Nintendo not announcing new indie games lineup at GamesCom after all

Yesterday it was reported that Nintendo was planning to announce a new indie games lineup at GamesCom. It has been revealed that the comment that revealed this, by Paladin Studios, was made in error and Nintendo isn't announcing a new lineup at GamesCom for indie games.

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golding891621d ago

Hmm article link did not work for me.

mii-gamer1621d ago

it is broken at the moment..

iamnsuperman1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It didn't for me at first then it went up and now it is down again. What's going on gimme?

OT: From what I did read seams like a miscommunication error. Shame really

-Mika-1620d ago

Next time, use the report button on the right side of the article.

AbortMission1620d ago

Lmao I can't believe you got thumbed down just for telling the guy to report a broken link

nyobzoo1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

"In my previous mail I incorrectly suggested that Nintendo would announce a new line-up of indie games for Wii U. This is not the case – there will be no official announcements regarding indie games other than the ones already made, and the error is fully on my side."

from the article