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Scott from The Controller Online writes: "It has been many years since Space Hulk was first translated into video game form, but Full Control Studios are here to bring it into the modern era. Based on a popular, two player, standalone, board game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Hulk takes a more focused approach to commanding a group of Space Marines than many other games in the 40K universe. While previous games built around the same concepts of the Space Hulk Board game, Full Control are aiming for a faithful, digital, re-creation of the original rather than a video game that is simply based on the original. Let’s find out if they pulled it off."

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memots1646d ago

not enough run and gun for this guy i guess.

This game is on my Radar but not at 30$

FrostyZipper1646d ago

A 2/5, a 7.5, and a 6?

That's... disappointing.