Divetips: Divekick Strategies From EVO’s Top 3

Posted by Adam "Keits" Heart // Creator, Divekick -

Divekick is out on PS3 and PS Vita Tuesday! By now, many of you are starting to realize just how deep and competitive this game really is. Online ranked play is going to be filled with killers in no time, so to help you get a head start, we’ve compiled a few tips from the top 3 finishers at EVO 2013. Additionally, we’ve included a quick character bio for our final fighter, Kenny, to complement our first two PS.Blog roster updates.

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AceBlazer131651d ago

this game looks so retarded. lol 2 button gameplay , lemme guess 1 button is to dive the other is to kick. and then the character dive kick. these guys wre high making this

Thirty3Three1651d ago

So this gets into EVO but PSASBR doesn't?!