microsoft Is Reinventing TV

CCC Says: "What will TV look like in the future? Back in the 90s, we thought that the TV of the new millennium would be filled with virtual-reality goggles and brain-jacking tech, and while we certainly are taking steps in that direction with peripherals like the Oculus Rift and the Virtuix Omni, we still have a long way to go before we get to be ported into our own virtual-reality fanfiction version of Dawson’s Creek. However, TV is changing, and it has video games to thank."

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user74029311824d ago

you cannot reinvent something. its a oxymoron.

IcicleTrepan1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

English is not your strong suit. Use a dictionary first if you want to understand the meaning of a word.

user74029311824d ago

3/10 not really good. try again.

theWB271824d ago're one of those guys. The average person knows when you doesn't literally mean you're taking the first flight, or driving the first car.

golding891824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

"While watching the show, you would be given a few simple choices that could change its outcome, much like a choose-your-own-adventure novel. These choices would then reflect back in the game in both plot and gameplay."

I am curious on how this would be done...

It won't take long before other console makers to try to do the same thing though. Time will tell.

Transporter471824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Mass Effect
The Walking Dead
Heavy Rain
Indigo Prophecies

What is the purpose on putting this on T.V shows it would just make them shorter, you don't like the main character have him killed end show, you want main bad guy to die end of show. I rather just watch Breaking Bad/Dexter just how they are waiting to be mindfucked.

Crazay1824d ago

My guess is much like TellTale's The Walking Dead Series. It certainly wouldn't be an easy task, and it would likely cost a considerable amount to film 3 or 4 outcomes to each major decision but, it could be done.

mmj1824d ago

The infinite power of the cloud will render it all instantaneously.

Most directors struggle to make good movies with only a single script, it wouldn't be worth the hassle for them to film multiple different scenes, even if they did choices would ultimately lead to the same outcome.

I don't really understand why consoles need to get involved with TV anyway, these shallow interactive movie games came and went in the early-mid 1990's in favour of more enjoyable 16bit games.

JokesOnYou1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Its just a way to diversify your brand. It doesn't mean everybody will flock to it for that reason. I'm not a big fan of indie games on my console, cause I think most of it is low quality and I'd rather do that level of gaming for 5 minutes on my phone but I think its cool for the devs and those who are big indie supporters. Everythings not about me and it does no harm to bring in other people. I like this because with the right talent and proper budget we could see some awesome experiences thats different from just our traditional way of just playing a game from start to finish with a preset ending...thats good too, but this is just an expansion on branching story lines with multiple prerecorded endings + intergrated TV show tie in.

NeverEnding19891824d ago

4 months later, SONY is trying to do the dame thing.

I'll take 4 months over the 6 years I've been waiting for them to copy cross game chat.

scott1821824d ago

4 months later.... How do you know they weren't negotiating this the entire time? You assume just because Microsoft does something they are inventing it somehow, I bet everyone thinks M$ came up with the Xbox avatars out of the blue. Like all the Xbox fans thinking Kinect was the first console camera for games. Not to mention all the 180's Microsoft has done recently to make them seem more like Sony.

Gloating about a T.V. service on a games console is ridiculous to me anyway, I don't care who's is better.

InTheLab1824d ago

Ever hear of a show called "the tester"?

Believe it or not, Sony did TV first...

KazeRaVen1824d ago

Umm sony started the whole tv fiasco back in 2008 with play tv.

Hicken1824d ago

Let the Xbox guys have it. They need something to cling onto.

Red_Devilz1824d ago

They are reinventing extortion

iceman061824d ago

Not reinventing...elevating it to the sublime! LOL

Really though, we are talking about TV. TV!!! It IS and by all rights should be a side feature of a system. This is NOT the reason to own anything, aside from a TV and maybe cable. It is a nice feature, but it is ultimately silly to argue that it will change the landscape of anything.