This is how the pre-game lobby looks in Call of Duty: Ghosts

GearNuke: This week so far has been Call of Duty: Ghosts week. Activision along with developers Infinity Ward finally unveiled the much awaited multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Ghosts a few days ago and so far the reception has been positive.

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PSnation41798d ago

i hope its not like black ops 2 where it takes so long to get in a game..

Johnsonparts231798d ago

or where the countdown clock resets if someone leaves/joins!! omg thats the worst!

SaffronCurse1798d ago

I still can't they didn't fix that, it's been going on since day 1.

PSnation41798d ago

yea that is annoying.. made it unplayable for me..

Oschino19071797d ago

I just left two lobbies for that reason, prob the most annoying thing outside of lag.

The_Sneauxman1797d ago

why fix the lobby system? They haven't updated the game since 2007.

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Gardenia1797d ago

Treyarch's netcode is terrible. At least IW does that better

Feralkitsune1797d ago

I love how every other game people switch between hating Infinity Ward, or Treyarch.

The_Sneauxman1797d ago

It's hating another Copy and Paste game not necessarily the company's..but they are to blame too

NarooN1797d ago

IW's netcode is better? You clearly never played Modern Warfare 3 when it first launched. That game was fucked up for months before they "fixed" it.

timl2411797d ago

Well if you get an Xbox One you could switch over to Facebook or a sports game or anything else really while your waiting.

Majin-vegeta1798d ago

Lol looks just like the rest of them.

HammadTheBeast1798d ago

The background change is probably the biggest change in Ghosts.

But you know they'll just make it sound good with stuff like "Intuitive UI" and all that jazz.

imXify1798d ago

The background change was already in Black Ops 1

Nik_P7571798d ago

Oh wow, way to really set the bar..... Have they heard the word "innovation" before?

Johnsonparts231798d ago

how bout innovating with a comment? Every other comment says the same thing. Can't you think for yourself lol

quenomamen1798d ago

Infinity Ward abd Treyarch sure as hell can't, and they get paid to. Last I check we can still post our opinions, now go back to playing Call It Doodie and chugging energy drinks while yelling racial slurs at everybody online kid.

Grap1797d ago

what is in innovating a comment? he state his opinion like the rest of the site which majority of them share his opinion. you don't need innovation for that.

MysticStrummer1797d ago

Having the same opinion as many other people doesn't mean you don't think for yourself.

AceBlazer131798d ago

omg now i just gotta pre order this.

seriously is this all the news cod has to show?

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The story is too old to be commented.