Is PC gaming back on Microsoft's radar?

Ever since finding massive success with the Xbox 360, Microsoft has given Windows gaming as much focus as a four year old would to a book of theoretical physics. Even when Microsoft has tried to work on Windows gaming, it has done so half-heartedly, birthing well-meaning failures like Games Explorer on Windows 7 and pure, unadulterated rubbish like Games for Windows Live. Just when PC Gamers everywhere had almost given up on Microsoft doing anything for Windows gaming, a bunch of recent developments have made us stop and take notice and very warily draw the conclusion that Microsoft may just have some new stuff planned for PC gamers.

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NYC_Gamer1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

MS wants to build a new digital service that will take on steam

papashango1652d ago

They tried that already. PC gamers laughter are probably still ringing in their ears.

Eldyraen1652d ago

GFWL was definitely subpar in comparison but hopefully MS can do it right this time.

If they can better connect the new XBL with PC platform it would help a lot as it was one of the better ideas but poorly implemented. Seeing friends were on and able to text was nice but missing out on a cross platform voice chat was bit disappointing.

Wherever MS takes it hope they get it right (be it PC distribution, improving Xbox's store, or an even more unified system as its what they are pushing with W8 and new devices although would be better if they allowed it for all versions of Windows).

the worst1652d ago Show
IcicleTrepan1652d ago

As if Microsoft isn't always thinking about video games on PC. Video games are a lot of the reason their OS is so popular. This is why they keep the R&D on DirectX good and healthy.

kreate1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I think Microsoft makes more money from xbox than pc gaming.

On pc, I don't have to pay Microsoft to use netflix or play 3rd party games multiplayer.

On xbox I do. On xbox there's more control, and control is what Microsoft wants.

So no, pc gaming isn't on their radar.

Eldyraen1652d ago

I agreed all the way to the last sentence.

MS wants a bigger piece of PC market as well as it will maximize profits as well as extend Xbox brand (Xbox Store is cross platform yet MS exclusive still). They will use everything they can to do so.

I doubt we will see a huge MS PC revival though (as they used to actually be a bigger player than today) as their control on Xbox consoles allow for better profits.

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