Exclusive Interview with the Creators of StarLicker

"Str N Gaming brings you an exclusive interview with Mr. Hayden Cacace one of the founders of Heartonomy, an up and coming indie game company based in New York, NY. Heartonomy’s first game StarLicker has just released today on the app store for iOS platforms." - Samson Lancaster of Str N Gaming

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brianace1653d ago

Nice interview! I don't normally play a lot of asynchronous mobile games, but I will give this one a try.

zeruswolf1653d ago

Same here brianace. I got in the beta on this one. It's awesome.

myrddincrow1653d ago

I was lucky enough to be in the beta myself and it is definitely a fun and addicting game!

Heartonomy1653d ago

Thanks for the kind words guys. Our goal was to make an asynchronous game that appealed to gamers that normally find them to be too casual or not challenging enough compared to real-time competitive games. You can decide whether we succeeded at that after you try it!

slavezero11653d ago

need to get this on android was fun playing on friends ipad but bleh apple leaves a bad taste in my mouth