5 Reasons Ghosts is Not Next Gen

Eskimo Press: "It has been a couple of days now since Activision revealed multi-player for their upcoming Call of Duty game. We've had time to sit, discuss, and gather our thoughts on the presentation and we've ultimately come to the conclusion that, for the most part, we are not too impressed. Though the franchise continues to look as fun and exciting as ever, it just isn't a next generation game. Here are five reasons why Call of Duty: Ghosts is still a current gen game."

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SlavisH21583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

"Not impressed" THIS COULDN"T BE COD! :P

vishmarx1583d ago

if swimmin fishes cant impress you what can

HardcoreGamer211583d ago

I knew it wasn't next gen when i watched the ign video, when they said that it will run at 60 fps on current gen and next gen in the reveal.

stragomccloud1583d ago

The difference between last gen and current gen isn't as large as you might think. Games like the new Killzone look great; however, what you are seeing is more of a masterful use of smoke and mirrors than raw power.

starchild1583d ago

I don't think Killzone Shadow Fall looks all that much better than COD Ghosts. Maybe 10% better. But COD Ghosts is running at twice the frame rate.

_QQ_1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Graphics whores.... nothing about gameplay in this article so if you care about playing games and not watching them pass on this.

stage881583d ago

The gameplay isn't pretty much different though is it?

CaptainPunch1583d ago

Why change it now? It's obvious the formula is working.

stage881583d ago


From a business point of view I completely agree but as a gamer I think it's wearing extremely thin.

_QQ_1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Its not, i could care less about COD,Its the mindset of graphics=nextgen that bothers me.

Mikeyy1583d ago


No the formula sucks. Spawn get mowed down by dropshot SMG user. Respawn get shot in the back by a shotty 2 seconds later. Respawn get quickscoped collateraled. Rage quit. This is what black ops 2 is. Its just nothing but people abusing mechanics to win every match. Nobody just plays cod anymore.

RememberThe3571583d ago

@GamingFeud: I completely agree. I'm a Battlefield guy but I'm not going to sit around and tell COD players what they should like.

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VENOMACR1583d ago

I think the point the writer was trying to make was that the graphics don't look next gen. Compare those graphics to any other next gen game and they don't even come close.

The writer briefly mentioned the controls, which I guess can mean gameplay (somewhat). I watched the video and the gameplay looks identical. The slide function and lean are kind of cool, but Rainbow Six Vegas allowed you to lean. Ghost Recon Future Soldier lets you slide into cover.

Just didn't look truly next gen. I can watch Battlefield and go WOW. Look at Forza and go WOW. Watched COD reveal and was like "eh." All about preference.

starchild1583d ago

You don't have a clue what you are talking about. You must be blind or have zero knowledge of graphics tech. I don't even like COD, but the truth is the truth and Ghosts does look pretty good for a next gen game.

I know it's trendy to hate on COD nowadays, but wake up to the reality.
If you watch that video and try to tell me that it looks no better than current gen games or that it doesn't come close to comparing to other next gen games you are simply blind.

HammadTheBeast1583d ago

Spawn. Die. All in 7 seconds.

CoD is made for ADHD kids.

1583d ago
HammadTheBeast1583d ago

Actually no, back in MW2 I was in the top 400 players, silenced scar was my thing.

Sadly, the game has become trash since then.

BattleTorn1583d ago

I know, and now they have professional commentators for pro COD matches.

They sound awfully sports-like except for the fact that their commentating on 15-sec spawn/kill/die repetitions.

PurpHerbison1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

When will people realize that graphics are a big part of the equation? Actually, provide me with some games that are all gameplay with minimal graphics.

_QQ_1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

LOL.TY for the laugh. Graphics certainly have their role but Gameplay,Artstyle,Music/sound are all more important.especially gameplay. Look at Mario galaxy,xenoblade,any of the great wii games, Amazing games,as good if not better than most great 360/ps3 games despite having outdated graphics.

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Flyingdog6701583d ago

Just one question, during the livestream, were they playing on Xbox One or Xbox 360?

logan_izer101583d ago

Not sure if trolling... lol

Flyingdog6701583d ago

I'm not cx, Just asking. You know, that fact i have to ask that is kinda sad. So much for a "New Engine".

GortJester1583d ago

I think this is a great question... I'm pretty sure it was Xbox One, but they never said, and they never showed the controllers of the guys playing. I too would like confirmation on this.

FiLTHY ESKiMO1583d ago

Just the fact you have to ask kind of proves this articles point. :)

VENOMACR1583d ago

It was on the Xbox 1. 99.9% sure.

FITgamer1583d ago

Im 100% sure you are wrong. Unless 360 controllers work on the Xbox One.

Mikeyy1583d ago

We've already had confirmation what they demo'd ghosts on.

It was PCs with Xbox 1 specs. And the new Xbox controllers but new features like rumble were disabled.

Why they still cant use working consoles is a concern. We are way to close to launch.

DEEBO1583d ago

you know i was thinking the same thing,but why show it on the weaker system? battlefield is not playing around.

1583d ago
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JBSleek1583d ago

Honestly if this is the case I don't consider many games coming out this year on the next gen consoles to be really "next gen"

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