Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Hands-On Preview - PlayStation LifeStyle

"During the Activision conference earlier today, there was mention of the “oh s***” moments that happen so often while playing online in Call of Duty, and Infinity Ward plans to bring multiplayer gaming to a whole new level with Ghosts."

-PlayStation LifeStyle

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dbjj120881794d ago

The only other thing I could have asked for was... playable dog TDM.

AcesHigh2911794d ago

Seems there can be quite a few dogs active at a time, if that helps.

Master-H1794d ago

I had an ow-shit moment happen to me yesterday in shit ops 2, one of my team mates called in a care package and someone killed him before he picked it up, i went ahead and stole it ,called in an air strike .
then after he re spawned he sorta trapped me in a corner with two of his buddies when i was reloading and didn't let me move for like 2 minutes, apparently they were a clan and he was the leader, he was screaming in the mic bit**in about it too lol

knifefight1794d ago

Hopefully people say "I seen you get nervous boy! I SEEN IT!"