Nintendo – Where are the Wonderful 101 commercials for the West?


Wonderful 101 has stormed into the hearts of many Nintendo fans and critics alike. Personally speaking of course, in a matter of weeks, Wonderful 101 has turned from a “maybe purchase” into a “day one purchase”.

While the Nintendo community is genuinely excited for the game -I am afraid that the mass consumers will be oblivious to the games existence. Why you say? It appears there aren't going to be any advertisements for Wonderful 101 in the west. This leads me to the point of the article. Nintendo! Where are the Wonderful 101 commercials for the West?

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_QQ_1799d ago

Well the game is at least a month away,lately i don't think ive seen nintendo advert a game that early.

mii-gamer1799d ago

it's out in europe and australia next week. I gotz my money read to buy it

RicardJulianti1799d ago

EU advertisements will start rolling out this next week and NA ones will show up in the first or second week of September.

They didn't start advertising their own first party franchise until it was around a week and a half from releasing. Also, Nintendo has kind of been devoting a lot of energy into advertising the game. TV commercials are nice and all, but what kid isn't on the internet today? Internet advertising is MUCH cheaper too.

RoccoXIII1799d ago

Nintendo never advertises until the game is out. They've said in the past they don't like having consumers see a commercial for something that they can't run right out and buy that second. Its why their games have such long legs. They don't care about first week/month sales only.

swice1799d ago

That just doesn't seem right...either you are way off or Nintendo is

lilbroRx1799d ago

Nintendo of America is killing the Wii U with a bad/lack-of promotion of pretty much everything. They are also not bringing games over like Yakuza HD.