The Crew PS4 preview – 5,000 sq km of territory from two of racing’s best studios OPM

OPM: Open worlds are the new black. That much is obvious after watching Destiny, The Division and Mirror’s Edge 2 do their turns on the E3 show floor and, mindful of showing up in last season’s strawberry chinos, Ubisoft’s new racer The Crew falls bang on trend with an impressive 5,000 sq km of American roads, back alleys and rough terrain.

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Madara971794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

This racing game is probably going to beat all the other booring racing games. It's an underdog game right now but it will be the best racing game I think.

Thatmattkid1794d ago

I think this game looks fantastic, but I would really like to see what I new Burnout game would look like in comparison!