Video: Xbox One unboxed and up close

TechRadar was recently treated to another up-close preview of the next gen, after managing to get hold of an actual – albeit non-functional – Xbox One console.

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golding891522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

better than major's unboxing. Nice job guys

@s8anicslayer following me now? I am flattered.

vigilante_man1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Gotta say it looks BIGGER than in the Mj Nelson vid. I thought it initially was not as big as I imagined - but watching this it is just so big.

They seem to have purposely not shown the brick. So it is not really an unboxing is it?

We need to see a video of PS4 and XB1 together - please!

.ps This is much larger than my Tivo box under the TV. It would not fit in the slots we have. Shame it can't be stood up. Maybe the slim version...

JokesOnYou1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Nice vid. I always thought some folks were being over dramatic about the size of the X1 its smaller than the ps3 phat and yet I never saw much about the ps3 being an issue, really these aren't mobile devices like cell phones, these are home consoles so its irrevelant.

Seems they thought the console itself looks fine, along with Kinect and really liked the look and feel of the controller. Personally I think overall its a really classy looking console, the liquid black and grill design is sweet. Can't wait to feel that controller for myself.

gaffyh1522d ago

@JOY - Actually it's wider than a PS3 Phat, and most importantly, the PS3 Phat had an INTERNAL PSU, and no brick. So it was bound to be bigger, a good comparison now is between PS4 and Xbone, and considering the PS4 is more powerful, and has an internal PSU, it shouldn't be smaller than the Xbone, but it is.

On topic - I've got my PS3 stood up, I actually had my 360 stood up for a long time, until I knocked it over once, and then thought, better put it horizontally. Size-wise, it does look very big in the video for some reason. Only way it would fit in my main room would be with the TV stood on top of it, thus the entire weight of the TV will be on it. Don't like the fact that there are grills literally everywhere, these will let dust in like crazy and will probably need to be vacuumed regularly.

Kinect again looks massive, it's almost as wide as a 360.

Mystery port looks like USB B, the port that most printers use. Strange to see that there, I wonder what it's for.

JokesOnYou1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

gaffyh but overall dimensions its smaller, still we are talking very small amounts in either particular measurement, so essentially if a ps3 phat was fine for your setup X1 wont be a problem unless you had a small custom made entertainment center or something. Also I haven't seen the powerbrick for my 360 in years, thankfully everybody setup isnt as small as yours.

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s8anicslayer1522d ago

Actually it's not hard to find you cause your always first to comment on these stories. It warms my heart to know I can bestow flattery upon you.

Convas1522d ago

GASP! Imagine that, Xbox One fans FOLLOWING Xbox One news.

What're the odds?!

1522d ago
gaffyh1522d ago

@Gman - It's sarcasm genius.

pacostacos1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

FYI theres a kinda xbox one-xbox 360 size comparison at 7:20

FrigidDARKNESS1522d ago

Awesome video can't wait to unbox my xb1.

thrust1522d ago

Why did you get disagrees hahaha

oh yeah people making themselfs feel better because they can not afford one maybe?

stage881522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Although I agree that the disagrees don't make sense I'd just like to let you know that I can afford an xbox one but have decided to buy a PS4 instead. Remember there is competition out there.


Septic1522d ago

The shoulder buttons have been criticised a bit. One of the chaps here says its too clicky, but someone from ign (iirc) said that it was kind of awkward to press it? Hmm...I'll have to find out at Gamescom.

us_army1522d ago

felt the controller myself, luckily about a month ago, and this was in fact my only gripe with the controller. I did not like the pull-back on the triggers in comparison to the 360, other than that, solid controller

Septic1522d ago

You mean how the triggers went back to the original position? I'm worried about the motors in the triggers wearing out.

Septic1522d ago

Ah thanks for your reply below. Hmm...that has me worried. I thought the pull-back was brilliant. If anything, I would hope for slightly more pull-back resistance. Ah well, I need to get a hands-on to make up my mind.

jackanderson19851522d ago

did they manage to scratch the kinect?

Septic1522d ago

Yeah in the top left corner right? I noticed that too.

us_army1522d ago

@septic, in response to your question to me, yes basically the amount of resistance when you pull the trigger, it appeared to be too light for me in comparison to the 360 controller. If this can be adjusted in settings, then no problem here
I doubt it would wear out though.

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